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The Sopranos kittens are 2 months old! Here are their progression pictures – the first at two weeks old, the second at one month old, and the third at two months old (click on the picture to see a larger version over at Flickr.)




Dr. Melfi.

Paulie Walnuts.



Hard to believe they’re two months old already, isn’t it? I’ve made the appointment for their spays and neuters. They’re going to the North Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic in two weeks (on the 21st). They got their first vaccinations last night, which kind of starts the clock ticking – they’ll get their second vaccinations in three weeks, and after that they’ll be spayed/neutered, up to date on their vaccinations, and ready to go (depending on space at Petsmart)!

We’re going to have an awful lot of fun with them over the next few weeks, that’s for sure. They’re not quite ready to meet the permanent residents yet, but they’ll get more room to roam during the next few days (upstairs, with the barrier across the hallway), and then probably next weekend we’ll start letting them go downstairs and see how that goes.

Honestly, doesn’t Adriana have the most gorgeous eyes?

She knows she’s a beautiful baby.

Carmela, hanging out in the basket bed.

Carmela again. She is SUCH a sweet girl.

Meadow wonders if it’s time for a snack.

Or maybe she’ll just snooze in the sun. She has the most intense gaze, this one. Like she knows what you’re thinking, and is going to TELL on you.

Paulie Walnuts, the little poser.

Silvio’s pretty sure you can’t see him.

He’s not sure why I keep waving that feather teaser over my head, but he’d like me to stop it. It’s making him nervous.

“Hi, hi! Hi weird people of the internet! Hi!” (Silvio again.)

It’s a sleepy little Tonymuffin. You gots to kiss that boy.

“Am curlin’ up in my basket. You go ‘way.”

He sure is a SLEEPY boy. It takes a lot of energy to be that cute.


Stinkerbelle does NOT approve.



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11-7-13 — 25 Comments

  1. These are the best pictures!!

    Mugs shots!!

    Is Stinkerbelle a “talker?” She looks like she maybe has some Siamese/Oriental in her? Maybe it’s just the blue eyes. Does she have that distinctive voice?

      • As Whoopie Goldberg so pithily put it, “normal is a cycle on a washing machine.” So tell me again why I wouldn’t want to be weird? It just means I’m not normal, which means that (a) I’m unique, or (b) I’m not a cycle on a washing machine. Either one works.

  2. Glad I wasn’t the only one having that thought about Stinkerbelle and mug shots. 🙂

    Love me some Paulie Walnuts. And my Silvio – what big ears you have!

  3. Much as I enjoyed yesterday’s silent narrative starring Stefan, I’m glad the troops are chatting again. Could “Hi, hi! Hi weird people of the internet! Hi!” (Silvio again)” be any funnier? Pure genius, Robyn!

  4. I would say that Carmela is looking rather “Corbie-ish” !

    The second picture of Stinkerbelle is PRICELESS !!! Did you realize right away that you had taken such a great picture or did you discover it when you downloaded it.

    hugs and snuggles and kisses to all the cats in the house !!!!!!

    • Most of the time, I don’t realize when I’ve gotten a particularly good picture until I’m looking through a zillion of them. If I knew I’d gotten that picture of Stinkerbelle at the time, I immediately forgot, because it was a surprise to me when I saw it!

      • I’d love to make my own cat food, but I’m not sure my cats would eat it. One of my childhood memories was of my mom going to the open air market when we lived in England in the early ’60’s, and buy codfish for our cat. I guess it was cheaper than canned food, but I truly hated the smell of that fish boiling. In spite of not having all the nutrients of canned food, our beloved Silky lived to the ripe old age of 15, even surviving a trans-atlantic move from England to Wyoming!

      • My cat Holly would NOT want to eat any food I made. She only likes cat food and that’s it. Sometimes I try to give her a little treat of chicken or fish or turkey, and she turns up her nose at it. She’ll stick with the Purina One, thank you very much. Figaro, on the other hand, LOVES people food. Whenever I make dinner for myself, he comes running and sits at my feet and looks up at me with wide, expectant eyes. I don’t know where he got the idea that I would feed him off my plate… (ahem). 😉