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stumbled across this on cnn today – and thought of you.

Wow, those are some GREAT chicken portraits!


Was Silvio really being that bitey? I can’t see how a kitten could be too vicious, but then again I don’t know what he was biting. I guess if a kitten bit my sock-covered toes or was getting a bit too rough with their siblings, I’d give it a time-out as well. And snorgle it. Mostly snorgle it, actually.

He – and most of his siblings – think that my slippers are some sort of wild animal that needs to be torn apart and they can really get mean with my poor slippers. He wasn’t getting the hint that he needed to STOP with the wild biting, so I put him in time out for a few moments. It usually works to calm them down or redirect them. And of course they always get a kiss before I release them from time out.


You follow Adam Ellis on Instagram, right? He makes tiny amazing hats out of paper and poses them on his cats.

He. Is. Awesome. (too)

Indeed I do. He is so awesome and so talented. I thought so even before he got kittens, and now he’s 10,000 times as awesome!


Does [Adriana] have a best friend, ie: if someone were to adopt her and wanted two kittens (because two is twice as nice), who would you pair her with? Are there any other natural purrsonality pairs? Inquiring minds want to know!

By the way, I am stunned by Fred’s theory that Stefan and Stompers may be brothers! (See Stefan’s permanent page for those who have no clue what I am talking about.) Do you see the possibility, Robyn?

The pairings I’ve noticed among the Sopranos are Paulie Walnuts and Silvio, and Paulie Walnuts and Meadow. Tony and Carmela really love to snuggle up to sleep (funny but true!), and Adriana and Melfi usually tend to be in the same general vicinity, whether they’re snoozing or playing.

And of course, everyone loves Mama Livia.

I don’t really see a resemblance (appearance-wise or behavior-wise) between Stompers and Stefan (I mean, aside from them both being awesome, obviously). Fred just thinks that Stefan’s the right age to be from the same litter, and he could be right. It’s hard to know! He was also convinced that Alice was from the same litter as Martin (for those who weren’t reading or don’t remember, when Alice showed up here she was so small that I thought she was about 8 weeks old. The vet was the one who told us that she was more like 6 months old, which would have made her about the same age as Martin, who’d shown up months earlier during the summer).


Oh my stars, this jumping kitty pic on Instagram – the toes, the belleh!

LOVE it!


Is this your pic? The kitten in the background looks really familiar…

Nope, not mine. Though I did have to look hard because that rug looks very much like one I used to have in the foster room.


Speaking of cat urine smell – did you hear about this??

I certainly did! I would have lost my MIND if my laptop started smelling like cat pee and it turned out to be NOT the fault of a cat. Those people need to sue Dell for emotional distress. I AM SO NOT KIDDING.


Latest update re the treat recall. Thought I’d pass it on in case anyone has a dog. If this keeps on I guess all pet lovers will have to start making food from scratch *sigh*

No kidding! Thanks for the link.


Is Stinkerbelle a “talker?” She looks like she maybe has some Siamese/Oriental in her? Maybe it’s just the blue eyes. Does she have that distinctive voice?

No, the only time she talks is when she’s annoyed by someone – usually, if she wants to get to her Tommy and another cat or a human is in the way, she’ll do a high-pitched meow to let us know that something is amiss. Other than that, she’s pretty much silent. Though actually, every once in a while if Jake or Corbie is messing with her she will SCREAM at the top of her lungs. It takes one Stinkerbelle scream to get any other cat in existence to back OFF – it’s just too bad that it’s usually in the middle of the night. It also doesn’t happen all that often – I’d guess maybe once a month one of those boys needs to be reminded that Stinkerbelle has no desire to be their friend or their playmate. She’s only got eyes for Tommy.


Stinkerbelle looks like she’s getting her mug shots taken. Hahaha

She certainly does!!


Carmela is a superfan of that wall basket bed.

Skeptical Livia.

Paulie in the sun. I love the way the sun is shining through his ears.

“Uhhhhh… nothin’. Just sitting here NOT making fun of the way you derpy-doo around on two feet.”

Carmela, having tired (for the moment) of the wall basket bed, has moved a few inches away onto one of the steps leading up to the basket bed.


Melfi’s a fan of the duck feather.

“Tastes kinda funny.”

“Hi lady! Busy! See you later!”

Meadow under the Ham-Mick, having some quiet time with her toy.



A small branch fell from one of the trees hanging over the back yard, and Corbie ran over to investigate. Sheriff Mama, there in the background, is killing me dead with her “Look at THIS idiot” face. She has no love for the Corbs.

Don’t hate him for his beauty, Sheriff Mama. He can’t help it!


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  1. Kara cracks me up. Love her and her thought process!

    Is it odd that my absolute favourite in this litter is actually Livia? The kittens are cute and all but she’s sort of unexpectedly captured my heart. I mean, I thought she was so pretty when you first introduced her but now I think I love her. I wish she could be mine!

    • It’s not odd at all. She is one awesome girl, a little bit of a goofball, and a total lovebug. She’s going to be a great addition to someone’s home, that’s for sure. 🙂

  2. my Dell laptop thankfully does not smell like cat pee, but last week I found my kitty Tibby snoozing ON the keyboard. all toasty warm. no wonder it was overheating, acting wonky and the monitor died. sigh. external monitor and a poking cat guard on it until i can get a new one

  3. How can someone not love Corbie? Just doesn’t make sense to me.

    Carmela’s killing it today with that pic in the sunshine and sleeping in the basket.

    BTW, I notced Melfi’s developed a brown spot in the middle of her nose. I’d be kissing it daily, much to her annoyance I’m sure.

    • Thank YOU! That’s Silvio, and I loved the way his legs are twisted around – it’s like he stopped in the middle of racing somewhere to ask me, all annoyed, “WHAT do you WANT?!” 🙂

  4. and Kara’s next sentence after “Look at THIS idiot” was “It’s a stick dumb@$$. Move along”. Love her character. Love the kitten pics. Love them all. Love you Robyn! Thanks for this blog. 🙂

  5. Gem from the past:

    “Waiter, there appears to be a kitten in my soup.”

    Kitten soup – specialty of the house at Chez Mizz Robyn!