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Polly loves to play Sparkleball in the tub.

“I SEE YOU, sparkle ball!”

Check out that form – and those claws!

Time for a short rest.

Got it!

Considering strategy.

Dandelion in one of the many boxes laying around the house. It fits her perfectly, no?

Dandelion climbed in this bed with Elwood while he was sleeping…

And then he turned over and it’s a good thing she’s as small as she is – otherwise she would have been squashed flat.

Elwood likes to squoosh the babies (that’s Joe Pickle.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Maxi in her heated house on the front porch (that house could use a good coat of paint. Maybe I’ll do that next Spring.). The house has a small heat lamp hanging from the top, and a heated bed on the bottom. She LOVES her little house, and even when the days warm up to 70, she prefers to stay in her house.


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11-7-12 — 29 Comments

  1. Maxi looks like she’s in heaven! How do your cats generally feel about the heated beds? I saw one at petsmart the other day (the wife and I often go to oggle at the kittens) for $40 but I’m going to be really sad if I end up buying one that doesn’t get used. My max really loves to crawl and burrow himself in laundry right after it comes out of the dryer though so I’m hoping it would be close to the same result.

    • They absolutely love them! In fact, I have several put away that I need to pull out and put in various places through the house, and I can pretty much guarantee they’ll be occupied constantly ’til I put them away next Spring.

      I think you should take the leap of faith – and if your kitty is one of the rare ones who isn’t interested in it, you can always return it! 🙂

  2. Maxi has it made. She is That Cat and she knows it!

    Congrats to President Obama! The republicans didnt really want it. If they did, they would have nominated qualified folks! If they choose Huntsman and Christie things might have been different. They need to do some house cleaning.
    Ah, well. I nominated Spanky and Miz Poo anyway!

  3. Here’s a question for Friday (I’m SO glad you still do this!) – are you ever afraid that some critter is going to trap Maxi in that outside house? I’ve considered building or buying one for my indoor/outdoor cat Barney, but I’m afraid a possum or raccoon will either take up residence or corner Barney in there for some reason (ok, it sounds slightly ridiculous when I actually type it out – maybe it’s a groundless worry?). I know you’ve had critters on your porch before – any thoughts on this stuff?

  4. That picture of Elwood and Joe is hilarious! Elwood would like to remind everybody that he is not fat, just big-boned.

  5. Do you resist the temptation to call Maxi’s little house “Maxi’s Pad”? (Sorry, sorry…couldn’t help myself!) 😉

  6. Two things…First, what kind of heated pet bed do you use outside in the cat house? We have spayed farm cats that I would like to get those for, but am never sure which ones would be best? Second, I was Christmas shopping yesterday and I literally did a happy dance at Michael’s because I found a big bag of red, green, & white sparkle balls!! My farm cats LOVE them (we put them in a locked barn at night), but they like to carry them outside during the day (and lose them), so my supply was running low and I could only find regular balls, no sparkle and my girls gots to have the sparkle!!!

    • WooHoo! Christmas for the kitties! This might be sad but the most exciting time of day in the foster room is when I move the end table that steals all of the sparkle balls from my poor deprived kittens. Sparkle ball mania ensues until the dirty rotten table goes hiding them again 😉

    • Sparkle balls are VERY popular around here – good job on finding a big bag of them! (And of course, what good are balls without the sparkle? Heheh!)

      I’ll have an answer on what kind of heated bed we use for Friday’s post – I have to go look at it to be sure I’m telling you the right thing! 🙂

  7. Love your blog, love the kitties, never miss a post! But I have a question. Hub trapped this morning two roughly 8 week old kittens. They have (had) a mama but we haven’t seen her in several days. They are beyond feral and since my hub got bitten this morning, we’re keeping them in quarantine for the next 10 days. After that, I think they’ll be much happier spayed/neutered and returned to the barn. My question is: are they too young to be fending for themselves? They would have shelter, food and water but they’re so small!

    • Dawn, I’m going to post your question in Friday’s post just so people can make suggestions, but I don’t know a lot about keeping feral kittens, so I’m going to direct you to The Cat Guy at Four White Paws. He’s gotten into trapping, neutering, and returning, and if he can’t answer the question, I suspect that he’ll know where to direct you to find answers. I do think that 8 weeks is probably too young for them to fend for themselves and I’m sure that there’s probably a process to go through – maybe caged until they’re bigger? But I don’t know enough about it to give you good advice!

  8. Eight weeks is far to young to fend for themselves and even if totally feral can still be tamed at this age. Vlad the Impaler (based on the bite he gave me) was a totally feral kitten, along with is siblings; now they are outside and happy barn cats that come running for food and petting. They will never be lap cats, but a few weeks first in a cage and then running around a living room (with cat pans, food and people) tamed them down to where they know that people are the source of all good things. We did lose one of the kittens we put out do to falling off a roof and another ran off; but you can never make things totally safe for working kitties whose job is outdoors. But you can tame them down – 8 weeks is young enough that some cats will turn into total love-bug house-pets after a few weeks, just depends on their personality. For now, keep them in a large kennel cage, feed them, talk to them, play with string through the bars etc. Let them know you are friendly and the source of food; they are young enough to decide your Momma Cat.

    • Thanks, Melodi! I’m not a stranger to barn cats, since most of my inside cats started out as such but they generally had a mama hang around for much longer. I may have a shot with the gray tabby who is more quiet but the tortoiseshell will throw herself against the cage walls. She has escaped twice no matter how careful we’ve been while changing water and feeding. And it’s been an incredible ordeal to get her back in. I’m afraid she pretty much hates us at this point.