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Tortie ‘Tudesday

“What you WANT, lady? Can’t you see I’m trying to nap here on my curvy scratcher where I fit perfectly?”

“I’m pretending you’re not there, harassing me.”

“IGNORING YOU, sitting in the sun.”

“I keep trying to get away from you, but you keep FOLLOWING ME. Look, I know I’m beautiful. Just get over it!”

Snoozin’ sisters.

“I would be more annoyed with you, but this self-warming bed is pretty warm, and it’s making me happy. See? This is my HAPPY face.”

“Just ignore her, girls. She’ll go away SOME day.”

“Except that sometimes she comes over and kisses me when I ignore her. DRAT! Is she looking at me?”

“Just don’t look at her! She can’t follow me around FOREVER!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Miz Poo in profile.

“Hi, lady! Is time for kissin’?”
(ALWAYS time for kissin’, sweet girl.)


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11-6-12 — 32 Comments

  1. Happy Votin’ Day! I hope everybody votes, or has early voted. No matter who you vote for, vote!

    Okay, i am soo in love with Purslane. She even makes me love Miz Poo a lil more. I wonder what the Weed girls parents looked like? A black, white and tortie? And Dandelion looks kinds medium haired. Their parents must have been beautiful.

    • I don’t know what their father(s?) looked like, but I know that their mother looks exactly like Dandelion, white with gorgeous blue eyes!

  2. Beautiful torties, but I simply can’t believe that Purslane is as snotty as you think. I betcha a million dollars that if you put down the camera and petted her, she’d like it!


    The calendars look lovely and I hope they bring in lots of money for Challeger House. And I’ll echo Ockqua –


  3. Purslane is the one kitty from this batch along with Miss Polly Pickle that I would want to take home!

    Miz Poo has a mini me looking at those pics of her and Purslane today! πŸ˜€

  4. I’m not buying it. Mother Jefferson, also a tortie, may look grumpy, but she has purred every single second that I’ve known her (well, with the exception of attacking Norman yesterday because he meowed at one of her babies… she’s fine with the boys as long as her babies are locked up, so now we let the babies and Mama out of the foster room in shifts)

    • HA – Mother Jefferson was like “*I* can meow at them, but I will MESS YOU UP if you look at them sideways, Norman!”

  5. I want to snatch Miz Poo for kissin! Thousands and thousands of kisses until she twitches!

  6. Purslane looks sooooo much like my Tortie, Slinky. Mine is shy, not too affectionate with strangers, but a real sweetie/lovable with me.

    Dandelion…I always think white cats should be only indoors, sitting on a big fat velvet cushion so as not to dirty their beautiful snowy princess aloof demeanor! (smile)

  7. OK so this is something I’m sure someone out there can relate with. It’s mouse season and in my area we get deer mice. They get in and the cats kill them bring me dead ones… the usual. Well this morning my kitties had scared one into hiding under the kitchen rug. I didn’t know this and since I’m such a good housekeeper I didn’t think anything of the lumpy rug… till I stepped on it… and it went crunch… and my little boy Castor thinks I’m the winner and thanks me over and over again for “catching it” for him. Parades around the house like it’s a present. GROSS

    • EWWW! I think I would caulk or stuff things under the doors or both to avoid them getting in. I think I would also lock the cats in the closet or bathroom so they wouldn’t catch them. Thank goodness I don’t currently have any problems with that, but growing up our cat did that occasionally. I HATE surprises-esp squished ones with tails.

    • OMG – I would have puked if I had squooshed it. I live in an old house surrounded by woods on three sides – inevitably there will be mice. My kitty CJ kills them on occasion, bats them around for awhile and then places them next to his food dish…like he is saving it for later. EEEW

    • Ewwww, Samantha – you have my sympathy! The STUPID swallows (I think) build a nest in our chimney every year (we used to have a cap on the chimney, but it blew off and we can’t find a company willing to come out and do it again), and every year the nest falls down the chimney, ALWAYS in the middle of the night, and the cats drag dead baby birds all over the front room. One year I thought I’d cleaned everything up, and was vacuuming the front room, and stepped on a cold, dead baby bird. GAH.

      • Ewww OK you win dead baby birds is way grosser. Oh but you should have seen my mancat with his prize. So happy he pooffed and got feather duster tail. Yuck. Yuck. I didn’t stop gagging for 2 hours at least and started to wear shoes in the house… YUCK cuse ya I was bare foot at the time.

  8. I love Purslane’s ordinary face, but I completely ADORE her “happy face.” It’s so cool how bone structure, coloration, etc., can make a cat, dog or person look like they feel a certain way, while reality may be completely different. And seeing Miz Poo two days in a row makes my day!

  9. Miz Poo has the most exotic and prettiest coloration I think I’ve ever seen in a cat.

  10. why does “it’s kissing time” remind me of ‘peanut butter jelly time’ ??

    (and you are welcome for the ear worm)

  11. I like Miss Purslane’s happy face. πŸ™‚

    The perplexed face isn’t too shabby either.

  12. Oh, Miz Poo.. Hundreds of kitten pictures, and yet my heart still belongs to you. <3

  13. Sweet Miz Poo always has such a look of ‘expectation!!’ on her precious face…
    friended Fred
    told him “Hello Fred”
    in my best H.Lector voice
    Fred said