11-6-08 – Delmar, Lem, Marion & Claudette.

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The foster kittens continue to do well. After their scary experience last week, where I left the door to their room open and Delmar and Marion got lost in the house, I decided to take it a lot slower. For a couple of days I put baby gates across their doorway so they could see out of their room, but they couldn’t get out (and none of the other cats could get in). When I’d go into the room, I’d move the lower baby gate out of the way, and on Tuesday when I was hanging out with them, Lem said “Hmm. I wonder what’s out here?” and went exploring.

2008-11-06 (2)
(View from the kitten room, down the hall.)

I moved the gates down the hallway so they could get into my bedroom and the bathroom if they so desired, and at some point later that day I went upstairs and couldn’t find Lem or Marion. After much looking around, I found them hiding up inside the recliner in my bedroom. I poked them ’til they came out, and they ran back into their room. They come out of their room occasionally to look around, and yesterday Claudette actually went out and looked around for quite some time.

When we get to the point where they’re all wandering around the entire upstairs and hanging out in my room, and not looking scared while they do it,  I’ll think about moving the baby gates to the bottom of the stairs.

The only problem with the baby gates is that Kara likes to hang out on my bed, and if there are baby gates blocking her access to my room, she gets worried. I let her through the gates if she looks like she wants to go in there, and she doesn’t seem to mind being locked in there with the kittens (and there’s water and a litter box in the bathroom if she so desires), so I guess it’s not a big deal.

2008-11-06 (3)
Delmar explores.

2008-11-06 (8)
Lem explores (that’s the bathroom to the left, and the door to my bedroom is to the right, further up the hall.)

2008-11-06 (4)

2008-11-06 (5)

2008-11-06 (6)

2008-11-06 (7)


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