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Polly would like to know if it’s time to play Xbox yet. “Can we, can we, can we, huh, lady?”

Percy, snuggled up in the blanket on the couch. They love this blanket.

This is generally how Magoo sleeps. Total stress case.

Miz Poo was laying in that bed, and Joe Pickle came up and climbed right in with her. Then she saw Magoo strutting across the desk toward her, and she sighed in a resigned manner.

Magoo, garbage inspector. Some fosters just ADORE climbing into the trash can and digging around. The Bookworms thought it was the best thing EVER.

Miz Poo and Joe, joined by Polly and Petey. Note that she doesn’t hate it enough to get up and stomp off.

Dandelion, lookin’ floofy.

As part of his garbage-inspecting duties, Magoo checks out this plastic bag.

Occasionally, Fred makes popcorn as an evening snack. The Weeds and Pickles like popcorn too, and they know the sound of the popcorn popper. When they hear it, they come running to wait impatiently.

They each get a couple of pieces, and then they let Fred eat his popcorn in peace.


Elwood on the stump in the back yard.

He lubs his stump.


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11-5-12 — 47 Comments

  1. Every morning when I read your blog, I’m struck with the giggles at Joe Pickle’s grumpy side-eye look in the sidebar. This morning, I’m laughing especially hard because it looks like he’s reacting to Magoo moving in on him with his woman. Back off, Magoo!!!

    The Pickles and Weeds are far better trained than old man Norman. Let you eat your popcorn in peace? Sure… if you can get it out of the bag before he stuffs his entire head inside of it and runs off with a new hat designed by Orville Redenbacher.

  2. Are they eating the popcorn or playing with it?
    and I love the smiley Elwood on his stump.

  3. I trade you a fresh fruit obsessed cat for a popcorn obsessed cat! We still have no power so my apples were on the cabinet last night. Everyone of them is half eaten.

    • Anyone want a cheese-obsessed cat? Anytime I pull cheese out of the fridge it’s MEOWMEOWMEOW until he gets a corner of it.

    • How about barbeque eating cats? I did a boston butt for my Halloween party and Tuxie and Sabrina have been in “hog heaven” ever since! I now know if I need to get a pill in Brina all I need to do is wrap it in pork!

    • All Norman has to hear is the popping of a can top and he’s all over it. I swear I thought I was going to have to defend a can of Campbell’s soup from him last night.

      Fresh fruit? I started to laugh and then remembered that Simba loves lettuce.

    • Gail, do they know when your power will be back on? You definitely have my sympathy!!!

      Also, I wish our cats liked fruit. We have some old apples that wouldn’t be good for applesauce, but don’t want to toss on the compost heap. The cats aren’t interested, though – so we put them out by the feeding station, and I think a raccoon ate a few bites from one.

  4. That Elwood is pretty handsome. Too funny about the popcorn….who would have thought? We do agree that you should do something to reduce Magoo’s stress though. MOL

  5. I need to get a good photo of our Svarty and send it to you, especially if I can find one of his tiny kitten photos. Like Mr. Magoo, he was a tiny kitten (found nursing his dead mother by the roadside) and looked almost as tatty when we got him. He was always the smallest one of the bunch until he grew, and grew and grew…now he shows his obvious Apple-Headed Siamese ancestors – huge head, pointy nose, big fat belly and shadow points in the sunlight. The only cat larger than him is our Thor, who keeps him in line as second among the barn cats…

  6. Polly likes Xbox? Well isn’t that just perfect for our family. Too bad she will have to figure out how to get herself out of the computer screen where she lives first. (She has many friends there though-Agata, Newberry, and Kelly’s Henry and Eloise all seem to get along very well together with her).

    • Awwww… I’ll have to take more photos of Henry for you, since he’s still here and all. Would Oreo like a big brother? I’d deliver…

        • That would be great Robyn and Kelly! I wish I could’ve gotten my hands on a little striped tabby as those are my real loves. Oreo seems to have picked me though. She curls up with me every morning to read the blogs. I’m sure she’d love a big brother or sister or both but I think my hubby has reached his cat limit and I don’t want to push it. πŸ™‚ I will try to post more pics of her in the next day or so. She seems to have gotten way bigger just over the weekend when we were away from her.

          • My husband works in Washington DC now (long story involving a short-notice military transfer). He drives through PA and will deliver Henry whenever you say the word. Well, as long as he hasn’t been adopted first that is.

  7. Magoo has apparently given up the law for sanitation engineering, and Dandelionis looking all grown up! On the popcorn front, my first cat loved the Smartfood cheese popcorn, not least because the texture was always a surprise; you could see her trying to make sense of how something so big was so weightless.

    • Magoo has many and varied interests!

      I don’t blame your kitty for loving the Smartfood popcorn. That stuff is SO good! (Note to self: buy a bag at the grocery store. It’s been way too long since I’ve had it.)

  8. Miz Poo & Joe & Polly & Petey in a cat bad
    First comes lurv, then comes snuggles
    ::Miz Poo storms off::

  9. Don’t know if you’ve seen this, but I thought I’d pass it on: The initial fundraising goal has been met, but with an injury like this, it’s more likely that there will be future issues than that there won’t, so having a little extra wouldn’t hurt – especially given that during the course of her treatment for the facial injuries they discovered that she has a tumor and heartworms, which will delay her facial surgery for about six months – adding, of course, to the “room and board” type expenses. Anyway I thought it was worth sharing: http://www.careforkabang.com/

  10. Magoo’s got nothing on my cockatiels. I have been chasing them out of the garbage can because THEY think it’s a mighty fine nesting spot.

    Just last night I had to guard my Progresso sirloin soup from the cockatiels. I swaddled a kitchen towel around my soup bowl,leaving a hole just big enough for my spoon. I hunched over the bowl,gently elbowing cockatiels out the way,left and right,grumbling,”I know better!Put the birds away first!”

  11. Oh, Miz Poo. You doth protest against the kittens too much. We all know the truth.

    Dandelion is gorgeous, by the way. I’ve never realized how lovely a white cat can be!

  12. Rootie (my Tortie) is like Miz Poo when Charlie snuggles up with her. She acts like she doesn’t like it, but I think deep down, she really does.

    My cats are the same way with ‘Canes Combo Box like the kittens are with Fred’s popcorn. It’s almost a free-for-all until I take a chicken strip, cut it up and give it to them. πŸ˜€

    And the last picture of Elwood on the stump made my day!