11-6-14 – TBT

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Throw Back Thursday: Randomness.

These are pictures that made me smile while I was going back through the last years’ worth of pictures and trying to choose the right ones for the calendars. I thought you might like to see them again, too.

When the baby Sopranos met Stefan.

The look on Carmela’s face (over by the mirrors) kills me dead.

Alice, 100% over Silvio and his shenanigans.

Jake and Melfi, 100% over each others’ shenanigans.

Bunnie, talking to the feather teaser.

John Smith, all ::thlurrrp::

Dennis, all kinds of snug in that bed with Maria and Mariette (Maria looks SO much like Orlando!)

Orlando, doin’ the hang. This picture cracks me up SO MUCH. I strongly considered putting this one in the calendar.

That side eye from Grant in the background is AWESOME. Which led me to…

Gilbert, grabbing for Dennis’s foot, just makes me cackle. That wide open mouth! And Dennis, all Ears of Annoyance and casually moving his foot out of the way. “Yeah, whatever, whippersnapper.”

Uncle Dennis and wee Mooch. Awwwww!

“What? Am hanging out with Uncle Dennis in the pagoda!” Little Blaster.

Ah, yes. The summer of baby bunnies. THANKS, Stefan.

Quintessential Tricki. Such a sweet, goofy girl!


“What? Am hanging out in my house, minding mine own bidness!”

Ralph’s Open Mouth of Outrage, showing off his pointy little teefs.

::thlurrp:: Baff time for PW.

Von’s nose, up close and personal.

I love the sun through his ears.

Ralph’s nose, up close and personal.

Sleepy Trader Joe. That boy has some impressive ear floofins.

Snuggle time for Ralph and PW.

Gorgeous Winn Dixie.

Gorgeous Von (and PW!)

Oh, this boy. I could just kiss him all day long.


Suggie, out standing in his field.


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11-6-14 – TBT — 18 Comments

  1. Loved each and every picture! “Quintessential Tricki” , that picture is fabulous. I would love to know what was going through her head at that moment!!! Did Von’s nose spot disappear???

  2. Hey, check out http://catsbeaversandducks.tumblr.com/! Scroll down a bit till you see the cherry pie clips. What a great kitty bed…and what a cute kitten!!!

    After seeing it on youTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91770g5jhGQ
    I can tell it was homemade. I could totally do that, but I would have finished edges on the cherry fabric! I also would not put it in a pie plate but would make it stand up using pleats on the inside of the fake lamb’s skin. Oh, what a great next project!!

  3. So many great pics, I don’t even know which one to start commenting on! lol

    In the “Orlando Hangs” pic, there is another of your fantastic photos on canvas hanging to the left of the door. I believe ’tis Suggie and, again, similar to the grand Poo shot, the perspective is great.

    Can we get a full view of it in a future post at some point? And perhaps any others you happen to have hanging around? (I’m very tempted now to look through all my own cat pictures and see if anything is worthy of putting on canvas since I enjoy yours so much.)

    • That is a great print on the left of Orlando Hangs!!!! I concur…as I want to see all Robyn’s photos on canvas!

  4. Love that long spotted belly hangin’ on the screen door! Haha… And those cute little noses… How do you not kiss ’em all day long?! πŸ™‚

  5. Just wanted to echo what loads said about the “Orlando hangs” picture. I love it because 1) spotted belleh, and 2) the picture of Suggie, who seems to know what is going on with the screen door and does not approve.

  6. I cannot wait to get my hands on Von and Winn Dixie when they move to Indy. They are so gorgeous and Auntie Elaine is dying to play with them.

    • I guarantee that if you sit down, Von will be in your lap immediately, and Winn Dixie will be right behind her. πŸ™‚

  7. I have to say, I may have to download that screen door picture to my phone. everytime to talk to people about fostering, we get around to screen doors and I have to tell them about Orlando πŸ™‚

    Love it when kittens get all “stranger danger” with adults who are all “whatever”

  8. that second Carmela photo always cracks me up.. the “I’m bigger than I look” pose, but the “I’m wicked scared please don’t eat me” face..

    goodness if a few of those new shots don’t make the kittens look like they have incredibly long snouts..

  9. The nose shots of Ralph & Von would be good submissions for Cute Overload’s Nose-vember!