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Group pictures! Or maybe I should say “Class picture day!”

If I recall correctly, Catelyn was trying to climb my leg when I took this one.

You can see Catelyn’s tail in this one. The moment before I took it, she was posed nicely next to Von. Catelyn, you little troublemaker!

Ahhh, there they all are! I think this is the best one.

Ralph’s serious face kills me DEAD.

Wheeskers in the sun. I’m not sure where Ralph was.

The dust in the air is from the feather teaser I was waving around. Catelyn’s open mouth is a result of her chattering at the feather teaser. Silly girl. Also, Trader Joe’s expression cracks me UP. He always looks so puzzled.

This actually might be the best one. Ralph, over there on the right, appears to be trying to kiss the bedpost.

Another one where Trader Joe’s expression makes me laugh. He looks like a little loon.

Oh no, wait. Maybe THIS is the best one!


Oh, Grandma Poo. You are just the best, sweetest girl!


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11-5-14 — 22 Comments

  1. hahaha… I love Alice Frog so much! That picture is so cute!

    I hope Miz Poo knows just how much the innernetz wuvs her <3

  2. Aw, look at the ear floof! I bet their toes are pretty fluffy too. When do the Grocers get to meet Uncles Jake, Tommy and Dennis?!!

    Does Grandma Poo have cataracts?

    • I’ve been letting them out to roam the downstairs for a few minutes at a time (and only a couple of kittens at a time), I’m thinking that maybe this weekend we’ll let them have more time.

      Dennis actually demanded to go upstairs the other night while we were watching TV, so we let him go. I looked on the camera later, and basically he walked around their room, ate their food, and hung out in their condo, and they followed him around and stared in amazement. πŸ™‚

  3. *Smooches the Poo!* *wipes Poo sneeze from face* πŸ˜€

    And I think all of the group pictures are great! And I’m impressed if you were taking the pictures with one hand while wildly waiving the feather teaser in the other!!

    • I was doing it exactly like that! I need to get Fred to help me get pictures of them jumping up after the teaser, because they are a bunch of crazy little jumping beans!

  4. I still can’t believe that Miz Poo is the grandma. I still remember when she was the new kitten. I don’t comment that often, but yup, I’ve been reading that long! πŸ™‚

  5. Seriously, just the best class photos ever! How you got them all to pose together without at least one of them flipping the bird at the camera is amazing…MOL!

  6. Oh, these babies…!! I really can’t get enough of the Grocers. Love their wee faces and expressions so much!

    Hi Miz Poo πŸ™‚

  7. Miz Poo and Class Pictures – does it get any better? Yes – just add Alice Frog!
    Please may we have video of the next time Dennis visits the kits? Those sort of encounters are so much fun!

  8. Oh my goodness, I love the group pictures. Especially the one where it looks like Ralph is peeking from behind the bedpost!