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Oh, that silly, sweet boy. The cool thing is that you can see my reflection in his eye if you look close enough.



Von seems to have a heaping helping of Outrage going on here. Probably didn’t help that she was happily hanging out in my lap, minding her own business, when Ralph leaped onto her.

“Excuse me, stalker Ralph, I am hanging out in MINE OWN HOME, stop staring through the window at me!”


Such a serious face for such a sweet boy.

You only have to glance PW’s way, and he purrs and purrs and purrs. That is one sweet and happy lovebug of a boy.

::thlurp::thlurp::thlurp::, keepin’ the toes clean.

“I like clean toes, OKAY?”


Floofin’ in the sun.

So, guess what? I just got the word last night that another adoption was approved, and the kitten will be going home in about two and a half weeks. The kitten in question? Drumroll please….

That’s right.

So as not to jinx the adoption (y’all know how I am!), no details ’til he’s on his way home, but I did “adoption pending” his picture in the sidebar.

How cool is it that of the 6 kittens in this cobbled-together litter, 3 of them already have homes waiting for them and won’t have to go to Petsmart? SO cool!


I have a couple of videos for you today! The first one is Catelyn in motion – watching Winn Dixie, running around, showing Trader Joe who the boss is. You know, the usual kitten stuff. With extra floof!

YouTube link.

The second one is Von, with Ralph looking on. The mouse attached to her favorite track toy drives her CRAYZEE!

YouTube link.


This is where Dennis likes to spend his days, in the window bed in my room. You can imagine the drama that ensued when Sugarbutt decided to start hanging out there. But luckily Sugarbutt decided to go back to sleeping on my desk, so Dennis is a happy boy again.


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11-4-14 — 18 Comments

  1. People keep taking my kittens from me!!!! WHHHHHAAAAAA!!!! Ok…I am happy for them to have homes lined up….but oh how I wish it were my home!!!

    • Hooray for Trader Joe — and one of the luckiest families ever! (And how hilariously guilty does that boy look in the “stalker Ralph” photo?!) Here’s hoping that his people will send regular, voluminously illustrated updates. Happy to hear that the Dennis/Suggie drama has been resolved.

  2. That box needs to have ’14G’ written on it. XD (Reference: look up ‘The Girl in 14G’ on YouTube)

    Yay, more homes for kittens!

  3. LOL you are gonna get SO much use out of the Devil Dennis photo! This will be super fun to watch!

    I think that’s the most outraged I’ve seen Von… she looks like a wildcat(from what little I can her of her under Ralph’s armpit).

    I love love LOVE the face on Trader Joe in the window stalker pic. He’s like “You seein’ what I’m seein’, lady?…these guys is kerrrr-azy…”

    I’m starting to have trouble distinguishing between Corbie & Dennis. Can you do a side-by-side comparison so I can see the differences & learn to tell them apart? I want to say Corbie has more coppery tones/highlights in his fur but I’m not sure if that depends on lighting.

    • It is entirely possible that Von’s an overreactive drama queen. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I will definitely do a side by side comparison (hopefully for Friday’s post)! You’re right about Corbie having more coppery (I call ’em “caramelly”) highlights.

  4. I love how Ralph’s not judging Von for loosing a fight with a somewhat inanimate object.

    Not judging at all.

    • That track toy must be heavier than it looks. I kept waiting for Von to pull the mouse down and for the whole toy to sail over and whap Ralph on the head! #powrighttothekisser! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. It is a good feeling knowing so many of this bunch won’t have to go to Pet-smart !! Not that it is a bad place but going from an amazing foster home straight to the forever home is awesome !!!!!

    Corbie and Dennis really do look like they could brothers !!!

    If you go to 2006 and 2005 of the previous posts they are the same !!! Interesting …. Just get to see a stretching kitty twice !!!

    • Oops, I guess I wasn’t paying attention when I was doing the links for previous years! Funny how I managed to have two completely different quotes from the same entry, isn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve fixed it!

      That’s how I feel, too – it’s not that Petsmart is a bad place (and the volunteers who clean the cages and snuggle the cats are wonderful!), but to have them go from one home to another is how I wish it could be for all of them!

  6. ‘Twas a good thing that TJ’s family stepped forward BEFORE you posted the video of his terrific licorice toesies! I would be in my car heading your way. Who knew this baby’s gorgeousness went all the way to his toes!
    What an amazing clowder of kittens this is. All superstars!