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I have an update!

This time last year we had this little muffin – Carmela – in residence, along with her bazillions of brothers and sisters, collectively known as The Sopranos.

Jillian says:

I adopted Carmela of the Sopranos litter (now Eleanor) back in January. Since her birthday was last month, I thought I might take some pictures and give an update.

Eleanor (or Ellie, to my daughters) is a very happy cat. After a brief turf war, she and our other cat Alice have at least enough of an understanding in order to sit or nap on the same couch. I think Eleanor has been beneficial to Alice, since their chasing each other has made Alice to be less of a curmudgeon who stalks about with lazy disdain. In other words, Alice is less fat.

It took us a while to break Eleanor of playing on the kitchen counters and knocking things over, but we still have to keep any indoor plants either out of reach or covered with a glass cloche. I originally did not know that aloe is poisonous to cats, so after a number of poo incidents with Eleanor, I wised up and covered my plant.

Here in the last month, Eleanor seems to have reached her peak size, structurally. So now she’s beginning to get a little chubby. It’s time to cut down the food for both cats.

Eleanor is really good with the girls. They all play together throughout the day, and Eleanor likes to sleep on my oldest daughter’s bed at night. In fact, my oldest daughter is the only one in the house who can convince Ellie to be still long enough to nap in a lap. Eleanor likes to strike a number of poses when she sleeps. For a while, we took pictures of the various ways she likes to nap, including my favorite wherein she holds her arms in like a T-Rex.

We are very thankful for the ability to adopt her, and I can assure you that she is very happy and well-cared for.

Thank you so much for the update and pictures, Jillian, I love seeing her sweet face again!


Watching Tommy walk by. I guess this is what passes for Kitteh TV.

“You coming up to give a snack or what, lady?”

This boy and his silly faces cracks me UP.

Is she a gorgeous girl or what? (That’s Winn Dixie.)

Von is quite the bunny kicker.

Von is all “BRING IT ONNNNNNNN!”, Winn Dixie is all ::Ears of Annoyance:: and PW is all ::nosy spectator::


Von with the crazy face, biting on my slipper.

Deep Thinkin’ with Trader Joe.


So, the permanent residents get their morning snackin’ time first thing in the morning, after I’ve gotten up and showered. It’s long been my rule that if someone isn’t around for snackin’ time, they’re out of luck. Lately, Stefan hasn’t been present for snackin’ time, maybe because the change in the weather has made hunting more appealing (or maybe he’s just holed up somewhere warm and doesn’t want to go out into the cold to come in for his snackin’). Hours after snackin’ time, Stefan will show up, looking all hopeful, and I always say “Tough luck, bud”, and he goes off to nap some more. But on Friday I was feeling nice, so when he wasn’t around for snackin’ time, I stuck a plate in the fridge for him.

An hour later, I walked up onto the side stoop, and he was walking down the stairs.

“Hey, bud,” I said. “I saved a snack for you.” Immediately he turned around, ran through the door when I opened it, went into the kitchen, and waited for me to give him his snack.

When it comes to snackin’ time, that boy doesn’t fool around.


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11-3-14 — 21 Comments

  1. The pic of Stefan in the bed…well it reminds me of my Lola in her bed. I call it “5 lbs of potatoes in a 2 lb sack”! 🙂

  2. OMG Carmela/Ellie is a beauty! 🙂 The picture of her with the baby turned me into a puddle.

  3. Ellie is gorgeous!! Wonderful pix!

    I gave Orlando the news this morning, but also told him not to let his August Rock Star status go to his head! Hehe… Placing our order!! I can’t even begin to imagine how you chose photos from your thousands of fabulous ones!!! Very daunting task indeed!!

    • Oh – and forgot to mention how absolutely handsome Angelo’s picture is too – LOVED that boy & will enjoy his month as well!! Have you heard any updates on him?

      • I could have done an entire calendar with just Orlando pictures! I had to ask Fred to make the final decision on his picture. 🙂

        Susan told me that she talked to Angelo’s mom one day last week (I think). They’d been worried about him because he wasn’t eating at first, but he did start eating. He’s still timid, but she told Susan that he is definitely in his forever home now.

        And you know how worried I was about him and Orlando, so to see them in great homes is THE BEST! 🙂

  4. The floof in Winn Dixie’s ears in the Ears of Annoyance pic… omg. 🙂

    Stefan, you are a lucky cat that Robyn saved snackin’ time for you.

    • I knowwwwwwwwwwwww. For next year, it’s my goal to have a really good picture of two of them together (Tommy and Stinkerbelle, would be my guess) so they can actually all be IN the calendar! (Dennis got relegated to the cover ’cause he’s the new guy.)

  5. Things I love about this post:

    Calendar kitties! I have no doubt it was super hard to sift through all your fabulous photos and narrow it down.

    Carmela/Ellie update! She’s so pretty and it looks like she’s in the lap of luxury and doin’ juuuuust fine.

    Extra ear floof! WD’s annoyed face cracks me up in that pic.

    Stefan! Because, seriously? what’s not to love about that guy — he’s the best!

  6. I love that pic of Ellie and her older sister on the ottoman. they’re obviously very bonded and I love it!

    Also love that picture of her with her other big sister in the bookcase. We have reached an understanding.

    I bet the permanent residents ‘stroll’ past the kitten door, just to tantilyze/taunt the kittens.

  7. Sourpuss you said it perfectly !!!!

    On a side note …… With the calendar starting on January 2015 puts Corbie on my birthday month !!! and you know he is my all time favorite Anderson Kitty !!!!

  8. Awwww. Carmela/Eleanor has grown up beautiful! I love adopters, and I love adopters who send great updates like this even more!

    Stephan is a wise, wise cat (who, judging from that picture, can probably afford to skip a few snackin’ times)!

  9. Hmmmm…. which calendar do I need??? Decisions, decisions…

    And Stefan — that just further proves my point that they understand English perfectly well!

  10. A wonderful update, great calendars with excellent covers, a snack-happy, nap-ready Stefan, flooficular Ears of Annoyance, a deep-thinking Trader Joe — and those are only some of today’s delights. Thanks, Robyn!

  11. Apart from Jake, all your residence looked like they’re saying, “really lady? another photo again? How about paying me in fish for each photo you take?” haha

  12. at first glance I thought Kitteh TV was a fireplace and I was wondering why the kittens were all locked in a fireplace..