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Sights from Around Crooked Acres.

2011-11-03 (23)
The Begonias on the front porch are still holding strong.

2011-11-03 (24)
I love Azaleas.

2011-11-03 (25)
And Hydrangeas.

2011-11-03 (26)
And… whatever these are. I don’t remember – starts with a “p”, I think. Or has a “p” in the name.

2011-11-03 (32)
I love how Morning Glories pop up in random locations.

2011-11-03 (33)
George and Gracie on the hill o’ dirt. I think this was about mid-way through the pond dig – the hill is much higher now.

2011-11-03 (19)
Gracie racing around and making me nervous ’cause I didn’t want to fall off the dirt hill (though I would have had a soft landing, I guess).

2011-11-03 (20)
I’m the Queen of Dirt Hill, yo.

2011-11-03 (9)
The ducks are not quite completely grown yet, but they’re just about there.

2011-11-03 (10)
We’re pretty sure we’ve got two boys and two girls. Why?

2011-11-03 (11)
Girl. (That splash of blue is just gorgeous, isn’t it?)

2011-11-03 (12)
Two girls on the left, one boy on the right.

2011-11-03 (13)
See how his head is turning green from the beak back? These are Rouen ducks, which look just like Mallards.

2011-11-03 (14)
Another shot of the green.

I think this means we’ll have baby ducks next year. Because what we need in the back forty is MORE birds.

2011-11-03 (1)
This one is “The Featherhead.”

2011-11-03 (6)
The Rock Star. She is so pretty, I just can’t stand it.

2011-11-03 (5)
Young rooster.

2011-11-03 (4)
Mama hen and her babies.

2011-11-03 (2)
Another young rooster.

2011-11-03 (7)
Yet another young rooster. There are about ten of them out there right now, and since you just can’t have that many roosters for the number of hens we have, most of them will shuffle off to freezer camp soon. We decided that this one is going to stick around – he’s really good with the hens and not aggressive toward us.

2011-11-03 (8)
Angry Muppet (the Silkie) and her babies.

2011-11-03 (31)
Happy, happy pup.

2011-11-03 (30)
George, being brushed. That look on his face is one reason Fred calls him a big doofus.

2011-11-03 (29)
“You has a treat for me?”

2011-11-03 (28)

2011-11-03 (34)
Back when the pond was about a quarter of the way finished. I need to get some updated pictures of the pond itself!

2011-11-03 (27)
Brushin’ time.

2011-11-03 (21)
Gracie, watching.

2011-11-03 (22)
George and Gracie, watching Maxi walk by. That tomato plant in front of Gracie is still hanging in there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-11-03 (35)
Harlan loves a good belly rub.

2011-11-03 (36)
Patty’s all “Do you MIND?”

2011-11-03 (37)
Harlan melted right out that bed!

2011-11-03 (38)
Sally and Everett.

Harlan on the cat tree.

So, I got my new camera and finally took it out of the box earlier this week. Some of the pictures above (the chicken and duck pictures, some of the dog pictures) were taken with it. I really like it quite a lot, and not least because it has a function I didn’t realize it had when I bought it: it has a panoramic function and it is TOO COOL to play with. I used it to get this picture of all the big Peppers atop the bookcases and cat tree in the front room (please ignore what a mess those bookcases are; I seriously need to organize the shelves).


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Much like Joe Bob does, if Maxi sees one of us outside she talks to us until we walk over and pet her.

2011-11-03 (39)

2011-11-03 (40)
And then she flops down in the dirt and rolls around.


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11-3-11 — 7 Comments

  1. Wow – how come no one’s commented yet? that never happen to me at L&H! (at 50 kittens I sometimes get to got first.) Wow, whattya need such a big pond for? Did Gracie win that competition about smiles or …? Poor Harlan melted, did you put him in the fridge in time to save him? boy-oh-boy…have Have the piggies gone to freezer farm? Does rooster change difft to chicken? and those are begonias? well b*gger me!

    • I accidentally scheduled today’s entry to post tomorrow instead of today (messed up the date) and didn’t realize it hadn’t posted ’til about two hours ago! 🙂

      Since I already wrote tomorrow’s entry, I’ll answer your questions here:

      Big pond: ducks, catfish, and to hold all the water that usually stands in the back 40 every winter.
      Gracie: Haven’t heard anything yet; my fingers are still crossed. I *think* the announcement happens on or around the 7th of November.
      Harlan’s a lost cause. 🙂
      The pigs went off to freezer camp on Monday and I expect we’ll be back to pick them up (and bring them home to our freezer) sometime next week.
      And yes, those are Begonias! Aren’t they pretty?

  2. Love the picture of all the Peppers on the bookcases and cat tree! It took me a second to find Molly, but I spotted her! 🙂

  3. Relieved to see a post, glad all’s well. Are the flowers periwinkles?
    Nice to have the benefit of seeing the pics when you ‘play’ with the camera!

  4. I am also relieved the delayed post was something mundane – I was a bit worried.

    Also, I LOVE the panoramic shot!

    As for “disorganized bookshelves” I see none! They all look perfectly organized to me!!

    I’ll explain: Cat beds? Check. Craft supplies? Check. More cat beds? Check. Videos in various formats? Check. Yet more cat beds? Check. Books? Check. Extra cat beds? Check.

    See? Perfectly organized! 🙂

  5. Is that as deep as the pond ended up being or did they did deeper? That will definitely help with drainage! 🙂 LOVE all the pictures! Do you have a Furminator For George and Gracie?

  6. Remembering how our doggies were when we had some dirt dug up for our pool, George and Gracie must think you guys are the BEST people EVER for giving them such an AWESOME pile of dirt to play in! 😉

    I have a question for you… you’ve had (and seen) quite a few black kitties in your time, I’ve seen black and white cow patterns, tux patterns, black with a white spot on chest, foot, etc… but I’ve never seen this before.
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/metzdarling/6151998226/in/photostream have you?
    (Sorry for the bad quality our camera sucks rocks) Anyway, this is Ash, he’s going for ye ole ‘snip next week, he came to us looking like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/metzdarling/5822737472/in/set-72157626939009578/ and look at him now! http://www.flickr.com/photos/metzdarling/6151450337/in/photostream A handsome lad, but we’re baffled by his tail. I’ve never seen a black cat with a tail like his. Maybe he’s part Raccoon? 😉