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Have you met Rhyme?

Gorgeous, stripey, lovebug Rhyme?

Rhyme with a ‘tude.

Rhyme is an incredibly sweet, good-natured boy. When Fred sits in the living room in the evening, Rhyme snuggles up next to him and just purrs. He’s friendly – no shrinking violet, our Rhyme. A friend stopped by one evening last week, and Rhyme caaaaasually strolled through the dining room, taking a look at the newcomer. He got closer to the stranger each time he passed through the room until he finally walked over and flopped onto his back, presenting his belly in case this man he’d never seen before might be overcome with the need to rub some kitty belly. He’s a giver, that Rhyme.

He’s a people lover and he’s a cat lover. He gets along with all the cats in our house (though he’s less interested in the kittens than he is in our adult cats), and can usually be found curled up next to another cat. Even Spanky, who has no use for other cats, puts up with him.

At bedtime, Rhyme climbs into bed between us and rolls around on his back. When I lay in bed and read, he drapes himself over my leg and purrs. When I turn the light off and turn onto my side, he stretches along the length of my leg and purrs me to sleep.

He’s a lovah – but he’s a playah, too. There’s nothing he loves as much as a good game of chase.

(He doesn’t even necessarily have to be the chaser – he’s just as happy to be the chasee!)

Sweet, friendly, gorgeous, with a touch of sass. How can you possibly resist?

Rhyme, as you know, needs a forever home. He’s fine here for now, but he really needs to be in a home where he’s not just one in a crowd of 16 (or 18, I guess, if you count Starsky and Hutch). If you or someone you know needs an awesome cat like Rhyme (who is almost 9 months old), please contact Challenger’s House, say “I want that kitteh!” and get started on the adoption process! What with Thanksgiving coming, Rhyme is watching lots of cooking shows. I hear he makes the finest cranberry sauce this side of the Mississippi. True story! (Okay, false story. Lack of opposable thumbs makes wielding that whisk just a little too difficult. But he’s working on it!)


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11-3-10 — 8 Comments

  1. Aww Rhyme you lovely mancat you!!

    He reminds me of one of our previous cats Fluffy – Fluffy was a brown tabby like Rhyme… 😉

  2. I really wish the Bookworms would get adopted, they are so beautiful and sweet. Breaks my heart.

  3. oh, how I loev Rhyme and Corbett. they look just like my Jethro kitty who is a massive 17 lb. 8 year old. If I didn’t live in Texas, or if I had the time to drive up there, i would adopt one or both of those babies in a heartbeat.

    and maybe a starsky and/or hutch to boot. sigh. i wish they stayed babies for longer.

  4. You’re a handsome boy, Rhyme. I’m sure you’re a lady-killer; and if you were up here in Canada? Wooowheeee, would my Mae be falling for you!

  5. Beautiful Rhyme. As I was reading how you were charming the visitor I half expected it to end with how you then get adopted by the visitor! LOL!!

    I’d so want you in a jiff!!! Awwww!! I really wish and pray for all the Bookworms to find lovely homes. And the rest of the MMMs& Dodger!! Cos they all deserve wonderful families!! Good luck!!!!

    And also good luck to finding transport for these two adorable doggies!! Oh they’re just so cute!!

    Take care

  6. Oh good gosh but I wish I could help with transport, not to mention with adopting Rime! Alas, I’m in Wisconsin, and as to the transport thing, it’d sort of help if I could, you know, drive. 🙂

    If I were closer, I’d be soooorely tempted to snatch up Rime and Reacher… and Corbet… and carry them off to live with me and the fluffy dog. Ah beans. *cuddles them all*

  7. Dear Bookworms – may you all have furever homes for/by Thanksgiving! Australian Shepherds? Little babies!
    Good luck to you!

  8. I sent your plea for transport to a friend that lives in Iowa. I hope you hear from him. His first name is Joel. [fingers crosses]