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Guess who’s going to be neutered and get their ID chips in a little while? Can you believe they’re over two pounds already? When I got back from Myrtle Beach two weeks ago, they were both at about 1 1/4 pounds. Then, with the help of regular morning and evening canned food snacks, they packed on another half pound in a matter of days. Last Monday I weighed them both to find that they were over two pounds, so I made the appointment.

Once they’re neutered and have their ID chip, it’ll just be a matter of waiting for room to be available at the Petsmart adoption center. The way adoptions are going, it could be a little while. You can imagine how heart-broken I am at the idea of having them around for a while longer!

Doesn’t it look like Hutch is about twice as big as Starsky? Somehow, he’s always looked huge compared to Starsky, but they’ve always weighed within an ounce of what the other weighs. Maybe Starsky has heavy bones.

When I’m at my computer, they can usually be found in the bed to the left of my monitor… or the bed to the right of my monitor. They’re not picky – whatever’s available is fine with them.

(He’s no dummy. He waited ’til she was sound asleep!)

Grumpy boy.

Sleepy boy.

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Corbie wants to know why you haven’t come to adopt him yet. He’s WAITING.

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“I had a nightmare there was a kitten snuggled up next to me.”


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11-4-10 — 7 Comments

  1. Haha Miz Poo! She always looks mean, but she’s such a sweet little cat. Reminds me of Scully – very social. One of the big cages is probably open now because when I left Tuesday only one kitten was in it and I imagine she’s moved to one of the smaller cages now. That would leave one small and one large cage.

  2. Oh Corbie – beautiful Corbie!! Someone will see you and love you and adopt you asap! I just know it!!! Hang on in there!!!

    Awwww my goodness! Starsky and Hutch are just so little!!! Awww!! Two pounds of complete cuteness!!! yay!

    Miz Poo!!! It was a beautiful dream not a nightmare! LOL! Take care

  3. Oh, Corbster! the right people haven’t heard about you yet. surely it can’t be too long now… “heavy bones”…snort – yeah, that’s what my Sam is always telling me…miz Poo, oohh, what’s with the grumpy face? my Niles is a big grump-a-sauros, too but you couldn’t even get together and compare notes…”heavy bones!” LOL…