A few times last week, we had overnight guests.

Maxi took the guest bed.

Newt started out in the pyramid in the living room…

…but then moved to the couch to be closer to Mister Boogers.

So, let’s see. They come in for a little while in the morning, they come in for a while in the afternoon, they have their own food and water bowls on the front porch, along with a house and a heated cat bed. Sometimes they spend the night inside. Oh, and they get a snack at 7:00 every evening.

Good thing they’re not our cats, huh?


“U haz a flavor.”

Malley’s such a pretty boy.

Peyton. LOVE that boy.

Snuggly kittens (Deuce and Rhian) in the sun.

Deuce in the sun.


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