Huh. I was wondering why Tom Cullen was snooping around in the stamp drawer…

* * *

Completely unrelated to the above, did you know that if you’re right-handed and you try to write with your left hand, it really starts to hurt after a few sentences? A lot. I think I’m going to make it my resolution for 2006 to learn to write as well (or at least legibly) with my left hand as I can with my right.

* * *

Taking Miz Poo to the vet yesterday was pretty uneventful. The vet confirmed that she thought it was a rodent ulcer, and after having Miz Poo’s usual vet fax over her records, she said that she wanted to try giving her Depo-Medrol shots, one yesterday, the next in three to four weeks, and the next three to four weeks after that (I think). She also said that it very much seemed infected, despite the fact that Miz Poo finished a course of Clavamox last week, and so she prescribed Clavamox for two weeks.

If this doesn’t work, she said she’d like to refer Miz Poo to a dermatologist in Nashville.

Oh, lord. Please let this work. The idea of having to drive two hours to Nashville with Miz Poo howling sadly the entire way does not fill me with joy.

In case you’ve ever wondered what a cat with a rodent ulcer looks like, here you go:

Poor baby.

Have I mentioned that Sugarbutt is a little pig who’ll eat anything that isn’t nailed down? Every time I step foot in the kitchen, he’s in there getting under my feet, acting like he’s starving to death. I think he’s about doubled in size in the last three weeks – I need to weigh him and see how much he’s weighing these days, just out of curiosity. He’s definitely bigger than Tom Cullen now. He’s not the runt of the litter anymore!

Appearances to the contrary, I assure you they’re not kissing.

“Hey! This is the kitchen! And there’s food in the kitchen! And I’m starving to death! IT MUST BE FATE!”

Snoozing Tom Cullen.

Kitten with a ‘tude.

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