Maddy’s new Mommy and Daddy came a-visitin’ yesterday.

I had a stern talk with her before I went to pick up her new Mommy.

“Maddy,” I said. “Don’t be showing your butt to your new Mommy. She will spoil you ROTTEN, but if you go bouncing over to her and bite her like you like to do, she might change her mind and then I will have to put you in the scary cage at the pet store for ten seconds until a sucker comes along and falls in love with you.”

She didn’t listen; they never do. She showed her butt all OVER the place, and not only did she bite and pounce and scratch, she showed off her incredible (non)intelligence by laying on her back and kicking herself in the face.

And yet her new Mommy fell in love with her anyway. Who could blame her?

Oh, and did I mention who her new Mommy is? Nance and Rick are here in ‘Bama – they drove all the way from Pennsylvania to adopt Maddy! They spent the day hanging out at Casa And3rson and it was SO FREAKIN’ COOL (we’ve known each other online for years; this is the first time we’re meeting in person).

Miz Poo loves Nance and Rick. No, I’m sorry, she LOVES Nance and Rick. Because they told her how pretty she was, and petted her. And petted her. And petted her. And when they were done with that? They petted her some more. There’s nothing Miz Poo likes more than people who appreciate her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up stowing away in their suitcases and going home with them.

Actually, she probably loves them most of all because they’ll be taking Maddy with them!


2005: I was wondering why Tom Cullen was snooping around in the stamp drawer…

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