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I’m pretty sure Carmela needs herself a kiss.

“Hey, remember that day when I was gone from these monstrous little kittens for an entire 24 hours?”

“How do I sign up for THAT again? There were people, they loved on me, it was warm and cozy… and best of all, they didn’t send me home with a bunch of kittens this time!”

Care for a cuppa?

::thlurrrrrp!:: says Silvio.

Meadow, having Deep Thoughts (or wondering when dinner is. It’s hard to tell with that one.)

“I am just a sweet and innocent wee boy!” Yeah, yeah, tell us another one ya little troublemaker.

“Mamaaaaa, STOP! I am CLEAN enough ALREADY!” whines Silvio.

Livia’s tongue is fast, but Silvio is faster. Off he went, before she could properly clean him.

Approximately 3 seconds before she dropped off to sleep.

Look who’s got a time out for biting. That’s Silvio. Doesn’t he look like he’s learned his lesson (NOT)?

Time for a Tony teef check. One… two. Two pointy little teef. Yep, they’re still there. Now close your mouth, little man.


I have a video for you guys that cracks me up SO MUCH every time I watch it. The Sopranos kittens are learning about the feather teaser. I just LOVE how they keep jumping for it when it’s nowhere near them! Silly little nuts.

YouTube link.


Tommy would like to know, “How YOU doin’?”


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11-4-13 — 23 Comments

  1. Love those little teef!!! I think Meadow has become my favorite!!! That video was funny. Not alot of “style” in those leaps yet!

  2. Jumping Soprano kitties!!! AWWWWWWWWWWW ! Utterly adorable!!! Hello Tommy! Take care

  3. hehe – that video almost looked like my 3 year old niece’s ballet recital for ‘dance of the sugar plum fairies’… perhaps if it were set to music.. hehehe… tooooo cute – just what I needed on this cold Monday morning… oh, and Tommy!!! Loves me some Tommy!

  4. Oh, I am wiping tears away I was laughing so hard at the jumping beans! It’s so funny seeing kittens so excited that they can’t contain themselves and just have to jump! Kudos for keeping the camera steady during all that laughing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I love YouTube’s video speed controls. After watching the Jumping Beans video like normal, I put it on 1/4 speed and watched it again. It’s mesmerizing! And it really shows off the kittens’ mid-air moves.

    Was Silvio really being that bitey? I can’t see how a kitten could be too vicious, but then again I don’t know what he was biting. I guess if a kitten bit my sock-covered toes or was getting a bit too rough with their siblings, I’d give it a time-out as well. And snorgle it. Mostly snorgle it, actually.

    • He – and most of his siblings – think that my slippers are some sort of wild animal that needs to be torn apart. He wasn’t getting the hint that he needed to STOP, so I put him in time out for a few moments. It usually works to calm them down – or redirect them!

  6. Stefan’s page is great !!! My favorite picture is the one where he is “melting” on the kitty bed.

    The Soprano’s looked like little kangaroos !!!

    Tony’s innocent look needs to be on a mug or something !!!!! That one will be a popular picture !!!!!