11-2-13 – HATurday

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(That’s HATurday, not HATE-urday!)

“Howdy, pardner,” drawls Tony.

“We done brought THE LAW to this godforsaken foster room. Y’all gots to straighten up and fly right, y’hear?”

Paulie Walnuts is pretty comfy in his top hat.

“Why you laughin’ at me, lady? Can’t a man dress up every once in a while? I’m bringing hats back into fashion!”

Sleepy mancats in their fancy hats (and Melfi, taking a bath.)

He is just. So. STYLISH.

Taking a break from his deputy duties to grab a bite to eat. But he’s keeping an eye on that Sheriff. Never completely trust a man in power, that’s what Deputy Tony says.

You’re never fully dressed without a smile (and a hat!)

I have THREE videos for you today. In the first, it’s just a few moments in the life of wee Tony. He jumps at a spot on the wall, he wanders across the room dodging grabby siblings, he brushes by Mama, and then rolls over onto the floor. Oh, he just KILLS me dead with the cute.

YouTube link.

The second video is Kitten Fight Club. I think you can imagine what it’s about. (First rule of Kitten Fight Club: always look utterly adorable. Second rule: always act completely appalled at your sibling’s behavior.)

YouTube link.

And the last video shows various kittens climbing up the tall scratcher like the monkeys they are. They do it so FAST!

YouTube link.


When I was running errands on Thursday, I stopped by Petsmart. I bought a little somethin’ for the cats, off the Halloween clearance rack.

Stefan was less than thrilled.

That’s a Nemo costume. He was stoic about it, but when Fred put him down, he just kind of slid to the floor. Poor Stefan.

Luckily, we were able to cheer him up.

“Someone better tell that Sheriff Mama I’m comin’ for her.”

“There’s a new Sheriff in town!”


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11-2-13 – HATurday — 17 Comments

  1. when I saw the pic of Nemo-Stefan on your flickr last night, I thought it wasn’t possible for Stefan to look annoyed, as he’s usually so chill..

    • OMG! That is AWESOME! I want one! I think even my dogs would be fascinated by that. A toy that dispenses toys for them to chase?
      I can just imagine that with a the camera giving you the option to watch and interact with your pets over the web, man they’d have the ultimate pet-lovers toy! (They’d have to figure out how to make it a little quieter maybe…) I wonder how long it will take for someone to see the video, make an offer, R&D, etc… before we see something on the shelves (probably far beyond what I’ll be able to afford, but maybe someday?).

  2. Stefan’s costume picture could be captioned- “It’s a good thing I like you lady because this costume is ridiculous. Take a picture and get it over with but DO NOT post it you hear.”
    It’s okay Stefan. I won’t tell anyone.

  3. Yay, happy Haturday!!!! or Caturday!!! or CHATurday!!! Love, love, LOVE Stefan’s look of complete resignation… kinda a ‘if this what it takes to keep the foods and cozy beds coming, meh…’ Oh, HE knows how lucky he is to have stumbled across Crooked Acres! Widdershins vid is pretty cool – I want one! The Sopranos – as with all your foster kitties – are so adorable. Have a GREAT WEEKEND!

  4. Oh the teeny tiny hats… so ridiculously cute!

    Also, “poor” Stefan – hahahaha!! 🙂

    Loved those videos, and their squeaky little voices…

  5. Wow, you can tell the size difference between the kittens and the adults when you see the hat on Stephan and how small it looks compared to how it looks on the kittens. I love cowboy hats on cats. Like peas and carrots.

  6. Hats off to you for Stefan’s new profile — a topping read! (And perhaps an act of reparation for The Nemo Incident?)