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Have you seen this kitten video? Priceless, with beautiful babies.

YouTube link.

I had not seen that. I love it – it’s very well done!


The [glow in the dark vampire] teeth are NOT a good idea. The glow comes from phosphorus compounds and phosphorus damages cat’s kidneys. I can only imagine that it effects kittens even more severely.

Unless the teeth are made of acrylic, there’s really no way to bind the phosphorus to the plastic so it doesn’t leach out as the kittens chew on them. Since acrylic is a very expensive type of plastic, it’s not likely they’re acrylic (and I’m a former polymer chemist so I know about this).

Please take the teeth away from the kittens immediately and only give them toys meant for cats and kittens. Please let the other people who are doing this know that phosphorus is very bad for cats and kittens.

I have to admit, I’d already taken the teeth away from the kittens before I saw this comment, because I sat on a set of them (the teeth; not the kittens), and it actually hurt a LOT. So, no glow in the dark teef for the kittens!


I have a stupid question – what possible reason could a person have for not ‘believing’ in neutering? Because it’s ‘unnatural’ or something? (I mean, really, keeping cats as pets is probably unnatural if you want to be strict about the definition. So is living in houses and wearing clothes. It’s not a valid reason, is my point.)

It’s hard to believe the pee smell, if nothing else, wouldn’t change minds about neutering. A friend of mine was adopted by an intact male cat a few years ago, and she scheduled a snip for him right away, but I happened to visit before the neutering took place – I can’t even describe the stench. I’m surprised the odour didn’t melt the paint off the walls.

I’ll be honest that I haven’t actually asked a nonbeliever why they wouldn’t spay or neuter a cat, because I don’t think there could possibly be any good reason (aside, I guess from using the cat for breeding purposes), and I’m not sure I could stop myself from rolling my eyes at their reasoning (which, I fully admit, is not a very openminded attitude, but is also an attitude that probably shouldn’t surprise y’all).

I really think that they must use the urine of unneutered male cats in chemical warfare. That stuff is THE WORST, the most noxious, the most evil stuff EVER.


Is this a record year for foster kittens? (I’m talking quantity of course, not cuteness!)

If you count the kittens we started the year with (Barney, Bitsy, and Baby Beans), we’ve had 32 cats and kittens this year:

Bitsy, Barney, and Baby Beans
Kennebec & Mercury
Batman & Robin
Catherine (Kate) and Leia, Buttercup, Charming, Aslan & Jareth
Khaleesi and Ember, Ruth, Puff, Norbert & Scorch
Arya, Hodor, Brandon & Jon Snow (the Starks)
Livia and Paulie Walnuts, Tony, Adriana, Carmela, Meadow, Silvio & Dr. Melfi.

In 2012 we had a total of 30, and in 2011 we had a total of 26. Given that the year isn’t up yet (I can easily see getting at least one more litter before 2013 ends), it looks like this will be our biggest year yet! Of course, the total might go down in 2014, since we only have the one foster room now.

We have had a total of 226 kittens since we first started fostering in 2005. Imagine what the number would be if we hadn’t taken a year off from fostering after we adopted Tommy and Sugarbutt!


All those kitten coffee pictures were cracking me UP! They seem to love lounging around in there. I’m sure you have mentioned this before, but where did you get the big cup? I think it was from Amazon, but I’m not sure.

It was actually at a discount store called Old Time Pottery (I always want to call it “Olde Tyme Pottery.”) It’s meant to be a planter, but I always look at everything with a “would the kittens like this?” eye.


They’re all so cute, but I do want to run my finger down the “seam” on Paulie Walnuts’ tummy.

That’s the zipper to his cat suit. There’s really a monkey in there!


I’ve tried to get a good look at the back of Meadow and her unusual markings. Is there an “X?” Could you try to get a picture? I know that’s not easy!

Here are a couple of shots. Not the best, but I think it gives you an idea of what’s going on on her back.

Easier question: Watching Adriana play with that toy, her paws looked huge and I wondered if you’ve ever had any kittens/cats with “thumbs?” I think they are called polydactyls?

I haven’t yet had a single polydactyl cat. Isn’t that weird? Wouldn’t you think I’d have had ONE by now?


Robyn-have any of your ‘kneaders’ ever gotten frisky when kneading? My youngest likes to knead on soft blankets and stuffed animals. A friend pointed out his jerky behaviour whilst kneading and we realized he was aroused. It really grossed me out.

I have not had (that I’m aware of!) any amorous kneaders – but I don’t think it’s unusual. I’m hoping someone out there will say that it’s normal. Next time he starts kneading, you should send him to his room for a little private time. (Kidding!)

Also-have any of your cats ever suffered feline acne? It’s at the black head stage-not tons of it, maybe one or 2 at a time but I can’t seem to get it to stop. I use glass bowls and give them a fresh, clean bowl every meal (they are on a wet food diet) He’s also an indoor cat, and his brother doesn’t have any acne. It’s frustrating trying to figure it out.

Spanky used to have the occasional bout of acne (maybe a couple of times a year) despite the fact that we’ve used ceramic dishes for years. What worked for us was Calendula extract. We’d put 6 drops of Calendula (like this; you can probably find it at any health food store) in 1/4 c. of warm water, and then wet a piece of gauze, and scrub the area under his chin with it. It would clear it up pretty quickly.


Just came across this litterbox suggestion and thought I’d pass it on just in case it actually works.

That idea rang a faint bell in my memory, so I went and looked – they actually have litter made with green tea! (It’s very expensive, though.) Someone needs to try adding dry tea leaves to their litter box and report back on whether or not it’s effective.


EverClean litter is advertised with charcoal in it. How is it for clumping/dustiness, if anyone has tried it, that is? I had wondered if cats would get gray feet from adding it to the litter, and you answered that one today.

I believe that, at one point, I tried the EverClean, but I don’t remember a thing about it. Who out there has given it a try? Please report in!


And a tale of caution, since there was a note about kittens getting stuck…a friend of mine used to hang her bras to dry on the knob of the bathroom door. One of her cats got playing with them and hooked a strap around her neck, and if my friend hadn’t found her, she might have died. As it was, she very nearly hung herself. (shudder) I’ve since stopped hanging my bras to dry anywhere that the cats can get at them.

You know – it’s kind of amazing that so many kittens make it to adulthood, isn’t it? They seem determined to do serious damage to themselves. (And thanks for the caution – I never would have thought of that – but I also don’t hang my bras to dry where the cats can get hold of them, because I worried that they’d pull them down and drag them around the house. You KNOW that’s something that would happen in this house!)


Got a question: I went to a rescue in June to get a friend for my other cat because my old man (he was 17) died. I ended up getting picked by this adorable snowshoe siamese, who is adorable and brilliant. However, he has this one annoying habit that I’m trying to break, and I’m not even sure what to do (and it’s not like I’m a first time cat owner or anything). So basically, he’s a sucker. He gets into this zen like state where he kneads and then has to start sucking on me. He won’t do it to a blanket or bed, he’ll only do it to clothes that I’m wearing. And if I don’t make him stop, he’ll do it for like a half hour. I keep trying to push him away, but he won’t take the hint (sometimes I just have to get up and walk around the house to get him to lose interest). He was ~10 weeks when I got him, and he seems to not decreasing in this behavior. I’ve tried to focus his attention elsewhere, I’ve tried scruffing and moving him, I’ve tried blowing in his face and dousing his head w/ water (which he loves….weirdo). It’s almost like I can’t actually get his attention when he’s in this state. Any ideas? (Vet gave me a ‘be persistent’, which worked for teaching him names of his toys/sister, but not working for this.)

I didn’t have any suggestions for this, but Random Felines and Patrice had great comments (you can see them here). If anyone else has suggestions, please feel free to chime in!


Have you seen this? I thought of it when I saw Alice with the ham.


YouTube link.

I have seen that a couple of times before, but I still sat here and watched the whole thing. She is SO FUNNY!


Must.. share…

(Originally posted at I Can Haz Cheezburger.)

Absolutely ADORABLE!!!!


I must admit that I still have trouble to tell apart the tabbies. Any hints? And one of them (Tony?) has white stomach, Carmela seems to have spots and I think somebody has stripes almost throughout – but who?

Okay, I’m sorry that these pictures aren’t the best (they weren’t up for cooperating), but here’s a quick side-by-side comparison of the four tabbies, and then I’ll tell you how I tell them apart. (Click on the picture to see the larger version over at Flickr.)

Carmela only has a little bit of white on her, around her mouth. The fur on her belly is a cream color, and the rest of her is a light brown or a caramel color. She has no white on her paws at all. She’s got a few distinctive stripes – such as that dark stripe that makes it look like she’s wearing a necklace – but most of her stripes are more subtle. Her brown is much lighter than the other three.

Melfi has no white “touching” her eyes or nose. She’s got a lot less white on her than Silvio and Tony – three of her four legs, she only has white “gloves.” Her back right leg is white almost all the way to her body. She also (you can’t really see it in this picture) has a thin “mustache.” Also, her whisker pads are a caramel color.

Silvio has a white “swoop” of fur touching the left side of his nose. You can’t see it in this picture, but the white goes all the way around his neck, giving him a white “necklace.” The white on three of his legs goes higher than the white on Melfi’s legs, so that it looks like he’s wearing long formal white gloves.

Tony has white whiskers pads. He has bigger, rounder eyes than the other three. The brown tabby fur “touches” at the top of his chest, and then he has a somewhat diamond-shaped blotch of white fur. His brown tabby fur starts again at his midsection and he has stripes and spots on his belly. He has short “gloves” on all four paws, and on his front paws the “gloves” cover his “thumbs.”

You know, it’s funny – when I first got Livia and the kittens, I thought (as I often do) “There is NO WAY I’m ever going to be able to tell these kittens apart!”, but now I have no problem. I very occasionally mix up Melfi and Silvio (I look for the white “swoop” on Silvio’s face), but that’s pretty rare these days.


Three of the four tabbies (and Paulie Walnuts over there to the far left, peeking in.) That’s Tony on the floor, Carmela with her paw on Tony, and Melfi next to her, looking grumpy. I couldn’t get Silvio to stay put. ONE day perhaps I’ll get all four tabbies in one picture.

Melfi on the Ham-Mick.

Paulie Walnuts peeking out from under the Ham-Mick. They love to get so that there’s one (or more) kittens on top of the Ham-Mick and one underneath, and then they fight through the fabric.

“Hi! We fightin’! You go ‘way now!”

Bath time for Livia (before she went for her spay – I’ll be leaving here in a little while to go pick her up.)

Paulie Walnuts showing off his perfectly pink toe pads.

“Halp! Save me!”

Melfi checks to see if she likes lobster.

::thlurrp:: says Tony.

Tony heard you wanted to see what his belly looks like. Come a little closer so he can show you what his CLAWS look like.


Beautiful Corbs, Corbs, Corbs of the jungle.


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  1. Believe it or not, I’ve actually heard the “unnatural” argument when it has to do with spay/neuter… recently. Our rescue had denied an adoption because the adopter planned to declaw. The rejected couple wrote a long, scathing letter arguing that the rescue had no right to make decisions for a kitten that would be theirs after the adoption, it was none of our business, and (wait for it) we were hypocrites because spaying/neutering was just as unnatural as declawing and we had already done that to the poor kitten. People are, um, not too bright sometimes.

    Thanks for the manual on telling the tabbies apart. I had already figured out the girls, but could never tell how you knew it was Silvio or Tony. Thought you might be making it up here and there. We’d never know otherwise, either.

    • oh my…..sometimes people make me wonder. I have gotten a few applications for our rescue with people who will neuter the cat but not the dog. I had one guy say “it is a little dog that doens’t go out except to pee”. I gave him the number to our local clinic. sigh…..

  2. Ah, the frisky kneading! Kismet, the dearly departed cat love of my life, was a blanket humper. He’d start by kneading and it would just kind of turn into that, and after he would never want to look me in the face. I’m not even kidding. Anyway, so to whoever asked that, don’t worry – it’s totally normal. I asked my vet about it when Kismet first started doing it and she said some cats just retain the urge. Harmless!

    • Our cat humps blankets, too, purring and kneading the whole while. Afterward, I swear he’d ask for a cigarette, if he could talk.

      • I have two neutered male cats, both do the unproductive humping routine. One does it while sitting on me and kneading my arm while I’m watching television (and he gets VERY impatient if I don’t sit down to watch TV at what he considers the proper time so that he can get his groove on), and the other drags a strip of fake fur that used to be attached to a fishing-pole toy around the house, yodeling his intentions, until he stops in place, does what Robyn calls “the march to nowhere” while suggestively thrusting his hips at nothing. Then he spits out the fur snake and looks around like he’s just remembered where he is.

        My vet says it’s a common and therefore normal behavior. He said he has a (neutered male) cat that will drag one of those big armed pillows you sit on the floor against (that’s not a very good description, hopefully it makes sense) down the stairs from his daughter’s bedroom and will “have his way with it” in the living room in front of everyone.

  3. Dry nursing- Some cats just do it. I’ve had two cats in my life that have done it. One was rather particular about which piece of clothing he liked to ‘nurse’ on, the other cat didn’t really care. But they would both do it as a way to self sooth and relax. From what I understand most cats grow out of it, though some don’t. Of my two, one grew out of it and one didn’t. If it really bothers you, because it could damage some clothing, have a blanket around you don’t mind putting over you when they start to dry nurse and direct the sucking to that.

  4. I have a polydactyl right now. 🙂 Her thumbs are adorable. And yes, I have been known to go through the foster list and wonder if there is a variation I haven’t had. So far, I think blind and nekkid might be the only one – I have had every color, a siamese, deaf, bobtail, and a couple of polydactyl. LOL

    • Oh, I haven’t had a deaf cat, either! Haven’t had a hairless or blind one. I feel like my dance card is not nearly complete. 🙂

  5. I think I posted on here before that my late Baal had a stuffed toy we called “Humpy Bunny” for obvious reason! 🙂

  6. When we took Barney into the vet to be checked over when we got him, the vet actually advised us to leave getting him ‘done’ for as long as we could. He’s an indoor cat and as Maia had her op, there was no danger.

    Our vet doesn’t like to spay/neuter until they are at least 6 months old (!). He is a large cat (think baby panther) and so was of weight and ‘fully formed’ early on but they wouldn’t do it until 6 months.

    As soon as he hit 6 months he got snipped. It made little to no difference in his temperament (sorry Maia!) and there’s no risk if he goes wandering of him being a daddy or stinking up someone’s house!

  7. My Lola used to get acne on her chin although I too used no plastic bowls, etc. I found the best treatment was a gentle scrubbing with Stridex acne pads. There is a “sensitive skin” variety that is alcohol free, and has aloe.

    • I didn’t even consider the Stridex pads – though I certainly used the heck out of them for myself years and years ago! 🙂

    • YES. Oh, I would be some kind of ticked off if that happened to me. Because it would NEVER occur to me that it would be anything other than a cat at fault!

  8. “I’d already taken the teeth away from the kittens before I saw this comment, because I sat on a set of them (the teeth; not the kittens), and it actually hurt a LOT.”

    To be fair, it would probably end up hurting just as much if you sat on a kitten, what with the piercing claws and inevitable biting that would ensue. Moral of the story? Don’t sit on fake teeth. Or kittens.

  9. My current foster cats (anyone want a lovely brown tabby or two? Anyone?) are from a hoarding situation, and were both intact when I took them in. Boycat was about a year and a half old and had been engaging in much impregnating and tomcattery. He was the stinkiest cat I have ever met in my life, and I’ve neutered several colonies of ferals over the years. I’ve had male fosters who had faces like orangutans and stud tails so prominent I thought they had been scraped raw, and they had NOTHING on him for sheer male stink. I had to have the windows open and had scented candles burning all over the house until his hormones subsided. I washed all the bedding and curtains in the room as well once he’d stopped behaving like a teenage male who just discovered body spray (actually, that’s both apt and kinda gross, as comparisons go). I cannot imagine how anyone lives with intact males. Eugh.

    On the humping aspect of cats really liking a good kneading… eh. They’re cats. It’s not like they’re going to be struck blind by god for the sin of self-polluting, or looking up kitty porn on the internet. Or getting your stuffed animals pregnant. Or they ought to be saving it for marriage. It’s a cheap amusement for them, and less damaging to the household than trying to scale the draperies. It won’t make them fat or sick or cost you any money either. Besides, it’s not like you’re going to be able to get them to stop (“I would like you to watch this film on moral purity!”), and with a lot of things cats do that we wish they wouldn’t, it’s often easier to just learn to tolerate it than to train the cat not to do it.

    • “Watch this film on moral purity!” Bwaaa haa haa haa. Your post made me snort with laughter.

      I do, occasionally (OK always), talk to my cats like they’re human. When they go outside and look like they’re going to cross the street, I pick them up and talk to them quite sternly about how that is unacceptable behavior. Then I put them in time out while they think about how crossing the street would make me feel. I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I’m nuts, but since they are all super sweet to my cats I don’t mind.

      FYI – I found both my cats abandoned at local campsites and I can’t keep them inside 24/7. They hate it and they’re wily.

    • I love this comment so very much. Maybe when they start humping whatever object they’ve targeted, the best thing to do would be to send them to their room with a copy of Cat Fancy for a little private time.

      (Also, it sounds like your Boycat needed a little Axe Body Spray!)

  10. When I brought Cocoa in my home, he was about 9 months old and for the first 6 months or so he sucked on his back foot. I was told back then that this might mean he was separated from his mom too early.

    Regarding the “frisky kneader”, one of my girls has done that. I have an otter stuffed animal and when I first got it Sammy would climb on top of it and knead on it and her back would be arched and she’d be purring like crazy. Then she’d kind of roll off and look, um, satisfied. I asked her one time did she need a cigarette now. I put the otter up to stop the molesting. She still does it from time to time on a scrunched up blanket. Scully will sometimes jump up on the bed and hiss and knead. She’s not hissing aggressively. I have no idea why she does it or what it means!

  11. As a veterinary student i see a lot of “non-believers” in neutering. Nearly all of them men and mostly about their dogs. Maybe it’s like the car thing, men see their dog as an extension of themselves and want them to be “manly”.
    Some say things like “the poor animal! I woudn’t want that done to me so i won’t do it to him!”. I’m all for caring about your pets but sometimes people humanize them too much

  12. I’ve only got one major kneader in the house, and she’s female. (Do female cats do ‘frisky kneading?) She just sits there, staring off into space, just marching away. A couple of our other cats knead a bit, but it’s usually just a couple times, then they settle down. Once, though, I had Sugar on my lap (she’s the kneader, but she was just sleeping), her brother Loki (real, biological brother, not ‘crazy cat-lady ‘you’re all siblings, though you’re not related’) came over, looking like he’d just woken up, jumped onto my lap, and assumed the position for mating! In my lap! With his sister! After he’d gotten fixed! He’d gotten a couple pumps in before I realized what he was doing, and I yelled in disgust and they both scattered! I don’t think he’d actually done anything to his sister, but eww! (And I realize he doesn’t care it was his sister, cats will mat with whatever female is around, but, still!)

    • yes, female cats do the frisky kneading…I’d thought it was only males as the cat we had growing up did that. Then our late tortie would occasionally find just the right blanket and get carried away. Other times, she’d knead with all fours somehow when she was on my lap, she only had claws on her back feet and she’d dig in with them while kneading just normally, prior to curling up. She was a rescue and was declawed before we got her from the shelter.
      Not related to that question, but the vet we had with the same cat growing up thought fixing the males any time before one year would cause urinary tract issues. We had to pill ol’ Joe daily because he would have crystals or gravel in his urine (discovered quite by accident when we caught him peeing in a beanbag chair…gross!!)Can’t remember how old he was when we got him neutered. He did live to be 19 though.

  13. I don’t know if it’s “normal” but my first cat Steve liked to do what I called “X-rated kneading”. He was particularly fond of afghans. Boy would get in there and go to town if you didn’t stop him, humping and sporting a full-on little carrot too. It was exceptionally disturbing.

    He lived to be 18, however, and was in pretty good health. And humping of afghans aside, he was just the sweetest cat that ever lived.

    I just had to make sure that visitors didn’t pull afghans out of the closet to sleep under in the guest bedroom…

    • X-rated kneading! I love it!

      “Cat sure is weird,” your guests would say to each other. “She just will NOT let us use her afghans. Are we overstaying our welcome?”


  14. No hanging bras for me where the cats can get to them! I do all my laundry stuff in the utility room, which the cats are strictly forbidden from (not that they haven’t tried!) Also, I use Bra Babies for my bras, which means that I can actually machine wash them without harm. Look them up – they’re terribly useful.

  15. For the first few months (well, more like 6), my Percy had those sorts of ‘urges’. He seems to have mostly gotten over that, so I wonder if he just hadn’t had all the hormones ‘wear off’ yet after his neutering. He wasn’t stinky when I got him either, thankfully.

    One of my girls does the kneading and sucking/licking thing. She’s 15 now and I’ve never been able to get her out of the habit. Neither of the other two do it.

  16. Everclean litter: We’re using it right now. It’s not super dusty, but there is a little dust; clumps tightly; and what I love best–it’s unscented. It seems to stay really clean, and in fact, I went an extra week before I dumped and washed the litter box. That’s probably not something I should do on a regular basis, though.

  17. I’ve had both male and female cats do the “No, I REEEALLY love you” kneading (especially on a cushy human stomach). Totally normal, totally gross!

  18. Up until a few months ago, I was a huge fan of Everclean. While it was too pricey to use in every box in the house, I used it in the litterbox that I keep in the master bath: that box is the exclusive domain of my most fussy cat who hates change of any sort plus gets really bent out of shape and revenge-pees if her litterbox shows any hint that another cat has dared to use it (and of course, they all dare because they are cats and that’s what they do for a living).

    Anyhow, Everclean had no odor at all and lasted a really long time: with daily scooping I never had to change out the entire box, just top it off when it got low: I could even dump the used/scooped litter into a bag, sterilize the pan and dump the used litter back in and it would keep on working. It didn’t even have that dusty dirt smell that most unscented cat litters have right out of the bag so I didn’t have any of those “Come awake unexpectedly at 3 am and for some reason start obsessing that I can smell the litterbox from the bed” moments either. Super tight clumps too.

    Anyhow, all was well, I grumbled at the price but paid it anyhow until…something changed: the last 3-4 boxes I bought, same stuff as always (Extra Strength Unscented) and suddenly the box started to holding onto the smell even after scooping. So I made sure to thoroughly sterilize the box and start with all new litter, that didn’t help make it last as long as it used to. I bought a brand new litterbox, that didn’t help. I upped scooping to 2x/day and then to 3x/day and that didn’t help either: the litter that used to last forever until it got bound up into a ball started to get that ‘old litter reek’ at the end of the 2nd week, just like the much cheaper stuff I was using in all the other boxes in the house. So I tried their Multiple Cat kind and had the same problem, threw up my hands and figured if Everclean was going to work just like the giant bags of litter I buy for cheap at Costco, I need not pay 4x as much plus make a special trip out to the bigbox pet store just to buy it.

    The extra wrinkle in my tale of litter woe is FussyCatWhoHatesChange flatly refused to use the litter I was using in every other box in the house and it took some experimenting before she accepted Target’s Boots & Barkely unscented with some activated aquarium charcoal stirred in. I got the charcoal idea right here from your blog. That cat, shesh.

    • Forgot to add: Everclean=Award-winning clumps, moderate dust, no dirty charcoal feet. B&B+aquarium charcoal=very good to great clumps, very little dust (to my great surprise it’s the least dusty clay litter I’ve ever encountered), stains my white cat’s feet gray but she doesn’t leave charcoal footprints on the white coverlet nearby. This might be because I’m using aquarium-quality charcoal, which tends to come pre-rinsed, rather than charcoal intended for cat litter boxes.

      • Oh, get thee behind me, Janet. You’re making me want to try the B&B litter, and I just bought 400 pounds of Precious Cat!!!

        I firmly believe that companies randomly change up litter formulations just to mess with us. I was pretty happy with Fresh Step for so long, and then WHAM!, the dust was killing me and I had to try something different. Whyyyyyyy do they do that?!

        • Don’t be too sad-I feel like Boots & Barkley changed their formula and it became super dusty in the last year. Could be regional-might be fine down south. (Purring Norbie in my arms says hi!)
          And my Riley tries to have relations with my leg every once in a while-I just have to push him off until he is just molesting the blanket. weirdo.

        • Oh man, I had that same experience with Fresh Step too! The worst for dust, IMO, is ScoopAway: I have to go change my clothing after I pour in that litter because I can smell the perfumey dust embedded in my shirt for the rest of the day if I don’t (unfortunately that’s the brand my local Costcos carry too).

          My litter hilarity this week: I bought some Dr E’s Cat Attract (not the litter, the shaker jar of the stuff that looks like you could use it to spice up the spaghetti sauce) for little Miss P*ssbottom’s glitter box and it worked great! So great that the other three cats decided to all use Miss P’s box too and dear lord was that a giant backfire. Miss P is still getting over that snit.

          • Ha – I can just imagine all the cats saying “This is the BEST LITTER BOX EVER!” and Miss P with fume marks coming off the top of her head. 🙂