Tom Cullen and Sugarbutt are now out of the kitten room all the time. It’s working… okay, I suppose, except that at some point in the middle of the night, they like to get up on the bed and play, and keep me awake with the cuteness. And one night, I woke up while Tom Cullen was climbing on my head, and I snoozed for about ten minutes with him draped across my head, but he was purring so loudly it was making my brain rattle, and so I moved him so he was draped across my hip, which ticked him off and made him stomp off and look for a better place to sleep.

The next step is to take the litter box out of the kitten room – which I did this morning – because they both know exactly where the other litter box is, and I’ve seen them both use it. I think that the litter box in the kitten room is getting more use from the older cats rather than the kittens, and if I’m going to clean out the litter box twice a day, I’d rather only do one instead of two.

My brother emailed me and told me that I should get a Litter Robot, because he had tried the Litter Maid, but it would jam up because one of his cats was peeing so much, but he got the Litter Robot and it seems to be working well for him. I went and checked out the page and read the FAQ, and when I saw that kittens under 5 pounds won’t set off the sensor, I got a mental image of Tom Cullen stepping into the Litter Robot and getting tossed around and it made me laugh.

I don’t think we’ll get a Litter Robot just yet, for the single reason that Spot and Spanky are so skittish that they’d probably start peeing in the closet and I’d have to kill them both. Plus, it’s kind of expensive. I guess when I get to the point where I’m sick to death of cleaning out the litter box, I’ll start harassing Fred to let me get one. Surprisingly enough, I’m not sick to death of cleaning out the litter box. YET.

I cleaned out the pie plate and filled it with fresh water (it was getting nasty, with all the food and dead ants floating around in the water), and Sugarbutt decided he was more interested in the water than the food.

Craaaazy eyes! (That bubble wrap? BEST TOY EVER.)

“Please, sir, may I have another?”

Brudderly love.

“The paper comes out here…”

“But where does it COME FROM?”

Tiny tongue.

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