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Does Grandma Poo have cataracts?

No, her eyes look like that because when she was little she had fur growing on the inside of her eyelid, and it was growing inward and scraping her eyes. They ultimately cauterized the part where the fur was growing inward, but the damage had been done. (She can still see okay, though.)


When do the Grocers get to meet Uncles Jake, Tommy and Dennis?!!

I’ve been letting them out to roam the downstairs for a few minutes at a time (and only a couple of kittens at a time), I’m thinking that maybe this weekend we’ll let them have more time.
Dennis actually demanded to go upstairs the other night while we were watching TV, so we let him go. I looked on the camera later, and basically he walked around their room, ate their food, and hung out in their condo, and they followed him around and stared in amazement.


Please may we have video of the next time Dennis visits the kits? Those sort of encounters are so much fun!

This isn’t the greatest video – I pulled it off the Dropcam video – but you get the idea. It’s from Wednesday night (we were watching TV and Himself wished to go a-visitin’). Also, I sped it up to double speed because no one has time for a 2-minute video. YOU KNOW IT’S TRUUUUUUE.

YouTube link.


I love how Ralph’s not judging Von for losing a fight with a somewhat inanimate object.

Not judging at all.

YouTube link.

He knows she’s nuts.


I’m starting to have trouble distinguishing between Corbie & Dennis. Can you do a side-by-side comparison so I can see the differences & learn to tell them apart? I want to say Corbie has more coppery tones/highlights in his fur but I’m not sure if that depends on lighting.

Here we go – it’s not the best comparison set (I’ll try to get a better couple of pictures in the future), but this will do for now.

Corbie left, Dennis right.

It also doesn’t help that Corbie’s picture was taken outside while Dennis is inside. But you can see the difference – Corbie’s got much longer whiskers, and he’s got that wonderful caramel-copper color. Dennis is much darker, and his stripes are more defined. They both have gorrrrrrrgeous eyes, but they’re different shades of green.

I always think that Dennis looks very much like Corbie’s brother, Rhyme. Here’s a picture of Rhyme, for comparison.


Oh – and forgot to mention how absolutely handsome Angelo’s picture is too – LOVED that boy & will enjoy his month as well!! Have you heard any updates on him?

Susan told me that she talked to Angelo’s mom one day last week (I think). They’d been worried about him because he wasn’t eating at first, but he did start eating. He’s still timid, but she told Susan that he is definitely in his forever home now.

I was so worried about Angelo and Orlando both, so to see them in great homes is THE BEST!


I’m wondering if you or any of your readers know anything about probiotics for kitties? Do they exist? The reason I ask is my girl just finished a round of antibiotics for a bladder infection and I know with humans probiotics are good, especially after antibiotics…wondering if this is the case with kitties too? I want her to be as healthy as possible.

Probiotics for kitties do indeed exist. Vets like to recommend Forti-Flora – it appears to be the default recommendation – but I’ve never had much luck with Forti-Flora helping with diarrhea in kittens (which is always my main interest when it comes to probiotics).

(On the Forti-Flora note, I can say that whatever they treat it with is like crack to some cats and kittens. Sugarbutt will lick that stuff directly off a plate and I don’t think I’ve ever had a kitten who disliked it.)

Forti-Flora aside, there are tons of probiotics out there for cats. But the good thing is that you don’t have to buy a specialized probiotic for cats – the ones made for humans will work, too (and might be cheaper). With this litter of kittens, I started using Nexabiotic after reading about it somewhere (I’m going to guess I read about it in the The Cat Site forum), and it really did help. I split one capsule among the six kittens, sprinkle it on their morning and evening “snack” of canned food, and they eat it just fine. (With a fully grown cat, I’d probably go with 1/2 capsule in the morning and 1/2 in the evening.)

However, you don’t have to use the Nexabiotic, that’s just what I prefer to use. Look around at your local health food store and see what they have. I’ve read/heard that supplements that include Acidophilus are good.

I am – obviously – far from an expert when it comes to this stuff, so if y’all have anything to add, I would love to hear it!


hahaha watch this kitty!

YouTube link.

That must’ve been SOME bird!


Do you get trick or treaters? Do the cats ignore them or run and hide?

We’ve never had a single trick or treater. We live on a fairly busy road without sidewalks, so it’s not really very inviting to kids.

Also, we have what looks like a dog house on our front porch (it’s Maxi’s house), so I imagine that keeps some people away.

If we did get trick or treaters, I can guarantee the cats would be in hiding for the entire evening. They don’t take too kindly to strangers. 🙂


Little Catelyn is so precious !!! Other than being a lap cat and floofy, what is her personality like. Is she a talker?

She is more of a complainer – she’s quiet unless something doesn’t meet her requirements, and then she tells you ALLL about it. She particularly dislikes having the humans on the opposite side of the screen door, and when Fred comes downstairs for breakfast or lunch, she’ll sit on the bottom step and howl sadly for a few minutes before she goes back upstairs. She just likes to register her displeasure, I guess.

She is very very friendly and loves people. She adores a good snuggle, and prefers it to be with a person rather than another kitten. She will occasionally deign to snuggle up in a pile of kittens if no humans are available, but she seems to consider the other kittens to be more for play than for love.

She is a super playful girl, and loves the laser light and will jump up after the feather teaser with some fairly impressive height. She particularly likes to carry and bat around sparkle balls, but she’ll run after any toy you throw for her. She’s going to be a great addition to someone’s family, that’s for sure!


In the “Orlando Hangs” pic, there is another of your fantastic photos on canvas hanging to the left of the door. I believe ’tis Suggie and, again, similar to the grand Poo shot, the perspective is great.

Can we get a full view of it in a future post at some point? And perhaps any others you happen to have hanging around? (I’m very tempted now to look through all my own cat pictures and see if anything is worthy of putting on canvas since I enjoy yours so much.)

(Click on any of these pictures to see the original picture over at Flickr.)

That’s actually Newt. It’s one of my favorite pictures, and I knew as soon as I took it that it was going to end up on the wall somewhere. I took it back in August of 2008, when he was less round than he is these days!

Hanging over my bed. I got that sunrise in Myrtle Beach back in 2012. I lurve it.

Miz Poo, in the back yard of our previous house. This one’s hanging upstairs in the hall.

Tubby. This one’s hanging in Fred’s bedroom. Like the canvas of Miz Poo, it was bigger than I realized it was going to be!

Hydrangea. I took this one back in 2012 and really like it a lot.

There are a bunch of pictures I plan to have printed on canvas, but am waiting ’til I get the hall painted (which it desperately needs) before I hang anything there.


Did Von’s nose spot disappear???

It certainly appears that way! After I told y’all that it was a freckle, for it to have up and disappeared is just RUDE.


Oh look at YOU, Mister Innocent. Like you weren’t just holding down Von and making her scream.

Awww, a sweet sibling embrace between Trader Joe and Winn Dixie. Uh huh. Super sweet. No one trying to kill anyone here, nope. Move along.

“Who, ME?”

So serious, so sweet.

Winn Dixie loves to hang out in the pagoda.

Seriously, that face. Can you even?


You KNOW she was chattering at the feather teaser.

Still chattering.

SERIOUS chattering.

The ear floof in this picture is just OUTTA CONTROL.

Girls bonding over (well, UNDER) the feather teaser.

Want to see another video of Catelyn chattering? You know you do! Someone else gets kinda chattery at the end, too.

YouTube link.


Tommy’s got his nanner.

And BOY is it tasty (I think you’re out of luck, Alice Mo. Tommy don’t share his nanner with ANYONE.)


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11-7-14 — 17 Comments

  1. PW sure is the brave one with Dennis. 🙂
    Von in the video…lordy, I wanted to snatch her up, huff her, and smooch on her belleh! I think I would be in pure bliss to be at your house for just 30 mins.
    Catelyn…chattering…cutest sound ever!!! I would take her in a heart beat!!! (I would take them ALLLLLLL) The fact that I cannot actually reach through the computer screen and squeeze them just ticks me off! Ha!!!

  2. I would love to see a First Contact video, where a permanent resident goes visiting, and the kittens put on floof suits.

  3. The Honest Kitchen makes a goat milk powder suppliment that also has probiotic stuff in it as well (sorry – my brain is off for the weekend).

    So the score is track ball: 1, Von: 0 snicker….. love that Dennis wanders in and the boys seem to be all “what the….who the….??”

  4. Haha, seeing Tommy nommin’ on his nanner is hilarious! Better luck next time, Alice Mo!

    Trader Joe and Winn Dixie trying to hug-bite each other is so funny. I always wonder how kittens can put up with their siblings’ play biting. Those teefs is sharp! Not to mention things like getting bunny-kicked in the noggin with more sharp appendages.

  5. You know, I think I could watch Crooked Acres kitten videos all day!!
    Thanks, it was fun to watch Dennis’ visit and the chattering today. Ellie chatters at me sometimes when I am in the kitchen, always wonder what she sees me as–a big bird, or someone she wants to come and play with her! (probably don’t really want to know..)

  6. that chattering! OMG, that has got to be the cutest thing I ever heard! Does she meow at all, or just chatter? This group is too cute!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures you put on canvas! I’m definitely going to get something done now… I really like the way they turn out!

    Side-by-side there are definite differences between Corbs & Denny… now I can test myself in future pictures to see if I can identify them correctly!

  8. Many years ago we had a Siamese that chattered. His favorite targets were flies and birds. I’ve never had a chatterer since and miss that so much!

    • My Josh was a chatterer and mainly chattered when he watched you throw darts (soft-tipped of course).

    • One of my girls, Anna, part Siamese chatters, but her littermate sis, Bella, doesn’t chatter at all. Interesting.

  9. I know that there are quite a few sites/places which do the printing on canvas. Do you have one that you have had good luck with and recommend?

  10. The chattering is so cute! Barney makes that noise whenever we tell him off – he answers back!

  11. One of the more medically inclined members of our foster group recommends BeneBac to us for probiotics and it occasionally sells for a good price on Amazon. It tends to have fairly short expiration dates if you buy it there so plan to use it up!

  12. ((Squishes all the kitties)) in ded-from-kewt hug

    Forti flora is annoying expensive but it did seem to help our cats. But the only reason I continue to buy it is the Added Crack. I think it is “animal digest” or so says the Feline CRF page.
    I have a cat who HATES being pilled but also ignored Pill Pockets. I have found that coating them in FortiFlora turns them into the. Best. Treats. Ever. I also break them into halves or quarters depending on pill size, as she tended to lose the pill in full size pockets.
    So now medicine time is delightful!