11-9-17 Thursday

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Tuesday, for the first time in literally months (I think it had been since mid-August), I checked the PO Box. And I had packages waiting for me! There were first and second notices on all the packages, along with a warning that they were going to return them if I hadn’t claimed them by a certain date (September 15th, on one of them). I took the slips to the counter and the postal worker went back to check and came back out with all the packages, saying “These should have been sent back, but we’re behind.”

Lucky for me!

Two of the packages were knitted hats for the cats – one from Lori, one from Shakti. One package contained a NASA bear and patches and a journal from Tresa.

(Shakti & Tresa, I emailed to thank you – I hope you received those emails! And I’m sorry it took me so long to remember that I HAVE a PO Box and to check it!)

It was a dark and dreary day yesterday, so the picture I took aren’t the greatest. Hopefully today or tomorrow will be sunny and I can get some good pictures of behatted and patched kittens before they leave me.

“RAWR.” (He’s a dinosaur, FYI. I should have gotten a picture from the side.)

The face Telstar is giving Fred is cracking me UP.

“I am stylin’!”

I should have floofed up that puff on top of the hat. Also, Mercury’s annoyance in this picture is aimed at Hubble, who ran over and kept smacking at the hat ties.

(“Mercury’s Annoyance” would be an excellent band name. Or autobiography.)

“Lady. Seriously. I preferred my tiara.”

“Hello, Captain Bear. You ready to undergo training?”

“Oh, stop complaining. If you can’t withstand a little nibbling, you don’t deserve to wear that patch!”

“Watching you, lady.”

Stardust, keeping an eye on things.

“Hallo, beautiful.”

Laundry helpers, asleep on the job. Wake up, boys! (Telstar & Hubble.)

Tomorrow, the prospective adopter comes to meet Stardust and Aurora, and afterward I’ll be taking Mercury and the boys to Petsmart. Is it just me, or did these kittens grow up at LIGHTNING speed?


Newt really occupies that shelf.


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11-9-17 Thursday — 11 Comments

  1. Gosh, I’m not a native English speaker, but upon seeing the last picture of Newt brought the word “girth” into mind. 😛 His Orange Majesty sure is a portly boy.

  2. I believe EVERY home should have a Newt Niche for their beloved ginger… or tuxie.. or tabby… I’m off to IKEA to peruse their latest selection of Niches…. Newt’s belly is just beggin’ to be rubbed! Is this a trap? Fingers crossed for the potential adopter! Where are the other’s hoomins??? Come on, y’all!!! Kitmas is coming! Let’s get Mercury and her missions home for the holidays!!!! Happy Friday eve, everyone!

  3. Newt would not find an empty shelf in my place. Of course, that means kitties can sleep among nice things …. Lucky for me, neither of them does!

    Going to miss all these babies and Mama Mercury.