11-9-16 Wednesday

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Charleston’s wearing his whiny pants today. ‘Cause he’s da BAYbee.

Something caught Charlotte’s attention, and she stayed like this for a good 20 seconds. What a little nut she is.

The LOOK she’s giving Raleigh cracks me up. She’s 100% over his nonsense.

Iva and the Face of Concentration.

Sweet Abby, up for a snuggle.

Plastic packing straps: best toys EVER.

Pretty Charleston. Confession: I keep wanting to call him Greg, and always have to stop and think about what his name actually is.

Raleigh, at the tail end of a complaint. Such a BAYbee.

::leap!:: goes Raleigh.


The closest I’ve gotten to a side-by-side picture of the possible sisters.


I took this picture of Stefan in the brief amount of time in October that the foster room was empty. Which reminds me that it’s about time to get the Fancy Sofa out of the closet for the Carolinas!


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11-9-16 Wednesday — 15 Comments

  1. L&H is a lifesaver in so many senses. Thanks for always giving us something to look forward to, Robyn!

  2. I was watching Too Cute Kittens last night since there was NOTHING else on. One of the little ones was named Noodles which I thought was adorable. It got me then to think about other naming themes. Pasta would be cute: Rigatoni, Ziti, Lasagna, and Wheels. Here are some other ideas-
    Candy: Snickers, Twizzler, Skittles
    Movement: Skitter, Scamper, Skedaddle, Trip and Bolt
    Scientist/Inventor/Genius: Einstein, Tesla, Schrodinger(ROFL!),Galileo, Copernicus, etc.

    • Love every one of these suggestions.
      Schrodinger is great which of course made me think of The Big Bang Theory. Have those names been used?

      • I’m pretty sure Big Bang names have been used – I know Susan is a big fan, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a Sheldon!

    • The pasta names have been used before, and so have (I think) the candy – but not the movement names! I’ll add them to the list. I have Mosey, Meander, Lollygag and Wander. I think Saunter belongs there, too. None of the Scientists/Inventors/Geniuses names have been used, so I’ll add those to the list, too.

  3. Yesterday I was thinking “all those pretty brown tabbies, I wonder which one Robyn will want to keep?” Now I know – Greg!

    You’re going to have to explain for me, why the name Greg?

    • I’m honestly not sure! I thought maybe he reminded me of Greg Brady, but they don’t really look alike (aside from both being brown tabbies). I’m thinking it might be the “gr” in green that makes me want to say “Greg”, because when I tell Fred something about them, I refer to them by collar name (or Charlotte is “gray” and Abby is “the new girl.”)

      • I called Flounder “Rose” this morning. I swear kittens pick out their own names and if you listen to them, you can hear them.

        I once named a kitten and then heard her say she wanted to be called Freya. I didn’t change her name, but guess what her new people called her..