11-10-16 Thursday

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I’m not sure what Chesnee’s staring at, but it’s certainly got her attention.

One of Charlotte’s favorite places to hang out.

Chesnee was hanging out in the scratcher bowl, minding her own business, when Iva came sliding out from behind the scratcher to grab her tail. These kittens spend a LOT of time swatting, grabbing, and biting each others’ tails.

Every day, Aberdeen has a new favorite toy that she zealously guards from the other kittens.

Chesnee, fangin’ it.

Iva, taking a brief moment of rest before eating her daily allowance of cardboard.

Abby’s got quite the snazzy goatee.

“Just hangin’ out with the crazy-eyed octopus, lady. What YOU doin’?” wonders Charleston.

Melted Charlotte.

Abby’s just the SNUGGLIEST girl EVER.




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11-10-16 Thursday — 8 Comments

  1. I just want to snuggle Abby for as long as she feels like being snuggled. I could really use some time cuddling a lap kitten with a purrrrrr.

  2. In the “Chesnee, fangin’ it” picture, he looks like his collar is choking him. There must be some surprise fluff there.

  3. I feel like this is one of the nibbliest litters, someone’s always biting a sibling.

    Look at melted Charlotte, looks like someone’s studying her toes to see if they’re tasty.