11-11-16 Friday

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You’re going to have to explain for me, why the name Greg?

I’m honestly not sure why I keep trying to call Charleston Greg! I thought maybe he reminded me of Greg Brady, but they don’t really look alike (aside from both being brown tabbies – Greg had a lot of white in addition to his brown tabbiness). I’m thinking it might be the “gr” in green that makes me want to say “Greg”, because when I tell Fred something about them, I refer to them by collar color (or Charlotte is “gray” and Abby is “the new girl.”)


What kind of camera do you have? Your photos are always so clear. Mine are all blurry even though I’m using two hands.

Tuesday’s pictures were all taken with my phone – an iPhone 6sPlus. I usually use either a Sony Alpha SLT-A55v or (usually for close-ups) a Sony DSC-RX100M4.


Auggggh… that video of the Sopranos from 2013 is the cutest EVER!!

YouTube link

That video cracks me UP.


OMG – Jake from 2010….he’s a mutant – 6 legs and 2 tails!!!

I love that picture! I think Reacher was standing behind him.


I’ve never heard of silvervine. What is it? Does Chewy carry it?


Do you remember where you got the silverine pillow?

Some people refer to it as “Japanese catnip.” Some cats like it, some cats prefer catnip, some cats like both, and some cats like neither. It really depends on the cat. Chewy does appear to have a few silvervine toys, but I don’t have any of that kind (yet!), so I can’t say how popular they are with cats.

I got the silvervine pillows on eBay – the seller name is SillyLupie77, or search on silvervine p-lows (this link works now; it might not always). They’re in Malaysia, so it’ll take a while to get to you.


I had not heard of using activated charcoal before – any guidance or suggestions there as to brand / amount?


Me too on the activated charcoal — how much and how often per box?

I previously said that I use about 1/2 cup of the activated charcoal, but it’s probably more like 1 cup – I don’t actually measure, just eyeball it. I add it when I scrub and refill the boxes, and then add more after a couple of weeks if I feel it needs it. Warning: if your cat has white paws, the charcoal might make turn them slightly gray.


Where’d you find that awesome litter scoop? I’m always looking for metal scoops that are somewhat ergonomic (I do not like the really popular shovel-type one that is a best-seller on Amazon — murder on shoulder joints).

That is a KKat Innovations It’s the scoop litter scoop (Amazon link provided for reference, you can probably find it cheaper elsewhere). It’s my favorite, and I highly recommend it. Fred thinks it’s awesome too, and that’s not usually something he’d notice.

As a note: according to Amazon reviews, some people find the handle on this scoop difficult or painful to deal with. I don’t have an issue with it, but if I did I’d likely wrap duct tape around the handle.


“Lady, we gots to talk. Has anyone ever told you that you’re weird?”

Snuggly Charleston.

And Charleston, claiming the puzzle box as his own. I mean, he doesn’t want to PLAY with it, but it’s HIS.

“Hallo, lady. You gots a snuggle for me?”

Charlotte has certainly made that wall condo her own.

Sweet Abby, just purring and purring.


Lots of Charleston in today’s post, huh?

“::SIGH:: Lady, sit DOWN. I needs a snuggle!”

Iva, Charlotte and Raleigh, hangin’ out and plannin’ trouble. Or naps.

A shot of all six! I mean, not the greatest shot (Charlotte’s kind of blurry), but I’ll take what I can get.
From left: Iva, Aberdeen, Chesnee (in the scratcher bowl), Charleston, Raleigh and Charlotte.

Another shot – note Iva’s on the move.


Archie. He is SO pretty, but he looks SO mean (and he SO is not – unless your name is Stefan!)


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  1. I have a new group of foster babies, and I introduced them to semi-solid food yesterday. I have a question because it’s been a while since I had bottle babies, and I’ve never dealt with more than one at a time: will they eventually figure out that the food comes from the plate? I had to keep reintroducing them to it by rubbing the goop in their mouths, otherwise they just stood in it and cried! They are still getting regular bottles, but I thought it was time for food because they’re getting chewy and impatient with the bottles.

    And we won’t even talk about the mess. Fortunately, I’ve gotten efficient at bathing five kittens.

    The “Waah, I’m da BAYBEE!” face always makes me giggle. And Abby is SO pretty. I’m glad she found you.

    • Oh yeah, they’ll figure it out – just about the time you’ve decided they will NEVER EVER EVER figure it out, they will. 🙂 And yes, they are SUCH a mess while they’re learning!

  2. Oh, these babies…! I would be snuggling and snuggling them. Have they met Uncle Stefan yet? And has nap time with them started yet?

    Yes, kisses for Archie and his nemesis Stefan! (Although really? Stefan looks like a great big lovable teddy bear!)

    • They’ve only had a few brief meetings with Stefan. I’m hoping to get the screen door put up this weekend so that nap time training can start. Charleston isn’t feeling well today, so I want to make sure that he’s feeling better (and doesn’t have something transferable) before I set them free.

  3. That is a KKat Innovations It’s the scoop litter scoop …

    It popped into my head to try something like a silicone pot handle holder on the scoop handle if necessary (starting to get arthritis in my thumbs, bummer, so cushioning is a plus). We’ll see how it works.

    Thanks for the charcoal info, and the link!