11-8-16 Tuesday

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The SMILE on Abby’s face! And Iva looks so long-suffering, but trust me – she was purring like crazy. (Also love the photobomb from Happy Lamb.)

Iva would like a snuggle, if y’don’t mind.

All six kittens in my lap yesterday morning!

It’s a sleepy Raleigh pie.

Pretty, pretty Chesnee.

Four of the six. Abby was in my lap and Chesnee was behind me.

Raleigh’s all “Who, ME?”

Four little tabbies (and Charlotte behind them). Abby was still in my lap.

Charlotte shows off her zipper.

Chesnee’s such a little muffin.

Now that she’s not quite as bony as she was (she’s put on 1/4 pound since I got her), I’m more comfortable manhandling Abby. She loves to be held on her back like a baby. Although honestly, you could probably hang her up by her toes and she’d just dangle there and purr and purrrrrr.



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11-8-16 Tuesday — 14 Comments

  1. In the four tabbies photo, the baby in the middle has serious stinkface. A fart was had, maybe?

  2. I love every single one of today’s photos (and captions, of course), and it’s such a joy to see adorable Abby in the mix!

  3. awww… it melts my heart when a stray is saved and you can just tell how grateful and happy they are to be off the streets and in someone’s home being loved <3


  4. What kind of camera do you have? You’re photos are always so clear. Mine are all blurry even though I’m using two hands.

    • Today’s pictures were all taken with my phone – an iPhone 6sPlus. I usually use either a Sony SLT-A55v or (usually for close-ups) a Sony DSC-RX100M4.