11-8-17 Wednesday

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Word is that Phoenix is doing great! She’s met her new sister Amber (who y’all will remember as Ambercup, one of the Squash Bug bottle babies we had back in 2015) and new brother Truman. Truman was fine with the new addition, but Phoenix and Amber had words. Not bad for her first night home!

I did not pack her floof suit, but apparently she tossed it in the bag when I wasn’t watching.

Checking things out.

How cool is that cat door in the wall!

Nosy girl.

I love seeing her so curious and relaxed on her very first night home! Debra reported that Phoenix decided the human bed was hers, and slept curled up next to her humans pretty much all night her first night – AND last night, all the kitties were hanging out together. Awww!

(Thanks for the update, Debra!!)

PS: She will remain Phoenix. I think it suits her!


I think today’s post will have the rest of the pictures I took while Phoenix was still here with us – there might be one or two more hiding in my picture folder, but I think I got ’em all.

Pretty girl in the sun.

Napping with the kittens: the beginning of nap time.

And the end of nap time. I needed to get up, but I’m not a MONSTER. Who’s going to disturb all those melted kittens? Not I!

Sweet girl.

When Unca Stefan came visiting.

Stardust watching, from across the room.

Then she put on her floof suit and followed Stefan out the door.

For the record, the kittens don’t get as much time around Uncles Stefan, Dennis and Dewey as previous litters have. Stefan made the mistake of smacking at one of the kittens, which startled the kitten and Mercury ran right over and gave him the ol’ one-two smack, and ever since she’s been pretty hissy toward Stefan. I think that if the kittens weren’t part of the equation, she’d be fine with him, but she’s got that protective thing going on.

Mercury partaking of a freeze-dried minnow. She loves those things.

Hubble on alert.

Hubble in the Tiny Basket, all “WHAZZUUUUUP!”

I know it looks like Aurora is totally giving me attitude here, but she was actually reacting to the flash.

Telstar keeps his eye on the feather teaser.

Hubble in his favorite nap time position.

“::sigh:: REALLY, lady?”

Just a note: the clock’s ticking, folks. Mercury, Telstar, and Hubble are headed to Petsmart Friday afternoon. If anyone out there is interested in any (or all!) of those three, contact Forgotten Felines (info is over there in the sidebar) to discuss adoption procedures!


Guess who’s super gorgeous and hates the camera? That’d be Khal Drogo, that jerk. I had him laying in my lap one day last week (a move that requires me to sit on the floor and ever-so-slowly slide over to where Khal is, and gently pet him until he relaxes, then slowwwly slide my hands under him and slide him onto my lap*). I picked up my phone to take a picture of him on my lap and he evaporated into another dimension.

*I am such a calm and patient person that this whole song and dance isn’t irritating to me in the SLIGHTEST.


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11-8-17 Wednesday — 34 Comments

  1. Awwww…Ambercup/Amber is big sister to Phoenix!!! I bet they will be sharing tales of their kittenhoods at Crooked Acres in no time!

  2. It is amazing to me how these kittens go from your place to a totally different house, after a drive in a car, meet new humans and other animals and just say “Meh” and move on in and explore. They are so curious that it overcomes any fear they might have. Just amazeballs.
    Ordered my calendar. Can’t wait.

    • It’s funny, because I sent Debra an email warning her that Phoenix might be a bit hissy and growly because she’s kind of been a drama queen here, but NOPE. Phoenix made me a liar. 🙂

  3. I’ve a question for your Friday post about kitty litter. Years and years ago when clumping litter was newish to the market, I had a kitten with urinary issues. The vet recommended filtered water and clay particle litter (like the regular kitty litter but no crystals or added ingredients). Another friend of mine lost a young cat with urinary/digestive issues and that vet said never to use the sandy, clumping litter because cats lick it off their paws during grooming and it’s bad for them internally. And so we’ve stayed with old-fashioned kitty litter for now decades. But it’s getting harder to find that stuff. So going to the wisdom of the very-special-L&H-crowd, are the clumping litters generally safe? Have any issues with them for cats above a year old? Any hints on brands to avoid? TIA for your sage advice.

    • I’ve been fine with it for my adult cats for seventeen years now. I’ve experimented with brands some, but mine seem good with the Fresh Step. (I know some complain about dust, but the last couple of iterations of it have really cleaned that up quite a bit.)

      For Cookie, I used Tidy Cat non-clumping, but he’s a bitty kitten whose history I didn’t know, so I figured better safe than sorry until I knew how good his litterbox habits were.

    • I really love the Smartcat grass clumping litter. Unfortunately, my youngest found it edible, so I had to switch to C9 Clay Litter. While I’d edit the 99% dust free claim to 99% dusty, it is high quality and non-clumping. But if your cat isn’t mentally challenged on the litter front, as my youngest clearly is, Smartcat is fantastic. (NB, Robyn’s crew didn’t think so!)

    • I’ve never had an issue with the clumping litter, and have heard/read that they’re perfectly safe.

      I currently use Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat and though I occasionally try other litters, the Precious Cat is what I keep coming back to. It’s unscented (well, they have a scented version that I don’t use) and as close to dust-free as I’ve found. (I do fear that, as I age, I’ll need to switch to a lightweight litter to save my back. I’m not at that point yet, thankfully.)

    • We’ve never had any problem with any clumping litter either. We tend to use Fresh Step or the latest Arm & Hammer sliding stuff. Although it does not stick to the box (as stated) and it’s pretty darn dust free the scent can get a little cloying. But all the cats seem to like it.

      I have also been using Pretty Litter in one of the boxes and they all really like it too. If you only have one or two cats I’d highly recommend it. No clumping and extremely easy to clean as the liquid you just swish around to help it evaporate and the solids come out dry with very little litter attached to it. It is dusty even though they say it isn’t and it does track easily. I think because it’s such a fine litter. Unfortunately with four cats it’s way too expensive to go to exclusively but since we have two that are 17 I want to keep it handy for the health warnings it can provide.

      • Over the years, I’ve tried almost every litter on the market and I used to use Dr Elsey’s Precious Cat fairly exlusively after testing them all… but I began to have issues with my ancient long-haired cat getting the litter clumped around her floofy mittenpaws and it being very difficult to remove (it was turning into an almost concrete-like substance).

        So, after having her at the vet to go through the process of getting all the clay litter removed from every crevice of her feeties, I switched to World’s Best Cat Litter (corn based) and haven’t looked back since. It is my absolute favourite because it is lightweight, unscented, dustless. clumps perfectly (not like rock) and my ancient kitty no longer has problems with it sticking to her fur (she’s 24 now) and because of that it also tracks much less through the apartment.

        Here’s the link to the one I use (green bag): https://www.worldsbestcatlitter.com/clumping-cat-litter/

  4. For anyone who cares, I sent Cookie on to his forever home last night. He has a big sister, a four-month-old torbie named Karyn who is as crazypants as he is. They’re already playing and wrestling together.

    • Awwww, I’m glad Cookie has a new home! And hugs to you, because I know it’s hard to send them off!

      • In this case, it was best for all. His presence was stressing out one of my high-strung permanent residents to the point where she wouldn’t eat — I snuggled her lots and kept them separate and she started eating again, thankfully, but it meant he had to move on and that I won’t be fostering again for as long as she is with me.

  5. So did the potential adoption meeting with Aurora and Stardust go well then? I noticed they were not mentioned as going to Petsmart on Friday.

    If I lived closer to Alabama, I’m afraid I would be adopting a lot of kittens from you!

  6. I have a question about your nap time routine. Do you herd kittens on the bed before you lie down, or do you lie down and all of them snuggle up with you?

  7. Just adore seeing Phoenix settling in to what is obviously a cat oriented home. And an Anver update! Who’s all big and healthy and gorgeously? Why Amver of course!

    Know the feeling about sleeping cats. A 10 furry weight on my legs puts me out like a light.

    • When we move to Alabama 18 years ago we had a waterbed and a 22 pound cat named Mokie. One night I dreamed my legs were paralyzed. I woke up and I couldn’t move my legs. Started to panic until I realized that Mokie was laying across my legs.

  8. I also have a wall cat door. We put it in so when we have company over we could shut the people door to the laundry room where the litterboxes and cat dishes are – nobody needs to see what a hot mess the laundry area is in general or to see the cat bathroom in all it’s glory. Also since the cats often seem to time taking a big stinky dump when guests are over the closed door keeps the stink from wafting.

  9. I was using an off brand called Companion litter (clumping + non-scented). It was cheap (Giant grocery stores) but was SO dusty, tracked everywhere, and didn’t really keep the “stinkies” tamed. So I switched to Tidy Cat clumping, non-scented. So far it’s better. I only have one cat and can’t handle super-scented stuff.

  10. I tried using lightweight litter and noticed just one issue. My larger cat likes to perch on the edge of the box when using it, rather than standing in the litter (and who can blame her?). Well, the lightweight litter made the box lighter…fortunately it didn’t actually flip over on top of her, but I went back to the heavier stuff. Granted, this is only an issue if you have a percher.