11-8-18 Thursday

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As mentioned in yesterday’s post, say hello to Tank.

He’s white with orange tabby markings, including an orange striped tail.

On his right side, a few orange tabby patches on his back leg.

On his left side, an orange tabby patch on his back leg.

Basically, he looks like a white cat with some random orange tabby splashes.

The smears of orange under his eyes remind me of the greasepaint football players smear under their eyes.

(I haven’t looked at a football game since the Bears played the Patriots in January 1986, so I’m assuming they still do that.)

The other kittens weren’t quite sure what they thought of him…

Axle, checking him out.

But Tank was ready to play immediately, and wasted no time jumping on the other kittens, especially the orange boys.

He is a very ACTIVE boy.

Confident AND snuggly.

So, the story is this: I was at Michelle’s during spay/neuter day and the person who rescued him (from a family member up in Tennessee, if I recall correctly) brought the kitten by to be neutered. Michelle didn’t think he was big enough to be neutered, and when she weighed him, she found that he was only 2 pounds, 5 ounces. I made a comment that he only weighed 1 ounce more than LoJack.

WHICH GAVE MICHELLE (and Kathie, who was also there) AN IDEA.

“You should take him, because when Ryder’s kittens go off to Petsmart, LoJack will need a friend!” they said.

I tried to fight it, but honestly they were right. Ryder’s kittens will be headed off to Petsmart soonish, and LoJack will need to be here for, at minimum, a couple more weeks. He does NOT do well as an only child (he gets lonely!), and so he would need a friend.

“Oh, FINE,” I said. “But I need a name that goes with the theme.” He’d been named Riley, but that wasn’t going to work. I like my themes!

I pulled up the list of names we’d chosen from for the rest of the kittens, nearly named him Chrome, but then I saw the name Tank and thought it was perfect. Everyone agreed that was the perfect name for him, and when I brought Ryder’s Fleet home, I brought Tank home as well.

I considered keeping him separate from the other kittens for a few days, but the boy clearly needed other kittens to play with, and so I put him together with them. The orange boys accepted him immediately. Pulley and Dynamo shrugged. LoJack fumed for about five minutes and then forgot Tank was new. The tuxie girls and Solenoid formed a Mean Girls club and hissed at him every time he came near. By mid-day yesterday the tuxie girls had graduated from making fun of him behind his back to playing with him. Solenoid is still hissing and growling at him, but it’s gotten pretty half-hearted. I expect the time the weekend is over, she’ll be over her snit.

And now you’ve met Tank! I need to get better pictures of him, but it’s been a little busy around here; it’s at the top of my to-do list for today, though.


Alice loves to snooze under the lemon tree.

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11-8-18 Thursday — 13 Comments

  1. I SO love that you included the wet-alien Moop photo in the L&H calendar! That is one of your best pictures ever 🙂

    From the way everything fell into place at the vet, it sounds like Tank was meant to be with you. I’m glad LoJack will have a buddy once the rest of the Fleet goes to Petsmart. Maybe he and Tank will be adopted together!

  2. Forgot to add that I also love that Brian/Harry and his fabulous toes are gracing the front cover 🙂

  3. Looks like you made some pretty good choices for the calendars! Glad to see LoJack’s picture in the mug.

    Aw, hi Tank! You sure are cute!

  4. LOL… Tank is adorable and I love that, in the first few pictures, LoJack is in the background looking totally unimpressed that he is no longer the new baybee. And then later on in the post when you said he was fuming, it made me laugh all over again because that’s exactly what it looked like so I read the situation correctly, lol. ADORABLE!

  5. Welcome, Tank! I love the photo of Lojack on his back flirting with Tank. Also, it occurs to me that if you re-arrange your little rounds mirrors the right way, they’ll make a kitty paw print 🙂

  6. Welcome Tank. Tell the Lady that you started to “attack” all the orange boys because you just wanted to get more orange on you to blend in better. Geesh, that’s the ONLY reason.