11-7-18 Wednesday

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Oh, that Dynamo. Isn’t she JUST the prettiest little thing?


Dynamo, Cruise and Cam. Oh, those girls.

Pulley in the sun. SUCH a cutie.

“Stop making me stare up into the sun, lady. It’s gonna melt my marshmallow fluff brain right out my ears.”

Axle, checkin’ things out.

I think Fender is going to have very striking gold eyes when they reach their final color.

Cam and Fender: soooo sleepy.

The kittens came through their spays and neuters just fine. When I got them home, the boys had NO idea anything had happened, and the girls just wanted to curl up and snooze. Fred told me that LoJack did NOT LIKE being an only child for the day – he was howly and very, very needy. He was so happy to see his brothersisterfriends arrive back home! I put them in the foster room and fed them, and of course all the boys bellied right up to the plates to eat.


YEAH. I KNOW YOU SEE SOMETHING DIFFERENT. I can’t sneak anything by you guys, can I?

Meet Tank.

More about him tomorrow!


Jake’s loons need regular airing.


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11-7-18 Wednesday — 31 Comments

  1. The first different thing I noticed was that apparently you had a red and white striped TAIL installed on one of the kittens while they were away being tutored. Only after I read the next line did I go back and see that there was a stranger in the midst of the NOMMING.

  2. I don’t want to complain but when are you going to put these beautiful kittens’ photos on the side bar? My, gosh, they’ve been spaded & neutered already. They will be gone soon……and Ryder never got her photo up for all of us to drool over. Please….I know you’re busy but please, pretty please…..

    • I’ll get to it when I can, since it will take a minimum of 2-3 hours to put together. Right now I’m concentrating on putting the calendars together, which is turning out to be a bit of a nightmare.

      • Next year (if too late for this year) you could use the clowder mind and put up a 100 or more pix for us to vote on (and donate 50¢ or $1 per vote to ffhsv per vote, maybe?), and you’ll have a readers’ choice banderlings calendar.

        • Maybe… though if I just spent a LITTLE extra time each week (or even once a month) filing them, then life would be so much simpler this time of the year. Every year I MEAN to… and then don’t, of course.

    • Now that the calendars are FINALLY done, getting the kittens & Ryder up on the sidebar and in their own page is at the top (well, near the top) of the list!

  3. Welcome to Tank! I guess Lojack was going to need a friend so one “appeared”. Is this the MOST kittens you’ve ever had at one time. I don’t quite remember but I think there was a pretty big group last year too.
    P.S. I was just this morning thinking about a new litter of names after this one leaves. I was being silly and thinking of rhyming things with the names of the reindeer i.e. Thrasher, Slasher, Dancer, Nixon, Vomit, Stupid, Wonder, and Citizen ROFL! Obviously you would NEVER use those but I was cracking myself up!

    • It might be – but I can’t swear to it!

      I have to admit, I’d love to use those names, but I suspect Michelle would never agree. (I mean, come on “Here are my foster kittens Slasher, Thrasher and Vomit!” People would be lining up in droves!)

  4. Fender does look like he’s going to be just a gorgeous cat with those striking eyes.

  5. I looked at that picture of all the boys around the food plate and thought I’d lost it for a moment. As in ” LoJack is mostly GREY, right???” Then I saw the next sentence and realized that I had just seen foster kitty #11. So I scrolled back up to get another look – and THAT”S when I noticed the peppermint striped “tail” one of the tabbies is sporting. Too funny!

    Welcome to the clowder, Tank! Can’t wait to read your story tomorrow 🙂

  6. *****
    Ten little muffinheads jumpin’ on the bed
    One fell off and broke his head
    Weird lady called the doctor and the doctor said,
    “Marshmallow fluff is just the stuff!”
    Weird lady went to pay and she looked away
    Eleven little muffinheads jumpin’ on the bed

  7. I literally said eek! in surprise! 😀 Tank full o’ cuteness! Is he another orangey, and people are talking about a wrapped tail – did something happen? Anybody else reminded of Farrell? Welcome teeny newbie!

    Oh my gosh, ten kittens. My head would be spinning!

    • He’s white with orange tabby markings. They’re talking about a toy that’s sitting on the floor just so – it looks like it’s attached to a kitten (like it’s a tail). I didn’t notice it ’til someone pointed it out!

      (And it’s 11 kittens – Ryder’s 9, plus LoJack, now plus Tank. LORD that’s a lot of kittens!)

      • More kittens? I am glad you and Fred foster. I do what I can but too sick to do much. Gather blankets from neighbors to give to our vet for cat care. He is from Texas, used to be a farmer. Then he went to colledge studing how to heal people. He found he liked animal care more.
        He told me one day he came home and found his blind dog thrashing around in the pool. He jumped in and rescued the dog. He forgot all the things in his pocket. Car alarm, wallet, 2 phones, etc. Only the dog was important.