11-6-18 Tuesday

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“Not gettin’ tutored today, ’cause I’m so darn smart already!” (Gauge)

“Also, I am super cute!”

That’s a very full scratcher – Fender up the upper left, Gauge in the middle, Dynamo on the right, little tuxie Cruise, yellow-collared Axle, and down there to the right is Solenoid.

Axle (left) and Clutch are all “If Gauge doesn’t need tutoring, then we don’t either!”

“You can never be too smart, but is it gonna be scary?” inquires Dynamo. In the background is Cam, chiming in with her “Yeah!”

“Whatever you want, lady, as long as I get snuggles afterward.” (Fender)

Solenoid’s too busy watching birds to care about the plans for today.

LoJack’s going to be an only child for the day, and he’s not sure he cares for the idea.

He’s going to sit in the sun and think about it.

“You gotta catch me first, lady!” (Dynamo)

Cam in the sun. The best thing about this time of year is that we actually get sun in the house. During the spring and summer, the trees work with the angle of the sun to ensure that hardly a ray comes through the windows. These kittens have been enjoying the sun quite a bit (on the days we get sun, anyway.)

It’s a LoJack pie.

Axle, still skeptical about today’s plans.

In case you didn’t catch the very subtle hints in today’s captions, the kittens (except LoJack) are headed off for their spay/neuter surgeries today! Wish them luck… and of course this means that if you’re interested in adopting any of these kittens, it’s time to speak up. They’re about ready for adoption and you don’t want to miss out! (If you’re seriously interested in adopting any of them, email info (at) ffhsv.org )


Sheriff Mama (Kara) keeps an eye on things. Because SOMEONE’s gotta.


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11-6-18 Tuesday — 9 Comments

  1. Dynamo – is she a tiny bit cross-eyed? I love her worried expression in these pictures. In some ways, although having quite different tortie coloring, she reminds me of Purslane, profiled in the this day in 2012 entry below.

    Smooth tutoring, kittens! (Why am I thinking that LoJack is going to get nine times his usual number of hugs and smooshes today while his buddies are away getting tutored?)

  2. The 2017 link is linking to the 2016 post, just FYI. 🙂

    Good luck with the tutoring, kittens!

  3. I was just thinking these kitties were getting to be about that age 🙁
    If Lojack needs some extra squishies, I’d be happy to offer EXCEPT that I live WAY too far away AND I have to vote. I think I vote for more cute kittehs!

  4. Sheriff Mama for President! Or any elected office beyond your home. Did the other kitties elect her to keep law and order, or was she voluntold?

  5. I just love little Dynamo’s worried face.
    Wish I could take her but I’m already over the “legal cat limit” for my town.