11-6-17 Monday

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Phoenix, atop the little kitten tree.

Little posers – Hubble, Phoenix and Aurora.

Sweet little profile.

Playful girl.

This would be the sign of kittens who haven’t seen the vacuum very much, and don’t know they’re supposed to be scared of it.

Sleepy little muffinheads.

Phoenix, trying to decide whether she prefers a snuggle pile or to be on her own for nap time.

Five little muffins, all in a row.

Hubble, chattering at the feather teaser. His face is cracking me UP.

Phoenix and Aurora.



“How YOU doin’?” Dewey and the Eyes of Lurve.


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11-6-17 Monday — 10 Comments

  1. Yay, I am ordering today. I see someone has now made it into the calendar. Great photos especially Dec.

  2. I just ordered my calendar. Love the front cover. Wonder why????? 🙂
    Andre and Bella (and Jessie) are doing fine. Bella played with her little mouse this morning (dropping it in the trashcan multiple times for me to rescue)until she was worn out and climbed up on me for snuggles and a nap. Andre is currently carting the firefly mat all over the house.

    • I swear I could have done an entire calendar with just Andre and another with just Bella. Such a photogenic litter! 🙂

      I am loving being able to watch those two grow up!

  3. The picture Sleepy Little muffinheads is AWESOME! If I adopted one of these kitties, I would want that picture…how wonderful it is!