11-6-16 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

#Iva is having herself a #SleepySunday.

I believe we’ve got a #LightsOnNoOneHome situation going on here. #Charlotte

#Dennis, playing a rousing game of “I DON’T WANNA BE A SHARK!”

“Giddyap!” Doesn’t #Iva look happy to be a #cowgirl? Maybe we need to get her a pony!

“Rowr.” Poor long-suffering #Alice. She only puts up with this ’cause she loves her Daddy so.

This is actually a devil hat, but I think he looks more like a ladybug!

It’s the elusive ‘Fonicorn. You don’t see THOSE but once in a lifetime! #Stefan

Chef Newton Ramsay is displeased with your offering. #ShutItDOWN #Newt

This picture is two years old, but it’s still my absolute favorite! #DevilDennis #Dennis

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. #PrincessCharlotte is NOT thrilled with your behavior, commoner. #Charlotte

Is a rough, rough life, #Charleston would like you to know.

Sister fights can be vicious! #Iva #Chesnee

#Iva seems raaaaather pleased with herself. I guess anyone THAT cute has a right to be.

Just hanging out in the cube with her brother, cleaning her nose with her tongue. You know, the usual. #Iva #Charleston

This picture of Keebler from 2009 litter #TheCookies KILLS. ME. DEAD. His little FACE. I said at the time that he looks like a little old man who found out they’re serving chocolate pudding for lunch, and I think that’s accurate. #tbt

“I don’t always bite my sister on the butt and make her cry… But when I do, I laugh and laugh.” #Iva #TheMostInterestingCatInTheWorld

“Madame, I don’t believe I care for your tone.” #EarsOfSemiAnnoyance #Raleigh

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Better watch out – you NEVER know when #Charlotte will strike! #Iva

I accidentally left this quilt on top of the storage container in the closet, and the kittens pulled it down. They’re having SO much fun playing on/under it, I guess I won’t put it away. To a kitten, everything’s a toy. #Raleigh

Lazy #Caturday.

“I sees you, innernets.” #Charleston

Oh, that little FACE. #Chesnee

It’s warm in the foster room, so #Charleston’s laying flat on his belly. The little crossed back feet are KILLING ME DEAD. He’s got MANNERS.

Confession: I was in #MyrtleBeach for the better part of this past week. It was wonderful weather, I had a lovely time – and I will never get over the gorgeous sunrise. That instant when the sun peeks over the horizon always takes my breath away. #MyrtleBeachSunrise


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  1. “Oh, that little FACE. #Chesnee”?!?

    OhthatlittlefaceChesnee!!!!!!! How cute is that little lady!!!