11-4-16 Friday

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Kittens Up Close.

“Hallo, innernets! Hallo hallo!” says Iva.

“Innernets, halp. This lady is tryin’ to steal my earses!”

“Hugs!” says Chesnee.

“Hi, innernets! What doin’?” asks Charleston.

“I need YOU! To give ME! That camera! ‘Cause I gots to take a selfie!” says Raleigh.

“This lady keeps givin’ me bunny earses, innernets. Please save me.” (Charleston)

“Innernets, is you out there? Is me, Charlotte!”

“Seriously, lady?”

“I keeps lookin’ and lookin’, and I don’t see no stinkin’ innernets, lady.” (Chesnee)

“Sunshine. On my whiskers. Makes me sleepyyyyy…”


Sharpening his claws on random pieces of wood in the back yard is Joe Bob’s favorite thing to do. He does it for HOURS. (Or at least it seems that way!)


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11-4-16 Friday — 17 Comments

  1. I love Raleigh’s black and white whiskers (“Sunshine. On my whiskers. Makes me sleepyyyyy…”). I noticed Iva has a couple…but not like Raleigh’s!

    All of these pics are adorbs!

  2. Oh, those pictures made my day! Nothing like close up pictures of cutie patootie kittens to brighten your day.

  3. There is nothing about this post that I don’t love. I have a big dopey smile on my face now even though I has a grumpy today. Thank you!

  4. may I use your first pic of Iva as my desktop wallpaer? it’s so CUTE!!!!

  5. ROBYN! This post should have come with a warning! I was not prepared for how dangerous kitten close-ups are! I nearly died from the extreme level of adorableness!

    The photos wherein the supercloseupshot of kitten noses are slightly blurry are particularly lethal.

  6. Why have I never realized there was so much brown on Joe Bob? Most of the pics I remember are from the front and I really thought he was gray and white! His coloring seems particularly vibrant and gorgeous in todays picture.

      • Phew. I was beginning to think I needed another eye exam! Even if it is the lighting the coloring is down right gorgeous.

  7. Oh heavens, I need help from the joyful masses. We brought home a stray from a city park a couple of months ago and we are *still* dealing with the fleas she brought with her. We’re going to try the Capstan I saw recommended a few days ago, but despite dedicated searching here I haven’t been able to find any recommendations for something to treat furniture and carpets (except for DE, which is not an option for us). So…help?

    • Whitney, I have been lucky enough not to have to deal with it myself, but if you aren’t opposed to using sprays, my vet strongly recommends this stuff – Virbac Knockout. You have to stay out of the room until it’s dry, but like I said, my vet recommends it (and it seems to have good reviews on Amazon.)

      In addition to the Capstar, I’d start using Advantage (if you aren’t already).

      I’m going to post this in Monday’s post so other people can chime in, but thought I’d go ahead and respond to you today. 🙂