11-3-16 Thurrrpsday

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Happy Thlurrrpsday!

::THLURRRP!:: says Charlotte.

Raleigh, also feelin’ thlurrrpy.

Iva thlurrrps contemplatively.

Charleston thlurrps while he cleans.

And thlurrrps while he keeps an eye on the feather teaser.

Paw cleanliness is important to the kittens this week, apparently. THLURRRP!

Not wanting to be left out, Chesnee gets her thlurrrp on.

Finishing up this Thlurrrpsday, Charlotte thlurrps to the left…

Thlurrps to the right….

And makes sure to thlurrp the middle, too!


Kara prefers not to thlurrrp like the commoners, but you go ahead. She’ll just try not to be appalled at your MANNERS (or lack thereof).


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11-3-16 Thurrrpsday — 7 Comments

  1. Robyn, this is a late post from last Friday and the litter tracking. I watched my Mom for the last five years with Alzheimer’s and have changed many “panties”, but to keep down the chances of leaks on her lift chair we used both cloth and disposable “chucks”. I think they are like the pee pads for dogs. My Dad, suggested to use the plastic chuck under the litter box. I think it works GREAT! I position them so just a little of the box is actually on the chuck and most of it hangs out. By the time my two boys and Dad’s girl have gotten out of the box there is almost no litter to track! Also, what I REALLY like about this method is that I can pull up the edges toward the box and do an instant clean, so when her nurses or caregivers come before they are scheduled it is easy to look like everything is clean and tidy! Sorry this is so long…but I hope it helps someone.

    • I do the same thing. I use puppy training pads and put them under the boxes to catch any spray and also to trap the litter. We have 4 boxes and really do not get a lot of litter tracked. The pads work great. And they are great for lots of things around the house. Put them under the pipes if you are doing any plumbing work. When we have to put the cats in a separate room with good and water we use these under their bowls to protect the floors and make any clean up quick and easy. Love them.

      • Dollar tree has disposable mattress pads which are like giant puppy training pads. They’re great with home shield ‘walls.’ I undo soda boxes, cover them with dry cleaning bags and line up the kitty closet.

        • I also put them in the bottom of the garbage bin, under plants to water. Kar that is a good idea, I will look next time!