11-3-15 Tuesday

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Would whoever sent me this t-shirt:

Please report to me so I can thank you properly? There was no note in the package telling me who’d bought it for me, and I LOVE IT.

The campaign had ended, but it’s available again as of this morning! Get yours here.


Look what I found!

Remember Louis, from Lucy’s litter of Fools?

Well, here he is, at 1 month old and 2 months old, with my phone (before I got my Sugarbutt phone case) as a size reference.

I wish I’d gotten another picture of him at 3 months!


Alice Mo and the Ears of Annoyance. (Sounds like the name of a superhero movie. It could be a whole series – Alice Mo and the Insane Adoration for her Daddy, Alice Mo and the Hiding Under the Bed Because the Driveway Alarm Went Off, Alice Mo and the Is It Time for Snackin’ Yet? Eyes.)

YouTube link.


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11-3-15 Tuesday — 28 Comments

  1. I’d pre-order that Alice Mo series and await the “Alice Mo Dreams of her Daddy-o” episode. Am also looking forward to the best-selling tie-in, “Advice from Alice.” Chapter One: “How to Find the Best Family Ever” and Chapter Two: “Bamboozling Your New Vet into Believing You’ll Stay Teeny-Tiny.”

  2. If I remember correctly, tomorrow is your shoulder surgery. Last night I suffered from the worst shoulder pain I’ve ever had–it’s now 5:30am and I’m officially giving up on getting any sleep. What I’m trying to say in my sleep-deprived way is may your surgery go well, and you are left pain-free. Because shoulder pain is a b$tch and a half.

    • It is. I tore my labrum… oh my. It was wicked. If I rolled over in my sleep, I would wake up crying in pain. Worst injury of my life.

      Best wishes, Robyn. May your surgeon be a genius!

      • Fred tore his labrum during a whitewater rafting trip just over 10 years ago. He had to have surgery about 6 months later for it; he did not have fun with the recovery, and sitting around recovering drove him CRAZY.

        I, on the other hand, am looking forward to watching a lot of TV. 🙂

        • I also tore my labrum and rotary cuff about 10 years ago. Have to agree w/Fred. Post surgical was the worst! I don’t do sitting around very well and 8 months of physical therapy was a b*tch.

          Robyn my wish for you is a brilliant surgeon and many hours of relaxing TV watching. We’ll still be here on the flip side.

  3. ((hugs)) and best wishes for much success for your shoulder Robyn!
    Also, the Alice-Mo series sounds like the titles of Nancy Drew books (Alice-Mo and the Mysterious Ceiling Fan) So movie/book tie-in. Whichever comes first, I bet they will be fantastic.

  4. Good luck with the surgery! And we hope Fred “guest hosts” for you at least once while you are out recovering! 😉

    • Fred, being No Fun, refused to guest host while I’m recovering. I did, however, pre-write and schedule random posts for the next three weeks, so y’all won’t have to go without. 🙂

  5. Yes good luck with the surgery. May all go well and may you have a speedy recovery and yes it would be nice if Fred would post once a week just to let us know how things are going at Crooked Acres.

  6. Awwww…I just got Maddie’s banner.

    So, I just told my male co-worker about this t-shirt. After a few minutes he laughed even more. He mentioned the hidden humor…different than I read it. The f*cking….read that literally as a verb, not as an adjective.

  7. Love the T-shirt. Had to right over and buy one, and will wear it with pride. My husband will be hiding, but I don’t care. I’d buy the series of Alice Mo books. Just tell me where to sign up for them. Good luck on your surgery. Hope things go well for you and you get plenty of rest. It would be so cool if Fred did a guest post at least once a week. I mean after all he is a writer, this shouldn’t take him so long to do. If only to tell us how you are doing and how wonderful a nurse he’s been.

  8. Love the shirt and the double dose of funny. Isn’t f*cking just the best word that fits so many conversational needs. Best of luck tomorrow. I agree with everyone that I hope you have a genius surgeon and all goes as planned.

  9. This is to wish you a speedy and well done surgery tomorrow and recovery. You deserve the best. What you do on this site is worth more than I can say. Whenever I have a down day I go to your site in the evening and it just lifts me up. Now, is that enough to speed your recovery so that you can soon continue it?