11-2-15 Monday

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You may have already seen this news on Facebook: George had his yearly exam at the vet. All is good, he looks great for a senior dog, no issues at all.

Guess how much he weighs. No, go ahead, guess!

157.5 pounds.

I keep threatening to saddle him up and charge for kiddie rides around the back forty.

I’ve had several people ask whether we’re planning to get George a companion, and we’re not. He’s perfectly happy and we’ve already decided that he’s going to be our last dog. Since he’s in good health, he could very well be with us several more years (he’s 7 years old, and Great Pyrs live 7 – 10 years on average), but once he’s gone, we’ll move the chickens closer to the house and lock them in the coop at night.


Back before the Swimmers went off to Petsmart, they had a play session on my bed.

Stefan decided to join in. Stefan is ALWAYS happy to take over a play session!

Spitz, Phelps, and Louganis watch Stefan’s smackin’ skills.

“Oooh, a kitten. HE LOOKS TASTY.” Poor, unsuspecting Louganis.

Phelps flopped down, stuck one back foot in the air, and then stopped to watch Stefan and that toy.

Stefan’s teef crack me up.

Fred picked up Louganis, and Stefan was all “RIGHT HERE, PUT HIM IN MY MOUF!”

Stefan gets flaily with the feather teaser.

Then he was all “Kittens is so tender and juicy at this age!”

“You had best unpaw me, Mister.”

Louganis escaped Stefan’s grasp, and Stefan stared contemplatively at the ceiling.

There might have been a feather teaser up there.

He gathered the toys around him, while Louganis watched carefully from a safe distance.

Stefan snagged the feather teaser, and was happy.


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11-2-15 Monday — 22 Comments

  1. I said “Holy cow” (no pun intended) when I read George’s weight! Ha.

    That is ridiculous to have people vote if it doesn’t count. How much you want to bet that the finalists were the judges’ pets? *snort*

    May I ask the reasoning behind no more pups? No judging, just curious. It may help me decide on whether to get a dog or not. My husband is whining for one.

    Stefan is so adorable!

    • It’s mostly that we want to simplify a little – Fred spends a lot of time out in the back forty looking after the chickens (and paying attention to George), which isn’t so bad in the summer and fall, but in the winter it’s quite a slog out there. When we bought the house 10 years ago, we loved having all the land and looking after it, but we’re getting older and lazy, and it’s just not as appealing as it was.

      Also, I don’t think it would be possible to get another dog as awesome as George is and Gracie was. 🙂

      • George and Gracie are one of a kind.

        Interesting thought. I want to buy about 2 acres when I retire to have a garden etc. Now you are making me think that it will be too much as I age…. hmmmmm…

        • Well, for us it’s less the amount of land and more the kind of land it is – half the back forty is under water (or close to it) and the land between here and the back forty is pure mud from January to April. If we had drier land, it might be a different story.

  2. Call me cynical, but all the voting may have been to gain access to emails and facebook for future advertising.
    Wishing you a successful surgery and a quick recovery.

  3. I think you have a typo. I’m guessing we should order calendars to start in Jan 2016, not Jan 2015.:)You did your usual fantastic job on the calendars-can’t wait to order mine.
    Fabulous pictures, but my favorite today has to be Stephan’s face in the “You had best unpaw me, mister” It made me laugh out loud, and that’s not easy this early on a Monday.

    • Thank you! I really appreciate it when you guys point out typos so I can fix them right away, because when I come across them years later, it drives me crazy! 🙂

  4. I was looking at the pages of the In Memory calendar on the CafePress website, and Miz Poo showed up twice (Aug and Sept) and Tommy was missing. I’m not sure if it’s just a glitch or if CafePress goofed, but I thought I’d let you know.

    • As far as I can tell, it’s a CafePress glitch – when I go to edit the calendar, the correct pictures are showing up on the correct pages, so hopefully it’ll work out soon. I’ve got an email in to CafePress support, so maybe they’ll go kick the tires for me.

  5. While I hate that there are enough babies to fill an In Memorium calendar I love this idea. I love, love Stefan. He just has something that speaks to me.

  6. The “put him in my mouf” picture had me laughing… those are great pics of Stefan. I had no idea he was such a playful kitten at heart himself. It makes me giggle to think of him as some sort of fee-fi-fo-fum giant who likes to snack on tender/tasty kitten nuggets when they cross his path!

  7. Holly just walked across my keyboard and made it go to the page to order calendars. I guess she wants one. 🙂

    We have a similar issue here to the problem you experienced with the voting. One of the local shelters does an annual calendar, and people can submit pictures of their pets and then ask their friends and relatives to go vote for the pictures. HOWEVER, the actual choosing of the pets who will be featured in the calendar is done by a panel of judges, not the voting public. Harumph. (I think they do give prizes to the people whose pets were the most popular, though.)

  8. Stefan used to be such a wild boy and predator. Now he’s been so domesticated he can barely take down a feather.

    LOVE the fun with scrunchies. Although it kind of looks one-sided.

  9. to be blunt, you have lost way too many animals.. *hugs*

    you should work on the calendar all year round.. Feb 1st, cull through the photos of Jan, etc..

    • That is exactly what I intend to do every year, but somehow I just never get around to it! Present Robyn never cares about all the work Future Robyn is going to have to do!