11-2-16 Wednesday

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Kittens from above.

Charlotte fits perfectly in the tiny basket!

On the left, Iva has her eye on the feather teaser while Charleston and Chesnee tell secrets.

Charlotte again. Oh, that gorgeous girl and her gorgeous eyes!


Charlotte’s got the teaser! Sneaky girl.

Charleston’s always curious to know what the weird lady is doin’.

Trifecta of cute – Charlotte, Charleston and Iva.

Iva rolled onto her back between the croc bed and the wall, and got a little stuck. Look at that delightfully spotted belly!


I didn’t have any pictures of Maxi from above, so this’ll have to do.


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11-2-16 Wednesday — 6 Comments

  1. The above shots are great. Makes me remember these are still just little ones. I had two kittens at the pet shop on Saturday morning. I swear they were trying to kill each other with the wrestling and biting and strangling neck bites. The adult cat in the cage below had that “please make the noise stop” look on her face.

    • I was just wondering that! I don’t think he’s shy, I think he’s always on the move and his pictures tend to come out blurry.