11-5-18 Monday

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Look at these grumpy little faces.

Why did you wake us up?

You can tell the weather is cooler…here are Stardust and Phoenix all snuggled up.

That, of course, is Amber (formerly Ambercup, one of our Squash Bugs from 2015) and Phoenix and Stardust (two of Mercury’s Missions from last year). Aren’t they all just so pretty?

(Thanks, Debra!)


Well, Gauge is comfy.

And check out those toes!

Dynamo and Clutch do not understand this whole time change thing, so they’re just gonna snooze the day away.

Fender, giving Solenoid’s paw the ol’ snifferoo.

Solenoid’s out cold.

Fender and Pulley on the guest bed (yes, those are cat sheets – and what’s more, those aren’t the sheets that go on that bed when humans are coming to visit. Those cat sheets are just for the cats to get all furry. But aren’t they CUTE? The kittens aren’t bad either.)

That looks comfy. (I would like to assure you that although my windows always look filthy, I have scrubbed them like crazy and have come to realize the windows are old and cloudy and need to be replaced (some day), so don’t get distracted by what appears to be terrible housekeeping.

Sleepy LoJack.

Sleepy Cam in the sun.

Solenoid and Fender in the front – and Pulley in the back.

That’s a full lap o’ kittens, right there.


Oh, Newt. Such a pretty boy!


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11-5-18 Monday — 8 Comments

  1. I’m stealing the windows excuse!

    Debra has a nice mixed assortment of tabbies! So nice to see teh bebes again!

  2. Who is te cat with his nose imbeded into your leg yet still has its arms up and holding onto another kitten?
    Maybe it was separate cats. Saving this picture to my phone. It is so cute!