11-4-18 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

“Hey! Tryna sleep here!” (Solenoid)

Another shot of all 9! Amazing what you can do with a feather teaser.

Clutch reflects that someone should clean that window.

Tomorrow might be Monday, but take heart – you get a formal introduction to this little morsel on the blog first thing in the morning!

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Mondays are rough, even when your only job is being tiny and cute. Say hi to the new guy, LoJack! (Or sleep in and do it later.)

LoJack (bottom level) hanging with his new friends, tuxie Cam and ornj boy Axle.

Good night, innernets. (Fender & Cam)

“Innernets, it is #Toesday and as such, please admire my toes. Thank you.” (Gauge)

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LoJack gets BOOP’d.

Nap time! (Dynamo and Fender)

Please, if you would, take a gander at Dynamo’s delectable toebeans.

Good night, innernets. (LoJack)

Today I’m posting Halloween cat pics from previous years. Here we have our dear departed Tom Cullen as a chicken. A very ANNOYED chicken.

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Nap time with the kittens.

Today I’m posting Halloween Cat pics from previous years. Here we have Sugarbutt the cow. We miss that boy!

Hi-ho, it’s Alice de Frog, wishing you a Happy Halloween.

Dennis the Lion. RAWR.

Little Stefan on the Prairie.

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Solenoid & Axle get their ninja moves on.

Wizard Jake has clearly seen a LOT in his loony life.

Alice Mo the bunny, yo.

“COME to the dark side – we’ve got crunchies!” (Possibly my #1 favorite Halloween picture EVER. That gorgeous boy is our late Dennis, who I miss very very much.)

Wearing her finest hat, Ryder headed off for her spay surgery today. Tonight, she’s going home with foster Dad Steve and his wife, who will foster her until she’s ready to head off to Petsmart (or until she gets adopted, whichever comes first.) She’s been stressed this past week, hissing at her own kittens for several days before LoJack showed up and then hissing at him as well. She’s ready to be done with this whole mothering gig – and now she’ll never have to do it again! (If you might be interested in adopting Ryder (who is in Huntsville, Alabama), please email info@ffhsv.org )

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Kittens in slow motion.

Good night, innernets. (Axle & LoJack)

Happy Thlurrrpsday! (Solenoid & Fender)

“Today, in an unprecedented worldwide event, every citizen on Planet Earth experienced heart palpitations caused by the BEST PICTURE EVER containing the CUTEST KITTEN EVER.” I mean, SERIOUSLY. I don’t even know how I got this picture, because he would NOT stay in there. Pardon me while I fall over dead from the cute. (LoJack)

Good night, innernets. (Fender)

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LoJack is a happy, happy boy.

Last night we met Uncle Frankie, and some of us donned our super fancy Stranger Danger Floof Suits because we did not appreciate his language.

A closer look at Dynamo’s fabulous Stranger Danger Floof Suit (from seeing Uncle Frankie), and there’s LoJack behind her, all “I don’t know what she’s freakin’ out about, he’s not skeery.”

One last (for now) Stranger Danger Floof Suit pic from when the kittens met Uncle Frankie last night. The ornj boys, from left to right: Axle, Clutch and Gauge. Pulley in the middle, standing in front of the befloofed Dynamo.

“What doin’ weird lady?” (Clutch & Cam)

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Ryder is Da BAYbee!

Good night, innernets. (Dynamo)

Gooood morning, innernets!

Wherein Gauge has the giggles.

“MY toy.” (Cruise)

YouTube link
Kittens go BOING!!!

Buddies. (LoJack & Fender)


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11-4-18 Weekly Roundup — 3 Comments

  1. Wizard Jake, lol…

    I bet a cup of LoJack would look mellow and smooth, but wow would it pack a punch! Man these kittens are so funny.

  2. Dynamo had my heart from week one – but her Stranger Danger Floof Suit has endeared her more than ever to me! And I adore the front view/back view photos – is that LoJack watching the rest of the clowder? So glad Ryder is going to have some ‘me’ time in her first foster home after her spay – certainly she will be quickly adopted!

  3. This round of pics…I haven’t laughed so hard in ages! And I really hate to laugh at poor Dynamo, who was probably genuinely floofed out about Uncle Frankie, but OMG, her little face is killing me dead. And don’t get me started on Vamp Alice and Wizard Jake, or the rest of the Nine, or I’ll never get any work done today :).