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LOOK at that face, would you? Butter wouldn’t melt! I think she’s got a moose herd in there.

Needless to say, no babies. SIGH.

At least y’all are still keeping up the guessing, which is entertaining me, at least. If you’ve entered the Maggie Pool, do double-check the spreadsheet to make sure I’ve got your guess entered correctly, would you?

The Love & Hisses Facebook page is here.

So, today’s the day. I didn’t want to announce it until the paperwork was done and everything was official. But our dear sweet Corbie, who by the way looked like this a year ago:




and who looks like this now:


Yes Corbie, that sweet little monkey who is (if you ask ME), the MOST beautiful cat in this whole wide world has gone off to his forever home.

So say goodbye to our beloved foster Corbie, the last of the Bookworms, who has lived here for all but the first few weeks of his life. My sweet Corbie, whom I love with my entire heart. Say goodbye to foster Corbie…








That’s right, Fred finally caved last week. I just didn’t want to announce it ’til the papers had been filled out and it was all official.

(Yes, that brings us to 14 permanent residents. What’s your point?)


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3-30-11 — 51 Comments

  1. I say dont stop till ya hit 20…a nice round number! haha- congratulations Corbie for getting a great home.

  2. I was so happy for Corbie but sad for you — that was a devilishly clever entry! Congratulations all round!

  3. You had me going there for a moment, but so glad that Corbie has found the perfect forever home. After all, when you find the (a?) cat of your heart, how can you ever let go?

  4. YAY!!! I was actually a bit sad there for a moment! Corbie was my favorite bookworm!! Congrats! Good-on-ya, Fred!!

  5. Yay Corbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I knew from the way Robyn was talking about him he’d end up a resident sooner or later!!!!

    Im glad too because he reminds me of an old cat friend of mine who was the same brown tabby as Corbie so yeah Yay Corbie!!!

  6. This is such awesome news!Corbie couldn’t have asked for a better forever home.My boyfriend and I live in a one bedroom apartment (with a big yard) and we have 4 cats at the moment.We adopted our youngest kitty,Stanley,in December,and after much debate,adopted his sister,Ponchos,last month.Best decision we ever made – they are totally adorable together!I have never had cats who were siblings,but they are so stinking cute,and keep each other going ALL DAY LONG.Our other 2 cats are just glad they don’t have to keep the baby (Stanley) busy anymore,his got his sister to do that now.

  7. Hey, if I had the room and the resources, I’d have a lot more than two myself, I’m not giving you any grief! And he is such a beauty, how could anyone resist? Congratulations!

  8. HA! Knew it! Was telling a co-worker yesterday about your menagerie and listed Corbie as a foster “who’s permanent, they just haven’t admitted it”.

    All right – if he makes 14 permanent residents who’s 13? Please update your permanent residents page – or count again. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So happy for you and all the happy kitties!!

    Now – come ON MAGGIE! We want BAYBIES!!!!

    • Sherry,
      There are twelve photos, thirteen kitties. Jake and Elwood are in one photo together.


  9. You had me going for a minute, two! I’m glad Fred caved. I couldn’t imagine you letting go of Corbie now. I’m so happy for the handsome guy!

    Now, Maggie, GIVE US SOME BABIES!

  10. Oh my gosh. My eyes were tearing up while reading it because I thought he had left!!!! Now they are happy tears!!! Yea for the bony butt — and I call him that lovingly!!!

  11. Well it’s about time! We are all so happy for Corbie and, of course, for you and Fred and the whole gang. Yeah Fred! Thanks for caving!! Way to go Corbie!

  12. YAY FOR CORBIE!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m so excited. When I first read it I was thinking you guys were goona be sorry to let him go, but now he’s a permie!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!
    And there is NO WRONG NUMBER for how many cats you have in your life at one time. I would LOVE to have that many.

  13. Do I detect a certain look of smugness in a certain stripey face? Corbie’s been planning this or months!

  14. LOL you crack me up Robyn!! Here I was all bummed he was leaving, and yay! he’s staying! Happy day! And what a cute little squirt he was.

    Yay Corbie Dude!

    And again no pressure Mags. No.pressure.

  15. YEAH!!!!!!!!! I got tears in my eyes thinking he was gone, even though I know he’d have been adopted out to a wonderful home. Turns out, he was adopted by the BEST KITTEH-LURVIN’ FAMILY EVAR!!!

    Congratulations to you and Fred, the other 13 kittehs, and Mr. Corbs.


  16. Can I just say? I am giggling with glee that so many of you were suckered in to believing he was leaving us, I thought for sure no one would buy it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. hahahahaha. First I was like “OMG I’m gonna miss him!” and then I was like “HAH! he’s not going anywhere!” Corbie is awesome.

  18. As soon as you said that he had gone to his forever home I KNEW he wasn’t packing his bags to leave – he was moving his things to his own kitty bed at your place! I’m so glad Fred caved! He’s a cutie!

  19. Dude, I so bought it. I got all choked up at the notion that we wouldn’t be seeing Corbie anymore. Yay, Corbie! I mean, how can you resist his prettiness?

  20. And, Robyn, don’t forget to remove the young man from the “who we’ve got” section. Perhaps you should tell us the exact time you’re going to do so — that way we can all raise a glass to you, Fred (thanks, Fred!), and the entire brood!

  21. You can always cut the permanent resident total by two by having you and Fred live in a tent in the back yard.

  22. Aha, I spotted the references to ‘foster Corbie’ and knew what was coming. Congratulations to you and Fred, and to pretty, pretty Corbie! ๐Ÿ™‚ Corbett, m’dear, you scored an excellent, excellent forever home… but you already know this. And of course, the Love and Hisses bunch scored a darling addition? official addition. Then again, you already knew this too.

    I have to ask. I have to. You’re *sure* Maggie McSomethingorother (said with the utmost fond amusement) is actually going to spawn, yes?

  23. OMG! So happy for you, Corbie. Shedding tears of joy. Y0u and Fred are the best.

  24. aw yay for corbie! for a minute there i was getting really upset for a minute that he had gone to another home (though I’m sure it would have been just as nice) and then SURPRISE!

    come on maggie – show us those babies already!!

  25. congratulations on the addition of Corbie.

    and I have to laugh at that photo of you holding up Maggie so you can see her belly. When I saw Maggie, she reminded me so much of the foster mom I had that took 30 days to give birth at my house, that I knew it was going to be a while.
    because here is my shot of her

    and I thought you might like this one too

    • Oh Connie, what great pictures! She’s all belly in that first one, isn’t she?

      I really really hope it doesn’t take Maggie 30 days from the time we brought her home to give birth. But on the up side, we’re closing in on three weeks (Friday), so even if she does go to 30 days, it’d only be another week!

    I’m happy he’s gotten his forever home. I was so sad that he was still up for adoption, and I went back and was reading all about them as kittens and stuff, and it made me sad to think that he may be leaving.
    But i’m happy he’s still with you!

    And I gotta say, when the Maggie Pool first went up, and I put April 1st, I was kind of joking. Now I’m thinking she may hold on that long! I see more people have put their money on that day too! Come on Maggie, POP ALREADY!

  27. OH YOU ARE SO BAD!!! I was tearing up feeling all weepy for you thinking – oh no, sweet beautiful Corbie whom you love with all your heart has been adopted – oh woe is you! – when I get to the end and it’s YAYAYYAYYYAYAYAAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAY!! Corbie’s HOME!!!!!!

    So naughty to play with my heart!! LOL!!!

    Awwwwww wonderful beautiful Corbie!! He truly belongs with you!! Yay!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    hugs to fab Maggie and her babies to be (come out now please!!) and sweet Rufus and all your gorgeous wonderful Permanent Residents!!! Take care

  28. Oh, how wonderful for smug, beautiful Corbie!

    I just have to say, too, how much fun it is to come here every day wondering if I’ll be seeing pics of newborns.

  29. Even though I suspected he was going to stay weeks ago, your post had me going for a minute. Congrats to Corbie and well done to you & Fred for making the right decision. He’ll have a wonderful life in the best possible home.
    If a single person (me) can have 7 furkids, then there’s no reason why you as couple can’t have 14. Works for me.

  30. YAYYYY! You had me near tears with your post, thinking we would have no more Corbie-fixes. I shouted in joy with the punchline. Yay Robyn! Yay Fred! YAY CORBIE!
    And now, Missie Maggie…all eyes are turned to you. Go ahead…have babies. Any time now!

  31. Yay for Corbie!! He looks like my sweet sweet Nigel. (whom my granddaughter let out of the house and I can’t find for 4 days now)

  32. You also had me going for a while there… I felt weirdly jealous of Corbie’s new “family” for a moment. Jealous for you? Jealous for me (since I wouldn’t be able to see any more photos of him)? Not sure. Doesn’t matter! Yay!

  33. There was I thinking ‘oh no, Robyn must be crying her eyes out as she types this stuff about Corbie,’ when…ta-dahhh – not at all! What a good man Fred is, he got any brothers’? That wanna move to Oz? Oh well, never hurts to ask. And hey, what’s with “heh-ing” my guess at the number of kittens? They could be really big you know…like, panda sized kittens! Then she’d only fit 3 in there.,,hm!
    Robyn, do any of your fosters have blogs their folks set up when they took them home? Just wonderin’.

  34. I am going to be fostering a German wire hair pointer (dog) for a friend who must move and plans to rehome the dog with family members fell thru (2 days before they move!!!). I have a large fenced in back yard for him to run and play and a big garage for shelter… Only problem is he’s an indoor dog, and I’m severely allergic to dogs. Plus my job requires me to be away from home M-F, and I know the poor dog who’s accustomed to a family of four will not flourish at my home. I want to make a plea for anyone who is interested in a dog to please consider this guy. I am my friends last resort, she doesn’t want to take him to a shelter because that is where he came from, he deserves a good family, and a lot more attention than I can give him. We are located in Western KY, I spend a lot of time in Central and Southern Illinois for work, so travel there isn’t an issue. Please help. Also, any and all suggestions are welcome…

    • Also, sorry Ms Robyn, I couldn’t find your email addy to ask you about this first, I’m blatantly using your website (which I check daily)….

  35. I’m glad to see you made Corbie official. Actually, I couldn’t imagine you parting with him at this point. All three of my kitties are very happy for you (that’s three cats in a NYC apartment).