3-30-10 – The Bookworms

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I’m sorry, how could you possibly resist the striped belly o’ Corbett?

Reacher’s a kitten on the move. The instant he sees me (or becomes aware that I’ve entered the room), he races over to howl at me. This makes it somewhat difficult to get a shot of all four kittens.

Reacher, minding his own business, happens upon a crime scene.

“Kind sir!” cries Corbett, reaching out in desperation. “Can’t you please help me?”

“Well, goodness me, no,” says Reacher. “I am but an innocent passer-by who prefers not to get involved.”
“I do not know WHO you think you’re fooling,” says Corbett. “You’re a former military police officer who wanders the country with nothing but a toothbrush and the clothes on your back, but you couldn’t mind your own business if your life depended on it. Now get over here and save me!”

“By god,” says Reacher. “I do believe you are correct! I do have a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, don’t I? Now pardon me while I take care of this scoundrel and get involved in a conspiracy that does not involve me in any way, shape or form. I will be the only one with the steely-eyed determined intelligence to identify and solve the problem. Solving this problem will undoubtedly require gunfire and perhaps explosions, and certainly I will need to make sweet love to the first hapless – yet incredibly insightful and brilliant – woman who stumbles across my path. Also, have I mentioned that despite the fact that it’s rare for two clocks to ever agree on the exact current time to the minute, somehow I will always know the precise time of day, no matter how many time zones I’ve crossed, how much torture I’ve been through, how much whiskey I’ve slammed down, and how concerned I am over the location of my toothbrush?”
Rhyme: “Huh?”

(Please note: the above might mean nothing to you if you’ve never read any of Lee Child’s Reacher novels.)

Tommy and Sugarbutt really believe in claiming their space. And everyone else’s space too, while they’re at it.


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3-30-10 – The Bookworms — 13 Comments

  1. I believe that was the funniest kitty/reacher story I’ve ever read…still wiping the tears from my eyes…Corbett went from Depsair to Hope when reacher showed up…

  2. I’m not familiar with Lee Child’s Reacher novel but you make it sound so much fun! Thank you!


    The Bookworms are as gorgeous as ever! And I love how Tommy and Sugarbutt stretches over two sleeping beds!

    And a big wave to Maura!

    Take care

  3. I just finished “Gone Tomorrow” on Sunday and can’t wait for “61 Hours”, so I giggled mightily.

    @kelley: *snerk* Nicely done.

  4. Okay, it’s official…Corbett is the cutest little kitty ever!

    Tommy and Sugarbutt must be related to my Bailey Bear…except Bailey likes to first kick everything off my desk in order to make space for himself to stretch out comfortably 🙂

  5. 🙂 Don’t know the novels but it was still quite funny… I envy Corbett’s furever parents already. I am soooo smitten (and this kinda post is doing nothing to help, do you hear me, Robyn!!!!).

  6. Dear Maura, GIVE US THOSE BABIES!!!!

    Also, it’s so funny that you posted 2-bed pictures today. I was just joking with Pimp because he’s been lying on his all night — with his one paw streeeeeetched out to claim Moo’s just within his reach. Mine!

  7. Haven’t read the novels, but loved the story telling. You do have a knack, gentle lady.

    And I have to say that those Bookworms are endowed with probably the best stripes I’ve ever seen.

  8. Gotta love little Corbett! That first picture is just something else…

    Love him and his brothers and sisters…

  9. Corbett….squee!!!!

    Of course two beds…it’s king sized! Two twins make up a king!! Duh!!!???? H-E-L-L-O-O-O…. 🙂

    Not familiar with the novels….but still equally entertaining! Thanks for the smiles!

  10. I liked how you managed to encapsulate both what makes the Reacher books so ridiculous AND what makes them so enjoyable. I’ll have you know that my adopted former foster kitten Teddy is RIGHT NOW snoozing with her cheek on top of my new copy of 61 Hours… the poor little dear… the hard spine must be so uncomfortable.
    I like your Reacher the best, both because it is great to have a kitten named after an interfering badass with ice-blue eyes and because he is such a pretty little boy and I want to sniff the top of his head.
    I actually have a friend who always knows what time it is, but only if he looks at the clock when he wakes up in the morning. After that, he knows the time to within five minutes for the rest of the day, but his mental clock resets when he sleeps. He is sub-Reacher material.