3-30-09 – The Seven

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I weighed the kittens yesterday. At the large end there’s Phinneas, who weighed in at a pound and 7 ounces. On the petite end, there’s Beulah who only gained an ounce in the last week, and now weighs a whopping 9.5 ounces.

When I fretted about her weight, Fred pointed out that she’d gained 12% of her body weight. And then I thought about it some more and decided that she acts just like a healthy kitten, she’s just tiny. So I’m not going to worry about it.

The other kittens were all right around 1 pound 2 – 3 ounces.

2009-03-30 (1)
Elijah says “You think you can kick my tail? Bring it ON, little sister!”

2009-03-30 (2)
“I said… bring it ON!”

2009-03-30 (3)
“Hey.. you’re stronger than you look!”

2009-03-30 (4)
“Ow! My cheek!”

2009-03-30 (5)
“Okay. You win. You’re tiny, but you’re the champ! (At least until next time…)”

On the other side of the room (or really, the same side of the room at a different time…):

2009-03-30 (6)
Jasper says to Phinneas, “You think you’re so bad? You’re not bad. I am bad, and you are not. You wanna fight? You wanna FIGHT?”

2009-03-30 (7)
“Really? That’s all you’ve got, you bowl me over and you think you’ve WON?”

2009-03-30 (8)
“Okay, wait! I was kidding! I WAS KIDDING! Ow!”

2009-03-30 (9)
Tiny Beulah in the sun.

2009-03-30 (10)
“Bleh. My foot tastes funny…”


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  1. Did I miss the part (skimmah!) about the Mom cat? Where is she? Unless it’s a sad/tragic story, then I don’t want to know!