3-29-09 – The Seven

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First things first: a video! This one features Phinneas rolling around (he is SO CUTE) and then Beulah and Jasper getting into a fight (they are SO CUTE).

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These kittens are just killing me with how cute and sweet they are. Yesterday I was sitting in the foster room after I’d taken some canned kitten food to them, and they all ate and then decided it was time for a nap. Ezra climbed up onto my leg and then climbed up the front of my shirt, so I put my arm up for him to rest upon. In short order, Elijah and Beulah had climbed up to join him, and I was sitting there with the three of them in my arms, sound asleep, and the other four piled up in my lap, all sound asleep.

I sent frantic thought waves to Fred, who was downstairs. “Get the camera and come upstairs QUIETLY!” I thought at him, very hard. Because I knew this was a picture opportunity not to be missed. I thought it and thought it, and he never came upstairs. Eventually the kittens woke up and scattered, chasing each other around the room, and I came downstairs.

Turns out he hadn’t gotten my intense thought waves. I GUESS WE ARE NOT PSYCHICALLY LINKED.

(I like to think that maybe someone who lives down the road was sitting in front of their TV and was struck with the sudden urge to grab the camera and go upstairs, and that they said “But I don’t HAVE an upstairs!”)

So, the biggest news around here, actually, is that when I was hanging out with the kittens Friday night, I got a good look at Bessie’s back end.

And then I looked at the back ends of all the other kittens.

Turns out, Fred mis-sexed a couple of the kittens. Bessie, the gray kitten, is actually a boy. Caleb, the black kitten, is actually a girl.

So I switched their names – and now Bessie is the little black kitten, and Caleb is the gray kitten. And maybe Fred shouldn’t be in charge of determining the kittens’ sexes? I’ll admit, it was kind of dark in the room last Saturday night when we were trying to determine who was what, so I guess I can’t blame him for messing it up on a couple of them.

2009-03-29 (8)

2009-03-29 (7)
Jasper in the sun.

2009-03-29 (6)
Fuzzy monkeys in the sun.

2009-03-29 (5)
Beulah’s ready to pick a fight, I think…

2009-03-29 (4)
Beulah, smacking at Ezra’s tail.

2009-03-29 (3)
I will not squeeze the kitten… I will not squeeze the kitten… I will not squeeze the kitten…

2009-03-29 (2)
Note how, even though she started the fight, Beulah’s all “Wahh! No! Not fair! I am just a wee little baby!”

2009-03-29 (1)
Jasper sure does love that fuzzy ball on a spring.

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  1. So just how long will you sit in an uncomfortable position just to not disturb the precious sleeping babies draped all over you? Been there, done that. Bonus points for staying that way when you really have to pee.