3-31-09 – The Seven

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Yesterday I dragged a Cat-It water fountain out of storage. I’ve had it for a while (I got it for free – earned it with Fresh Step Paw Points! They don’t seem to offer the water fountains anymore, though.) and the last few days I’ve been trying to decide what to do about the water bowl situation in the kitten room. I have two big bowls filled with water in there, but they’re awfully high and heavy and it’s a pain to always have to fill them (and I kind of worry that the water level will get too low when I’m not paying attention and a kitten will have to lean over the bowl and end up falling in and god knows kittens are not the most coordinated little beasts). I used to have a lot of smaller bowls, but I think I tossed them in the great “Oh my god, I have TOO MUCH STUFF IN THIS HOUSE!” purging of 2008.

Anyway, when I got the Cat-It last year, I set it up in the front room for my cats and they completely ignored it – it appears they prefer the Petmate fountain in the bathroom upstairs, or the Drinkwell fountain in the laundry room. (Actually, a couple of them just prefer their water, unmoving, in a bowl. SO unadventurous.) So I put it in storage and forgot about it until recently.

Yesterday, I filled it up and took it into the kitten room, and plugged it in. I half-expected there to be a stampede of kittens to the new exciting thing in the room, but they completely ignored it for about half an hour. Eventually, Phinneas went over to check it out, he sniffed at it, and then he REARED UP ON HIS BACK LEGS AND DANCED AWAY FROM IT.

Oh, if I’d only had the camera with me. And turned on. And pointed at him.

Ah well – I can live with missing the photo opportunity, since I was snuggling kittens at the time.

This morning, I saw at least two kittens drinking out of the fountain, so apparently overnight they had a meeting and decided that the water fountain was A-OK.

2009-03-31 (1)
“Madame, quite frankly I am appalled that you would take such liberties with me. Did I indicate that a belleh rub would be welcome? I did not.”

2009-03-31 (4)
Pretty Jasper in the sun. Did you know that wee kittens smell like raw peanuts? They do. (Well, except when they smell like poo.)

2009-03-31 (5)
Note please that Phinneas and Elijah are fighting, and Miss Beulah takes it upon herself to come along and chomp on Phinneas’ tail.

2009-03-31 (2)
“Wow. When was the last time you had a pedicure? These things are horrible!”

2009-03-31 (3)
I guess I can see why Fred says Beulah looks like a little alien.

2009-03-31 (6)
Passionate embrace?

2009-03-31 (7)
I love the enraged look on her little face.


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  1. In that last picture you can really see just how much smaller she is, the tiny little girl. She looks kinda like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. hehe.