4-1-09 – The Seven

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Fred thinks Beulah is ugly. I think he should just shaddup – how could a wee little kitten who likes to sit on my knee and look judgmentally at her siblings as they go bouncing by be ugly? DOES NOT COMPUTE.

Okay, clearly I have a particular fondness for Beulah, but let me tell you about Ezra.

2009-04-01 (8)

Ezra is just the sweetest little guy. He loves to bounce around and fight with his brothers and sisters and he has a LOT of energy (an energetic kitten, go figure!), but when it’s time for snuggling and going to sleep, Ezra doesn’t hesitate. He climbs up into my lap and looks up at me, and then he jumps up, grabs onto the front of my shirt, and pulls himself up so that he’s right under my chin. If I don’t immediately put my hand under him, he has the saddest meow, like I’m breaking his heart, how oh HOW could I just let him hang there like that?! When I do put my hand under him, he lets go of my shirt, and he lays there and purrs and purrs and purrs.

(He also likes to be kissed, but don’t tell his brothers or they’ll mock him mercilessly.)

Sometimes he decides actually it’s NOT time to snuggle and take a nap, in fact he has gotten his second wind. So he climbs up onto my shoulder and surveys his kingdom, and then he slowly lets himself back down to the floor by backing down the back of my shirt.

And off he bounces, to expend some more of that energy!

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I love it when kittens snuggle up to sleep. LOVE IT.

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It’s an exhausting life, being this cute.

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4-1-09 – The Seven — 2 Comments

  1. I think I’m going to have to bop Fred on the head if I ever meet him. Beulah is not ugly. So she looks a little alien-ish, she’s wee bitty baby. You watch – she’s going to grow up to be gorgeous and she will shun Fred and won’t he be sorry!