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Scenes from around Crooked Acres.

Aigs! We’re getting in the neighborhood of 3 dozen eggs a day these days.

Not actually here at Crooked Acres – this is up at the feed ‘n seed store we always stop by on our way to or from Tennessee.

Baby llama. This time he was friendly and wanted to be petted.

The Wisteria is abloom.

More Wisteria (and our house in the background.)

Peach blossom. Let’s hope we get more fruit this year than last.

The garden, tilled. Except for the tiny patch in the middle where a few cabbage (that I planted last Fall) are hanging in there.

Keep growing, little cabbage. One day perhaps you’ll be big enough for us to harvest and eat.

Corbie in the back yard, sitting on the compost container. That’s where I toss all the kitchen compost, including any paper towels I used. I used to toss it all on the big compost heap, but stuff would blow all over the place and look trashy, so I made this container for composting. Works pretty well – and it gives Corbie a place to sit and glare judgmentally at me when I’m outside the back yard and he can’t get to me. He likes to walk along under my feet and then stop dead and demand petting.

Rooster on the move.

White Silkie. Someone once pointed out that she looks like a Muppet, so now I call her “Angry Muppet.”

The red coloring on this hen’s face always makes her look like she’s been rolling in mud.


I love the coloring on her head and neck.

Rooster keeps an eye on his wimminfolk.

Places to go, people to see.


Prettiest flowers ever.

Playful pups.

“You has snacks for us?”


Gracie’s always startin’ somethin’.


It’s like watching two polar bears fight.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As of last night, Rufus is out in Gen Pop 24/7. He went upstairs with us last night at bedtime and snuggled for a bit, then he wandered off. I don’t know where he spent the night, but it wasn’t with me.

He’s getting braver by the minute – at first he’d run if you walked in his general direction, then he’d flinch and look nervous. Just now, he was sitting in the guest bedroom doorway, and I walked by him, and he just watched me walk by. He’s more nervous in the rooms where he hasn’t spent much time – especially upstairs – but he’s come a long way, baby.


On top of the cat tree in the front room, accompanied by Alice.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


::SIGH:: NO babies yet. She perhaps ate a little less this morning than usual, but I can’t swear to that. She’s not laying down on her side and letting me feel her belly as much as she did last week. I try not to harass her about it, but it’s hard not to – I want to feel the babies moving around, Maggie! Give me that much, at least!

Several people have asked if I’m sure she’s pregnant. This is what I tell them: last year, Maura was never actually checked over by a vet before we got her. We believed she was pregnant because we were told she was. As it turns out, of course, she wasn’t and never had been. This year, Maggie was checked out by a vet who said that she is pregnant. We’ve felt babies moving (though of course, we thought we felt babies moving with Maura last year!), and the other night I could distinctly feel, at different times, a little head, and a tiny little paw. So yes, I am pretty sure she’s pregnant. Clearly she wasn’t as pregnant as I thought she was when we first got her, but in my defense, I’ve only had one pregnant cat before (Kara), and I hardly got a chance to get to know the signs of a pregnant cat before she wasn’t pregnant anymore!

(Feeling the kittens move around is very neat, but it also freaks me out a little bit. I don’t know why!)

Also, a note: tomorrow is April 1st, also known as April Fool’s Day. I PROMISE you all that I will NOT post that Maggie had her babies if she actually did not. That’s mean, and I know I’d probably have a ticked-off horde descending upon my house if I did such a thing. So you have my word that I won’t.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Wha? Why are my PAWS wet? What’s going ON?!” Not the brightest bulbs, these two.


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3-31-11 — 21 Comments

  1. I love all your pictures. Thank you. Part of me really envies your life out there. πŸ™‚ I would also love to steal your dogs! πŸ™‚ They are just so pretty and are one of my favorite breeds!

    Maggie, April 1st would be a LOVELY day to have babies! You could “fool” everyone!

  2. I agree!! April 1st would be OH so appropriate Maggie! Such an easy date to remember, because when you pop out your 20 or so kittens in there, you will probably not be able to remember your own name anymore you will be so busy trying to care for them!! I have 3, and can’t remember their names… kids, that is, not kittens. I always get the cat names right, though…

    I want chickens! Those eggs look huge and beautiful! And big white floofy polar bear dogs!

    Honestly though, I don’t think she is ready to have them yet, she doesn’t look cranky enough. I looked up the gestation period and it is 65-ish days. So if she has been here a month… well, they have to be born by May, right πŸ™‚

    • My mum used to yell all three of my brothers’ names and the DOG’S before she could remember mine!

  3. Yeah, slopping around in water and wondering with indignation why they are wet is something my genius’ would do. Well, 2 out of the 4 anyway… Great pictures! It’s nice to know spring has arrived in some parts, unlike up here where it’s snowing.

    Maggie’s got the girth, and she’s looking a touch crabby. But still a fine looker! How long is a kitten’s gestation period?

  4. The llamas are cute, but if you want serious cute find an alpaca farm to visit! There may not be any down in your area (too warm), but I am sure there are some up in the Tennessee hills. Not only are they incredibly cute, they are usually friendlier than llamas and have much nicer fiber for spinning. And yes, I have spun cat hair!

    Maggies babies are sure to be the most photographed kittens ever!! Is the camera getting re-charged every day?

  5. Thanks for all the beautiful pics — and it’s great to see Rufus looking so relaxed, and almost possessive of his high perch. As for Corbie, he’s clearly King of the Compost! Any word on how his equally regal brothers are doing? And what do you do with those dozens of eggs?

  6. Aigs! Hahahaha! One of my friends and I always say “aigs” instead of “eggs”. Funny how when you say it with a short e, the way it should be pronounced, it sounds like a totally different word. LOL.

    I love looking at your pics and will probably be back at least one more time today (a) to see if Maggie has started her slow pop (like letting air out of balloon?), and (b) to come to a “happy place” while fires burn around me at work.

    And thanks for unintentionally advising on a compost container. I’m moving from an apartment to a house in a month and I’m going to start a heap in the backyard. But I hadn’t thought of the trash-blowing-all-around issue so will be buying a tub.

  7. She is almost certainly pregnant (the few conditions that would look like this, that come on this quickly would probably cause her pain and you would know something is wrong. Most kitties get enormous before giving birth and as I said a day or so ago Maggie is just now starting to look “ready,” which can still mean as much as a week before full term. The good news is she isn’t wanting to be touched much (probably tender) which is a GOOD sign when it comes to a birthing Momma.

    I hate to tell you this but cats can look “ready” up to three weeks before they really are, but in Maggie’s case I don’t think you have to wait that long lol.

    Hopefully April 1st, surprise babies, that would be fun…

    • Does it matter that *I* am ready for her to birth those babies NOW? πŸ™‚ (I’m thinking not!)

  8. Wow, you live in paradise, don’tcha!!! Keep up the good work! Makes my day to read your posts! πŸ™‚

  9. Your pics are wonderful. I live in MN are we are getting more snow tonight. I so long for Spring. Corbie looks pretty cool even on the compost bin. I keep checking on Maggie. No matter what we want, Maggie will pop when SHE wants.

    • I know, and it’s SO annoying that there’s nothing we can do to convince her to speed the process up some! πŸ™‚

  10. Grow cabbage grow! LOL! Yay for Angry Muppet!! But seriously, your chickens are perfectly lovely!! Awwww they’re gorgeous and very very very very pretty!!! Look at all these wonderful eggs!!!! Lovely!!!

    Oh dear adorable Maggie!!!! LOL!!!

    Great to read that Rufus is gaining more confidence!!!! Oh but we hope gorgeous Tom finds a home asap!!! Take care

  11. If they are born on April Fool’s day, maybe they should be named after famous comedians instead of Irish names! πŸ™‚ What could be cuter than a kitten named for Gilda Radner? πŸ™‚

  12. I absolutely love that last photo. The fact that they’d walk into it, the expression on their faces, that they’re not just blurs trying to get out of it…

    How long did they stay in there before it connected that it was why their paws were wet?

  13. Blooming! I am so ready to see something abloom – although at this point, I’m just hoping for no more snow!

    And Maggie is one rotund kitty-girl…

  14. It’s 5pm Friday here, is it 1am there yet? Ready Maggie? on your marks…get set…wait for 2am….go!!
    Jake & Elwood are funny! And Corbie is lovely. How cute is that little Rufus? Gracie & George crack me up every time. “Lady, you got snacks?” soo funny!
    Have a good weekend over there in the US of A, folks.

  15. Hi floofy polar bear dogs! *pets* I have a fluffy polar bear of a dog, but he’s a bit different; Bosco the dog is an especially velvety yellow, especially pale-furred yellow lab. Juuuust a wee bit different than your two, lol.

    *sneaks over thataway, filches Rufus and that white silkie, sneaks away again* XD Seriously, yay Rufus! I read somewhere that silkies are friendly chickens; the phrase used was the lapkitty of the chicken world. Is that true, do you think?

    Hullo Maggie. πŸ™‚ What color(s) are you anyway, pretty momkitty? I forget, if I ever knew.