4-25-21 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Uno does her morning streeeetches.

Uno and Slapjack, snugglin’ in the sun.

Good night innernets.

Someone’s not ready to get their day started. (It’s me. I’m not ready to get my day started. I’d rather snuggle with Uno, thank you.)⁠

Line ’em up! Left to right: Fizzbin, Whist, Slapjack, Pinochle, Rummy and Uno.

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Canasta playing with Whist (as you can tell, it took me by surprise!) and with Rummy (kinda.)

Slapjack’s ready for his bath.

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Charlie and the floofies. Last week, when Canasta was spayed and stayed overnight at the vet, we brought (permanent resident) Charlie in so the kittens could meet him. They put on their very best floof suits, of course. (Charlie is SO GOOD with kittens, ignores their rudeness, is gentle and sweet with them. He’s such a good boy!)

(Permanent residents) Jake and Charlie aren’t sure I’m cool enough to join their gang.

“Keeping an eye on YOU, lady!” says Fizzbin.⁠

Good night innernets!

Rummy thinks this bath needs some bubbles.

It’s #Toesday and as such, please admire the toes on Fizzbin.

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These kittens have the hippity-hops. They sure do crack me UP.

Canasta really likes the morning sun in the kitten room (I do too!)

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Canasta went into heat last Monday morning. Her howling was so loud and piercing that none of us got any sleep for two nights. She went for her spay surgery Wednesday (she’s back here now and doing just fine!) Please enjoy a few seconds of her wailing, and nearly 2 minutes of her following (our permanent resident) Charlie (who is neutered and thus not up for making any babies; sorry, Canasta) around hoping he’ll pay some attention to her.

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Is that ham? (Permanent resident) Alice Mo likes ham. You gonna share?

Keepin’ the feet clean is an important life skill, and one Rummy seems to be mastering.

Good night innernets (some of us are sleepier than others of us.)

Good morning sunshine. (Whist)

Little posers. (Left to right: Uno, Pinochle, Fizzbin & Slapjack.)

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Fizzbin’s feelin’ a little crazy. Laundry day’s very exciting, after all.

Slapjack climbed to the top of that cactus scratcher and somehow managed to get onto the counter from there (and pulled himself all the way up.) I would not have expected him to pull that off, but he made it happen. He’s got skills!

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2 minutes of kitten hijinks. They’re so much fun to sit and watch!

(Permanent resident) Archie is all “Tryin’ to nap here, lady.”

“You talkin’ to ME?” (Fizzbin)

Good night innernets.

Breakfast is served! (Canasta actually gets her own plate, up on the counter, but she just has to check and be sure the kittens aren’t getting something better. (They aren’t – they all get the same food!))

Throw Back Thursday: A little more than 13 years ago we got our very first pregnant foster, a tiny tabby who waited about 30 hours after joining us to go into labor, and had 4 kittens (River, Inara, Zoe and Kaylee). Once those kittens were weaned, she wanted nothing, NOTHING, NO. THING to do with kittens ever again for the rest of her life. Which I know for sure because she became our permanent resident Kara/Sheriff Mama and was with us right up until February of last year. She was a wonderful mama, and she was the very best girl every minute she was with us.

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Throw Back Thursday: 4 years ago I was in Florida with my parents, and we stopped by the Brevard Zoo. I got this video of the giraffes, and I love it so.

Slapjack’s got some amazing whiskers… and ears… and eyes. Oh, he’s just the total package.

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I swear I didn’t mean to make this video quite so long, but they kept being hilarious and goofy!

Throw Back Thursday: (Permanent resident) Jake and foster kitten Bolitar in 2010. Bolitar looks scared here, but Jake was just giving him the ol’ snifferoo.

Rummy’s sun drunk, I think.

Good night innernets. (Slapjack)

8 weeks old! These kittens are 8 weeks old today. There hasn’t been much change in their appearance in the past few weeks, but this is what they look like today. Weights are listed below – everyone but Uno is over 2 pounds, and she’s not much under it. (Fizzbin remains the biggest!)

Uno: 1 pound, 15 ounces.
Slapjack: 2 pounds, 5 ounces
Pinochle: 2 pounds, 1 ounce
Whist: 2 pounds, 3 ounces
Rummy: 2 pounds, 1 ounce
Fizzbin: 2 pounds, 7 ounces

How it started/how it’s going. Top: February 28th (2 days old). Bottom: April 22nd (8 weeks old). Yes, she is still producing milk post-spay, and yes she is still allowing them to nurse. ⁠

They’re 8 weeks old. They’re eating solid food like champs. She has no problem telling them “no” when she’s not in the mood to play milk bar. She’s fine, they’re fine, it’s FINE.

All 6 kittens were stuffed in that puffy bed, and they were comfortable enough that they had no intention of coming out.

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Charlie hanging out in the kitten room for a few minutes… some kittens got floofy, Mama got a little slappy, but all in all it didn’t go too badly!

(Permanent residents) Jake (left), Charlie (middle) and Archie have some bro time. (That is a poster of our dear departed Stefan hanging on the wall.)

Good night innernets. (Fizzbin)

Good morning, from the Cardsharks, who just woke up and wonder if it’s time for breakfast (it is!)

The Fizzbin ears are tasty this morning: tender with just a hint of crunch. Highly recommended!

“What you doin’, weird lady?” Canasta inquires.

The milk bar is open briefly… and Rummy gives Mama a quick cleaning.

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The kittens are wearing their crazypants.

(Permanent resident) Alice presents for your approval: a foot.

Good night innernets. (Slapjack)


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