4-11-21 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Here comes the sun.

SMILE! (Pinochle)

Yes, as you know there are NOT 70 soft and snuggly places to sleep in the foster room so that these poor wee muffinheads have to cram themselves onto the bottom of that scratcher. It’s a rough life, is what I’m saying.

Uno does some post-lunch cleanup.

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Whist is just so CUTE.

(Permanent residents) Charlie (near) and Archie (far) have a snooze.

Good night innernets.

Fizzbin finds the Toastycat bed raaaather comfy.

The eyes, they are a-changinnnn’. (Slapjack)

Slapjack has designated himself the kitten in charge of cleanliness.

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At the milk bar. (Left to right: Rummy, Fizzbin and Uno – and Pinochle in the back, snoozing.)

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Yep – Canasta does indeed still play. (And she can’t wait ’til the kittens get big enough for a vigorous tussle.)

If you look at the top of the picture, in the middle-left, you’ll see a squirrel hanging on the fence. (Permanent resident) Charlie was frozen in wonder – and didn’t run toward that squirrel ’til the squirrel had slipped through the fence for parts unknown. (Our permanent residents are allowed out in the back yard during the day because we have a cat fence around the back yard. Google “Purrfect Fence” for more information about the type of cat fence we have.)

“:::urrrrp!::: Oh! ‘Scuse me!” (Uno)

Good NIGHT innernets!

Slapjack and Rummy are all “Get in loser, we’re going shopping.”

Fizzbin would like you to admire not only her toeses, but also that little tabby patch on her belly. Cute, right?

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They seem to view the Fruitasan* as more of a climbing challenge than a seat/hammock to snooze in. They’re certainly having fun!

*The Fruitasan fruit holder came from Pier1 a few years ago. Unfortunately, they seem to no longer to have them (and as far as I know, brick-and-mortar Pier1 stores are no longer in existence.) I hear that there are similar products out there in stores like TJ Maxx and Homegoods – I haven’t seen them myself, but if you have those stores near you, it’s worth a check.

Slapjack’s showing off his little pink toes.

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Play time in the kitten room. Those kittens have the hippity-hops! (Must be party bunny.)

(Permanent resident) Newt has zero complaints about the sunny, mild days of an Alabama spring.

Whist shows off her toeses.

Good night innernets. (Uno)

Can someone please let ToastyCat know that ALTHOUGH their advertising claims the XL Bread Bed will fit 5 kittens, in actuality it will fit SIX (5 week old) kittens comfortably? Thanks. 😻

We had an extremely brief visit from Uncle Charlie last night, and Uno donned her floof suit for the occasion.

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Whist is an excellent soccer player – just like her mama!

Canasta’s telling Whist to sit down and stop messing with stuff and Whist is ignoring her.

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Everyone’s lookin’ for trouble. Buncha troublemakers! (The poofy tail on Pinochle is killing me.)

(Permanent resident) Charlie sure does love that bed. And for that matter, (permanent resident) Newt loves that other bed!

Due to the angle, it looks like Rummy’s head is like the size of Fizzbin’s entire body. I assure you: Rummy is exceptional, but not exceptionally bigheaded.

Good night innernets. (Fizzbin)

Breakfast at the Milk Bar Cafe. Such a happenin’ spot that there’s a waiting line for a seat at the bar.

Throw Back Thursday: a year ago, Javier in the tiny vest Fred crocheted on a whim. I really need to dig that out and see if it’ll fit any of the current bunch!

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Here comes Rummy!

Happy Thlurrrrpsday!

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Whist is turning into a talker, just like her mama!

(Permanent resident) Khal is on the hunt.

(Our permanent residents are allowed out into the back yard during the day because we have a cat fence that confines them to the back yard (and a cat door that they can go through.) Google “Purrfect Fence” for more information about the type of cat fence we have. It works perfectly for us.)

I get the feeling she blames me for this.

Good night innernets. (Fizzbin)

Former fosters alert! We have here Piper (formerly Ryder’s daughter Dynamo from 2018) and housepanther Freddie Purrcury (formerly Onion Ring from the Vittles in late 2020). They are total BFFs and inseperable, and Freddie ADORES his big sister. How absolutely adorable are they? (Thanks, Katelyn!)

They’re 6 weeks old today! The time is just flying by and they’re somehow getting cuter every minute. Fizzbin continues to be the largest kitten, and Uno and Rummy are tied for smallest. Here’s a list of their weights with their newborn weights in parentheses.⁠

Uno: 1 lb 9 oz (4.1 oz)⁠
Slapjack: 1 lb 12.5 oz (4.8 oz)⁠
Pinochle: 1 lb 9.5 oz (4.4 oz)⁠
Whist: 1 lb 10.5 oz (4.3 oz)⁠
Rummy: 1 lb 9 oz (4.1 oz)⁠
Fizzbin: 1 lb 14 oz (4.8 oz)⁠

Canasta gained weight this week, and I was going to say that that’s unusual for this stage of the game, but after looking back at the weight charts for former foster mamas Bunny (last year) and Caroline (2019), I see that in actuality they both gained weight when their kittens started eating on their own, which of course makes sense. (And of course even though the kittens are now all eating solid food, they nurse whenever Canasta will allow it.)

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2 1/2 minutes of kittens playing. They’re 6 weeks old today!

Uno found the sun (or the sun found Uno.)

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Uno’s a talker! (Just like her Mama!)

(Permanent resident) Alice Mo the Calico presents her foot for your approval.

Rummy gets a pedicure from Whist. Okay, okay. A PAWDICURE.

Good night innernets. (Fizzbin and Pinochle… and a tuxie between them, but I’m not sure who. I think Uno, but I can’t swear to it.)

Fizzbin shows off her pretty spots and stripes.

“I was not biting Pinochle and making him cry, lady, and I resent the accusation.”

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Fizzbin and Uno playing – and a bit of a skittery hop from Fizzbin! Nicely done, kittens.

Rummy has discovered this super comfy basket, and she wonders where I’ve been hiding it. (It’s been right there in that corner for aboooout 2 months now.)

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Uno and the poofy tail. That girl cracks me UP.

Snuggly brudders (permanent residents) Jake (front) and Charlie.

Canasta keeps an eye on the room… Rummy keeps an eye on Canasta’s tail.

Good night innernets. (Canasta & Whist)


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