4-28-21 Wednesday

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That’s a lap full of muffins, right there.

Fizzbin up close.

You can’t really see her here, but I assure you, Canasta is under there.

There she is!

Whist is all “What?”

In the kitten room, I prefer to have the couch up against the wall because then the room is basically one big open space. But OF COURSE kittens like to get behind the couch and hang out and even fall asleep there, which I don’t like. I figured out a way to put boxes to block them from going back there and it’s worked well for several litters in a row. BUT THEN.

“Hallo!” Uno and Whist got back there. OF COURSE it would be Canasta’s children who figured out how to get back there. Of course.

So I pulled the couch out, tossed the boxes, and now the couch is sitting facing the doorway and I find it annoying, but whatever.

“But lady, we is ANGELS!” I put the cat tree next to the cabinet (where the end of the couch had been) so they could get up in the windows if they wanted to. And the cat tree, which had been rating a “meh” suddenly became The Place To Be. (“A+++! Nearly 6 kittens can fit on each level, and the cat tree comes covered with carpeting that you can occasionally rip out and ptui onto the conveniently located floor! Highly recommend.”)

Rummy’s all “Your lap is okay too, lady.”

Slapjack appreciates the cactus scratcher.

Snuggling with Mama.

Mama’s dealing out the ol’ chomperoo.


Charlie needs a kiss.


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