4-26-21 Monday

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Another shot of all 6 kittens in the puffy bed. Don’t they look comfy?

Fizzbin has a think.

Slapjack feelin’ skeptical.

Whist on the bottom of the pile.

Rummy keeps the toeses clean.

Canasta has a smug.

Sweet Slapjack.

Lapkittens giving me attitude.

Whist is the cleaner of the ears.

Fizzbin has the crazy eyes.


Khal looks like he’s scheming.


2020: “Do pardon, lady, am a little human boy, as you can see by the way am standing on my feets like such, and was wondering if you had some more foods for me, for am hungry.”
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2009: Maximum occupancy: four kittens.
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2007: “This dressing looks odd,” I said to myself. “I wonder if it’s out of date?”
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